MSP backs move to block phone mast

Cumbernauld News

... North Lanarkshire Council's planning committee will carry out a site visit before making a decision on a controversial mobile phone mast application. ...



Strahlenmessung bei Trafohäuschen in Diepoltshofen


Sie leidet an Elektrosensibilität. Gestern untersuchten Messtechniker die Strahlung in der Umgebung. Lesen Sie morgen mehr in der Schrobenhausener Zeitung. ...



Are cellphone towers dangerous?

Time will tell

Vancouver Sun

Others worry whether the radio frequency electro-magnetic fields (RF-EMF or radiation) that emanate from them are safe. Stein's condo is ground zero for ...



Letter to the Vancouver Sun

It is shocking that the City officials have no idea of the number of cell transmitters or their locations. One possible reason may be the reassurances of persons such as Patricia Daly, Chief medical health officer for the Coastal Health Authority. Based on many independent scientific studies done over the last 30 years, these reassurances are wrong and dangerous.

Ms. Daly should know that reports such as the BioInitiative Report, 2007 ( http://www.bioinitiative.org ) recommend that, based on more than 2000 peer-reviewed studies, Canada's exposure limits are 10,000 times too high. She should know that many countries have standards 1000s of times more restrictive than Canada's -- even Russia's and China's.

Our health officials must become more educated on this topic and not allow their lack of awareness to result in dangerous exposures to what many scientists call the "cigarette of the 21st century."

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC
V9C 3V5

Letter to MPs

I just sent this email to every MP, in an attempt to find a topic which would raise their curiosity and, hopefully, some concern that we share. I'll let you know if I receive any responses.

Sharon Noble

Members of Parliament

Dear Sir or Madam,

Most of you, I am sure, have received pleas from your constituents asking for help preventing a radio or cellphone transmitter from being placed near their homes or schools. If you haven't you will one day soon, because the telecommunication industry is expanding rapidly and this requires more and stronger transmitters to be installed across the country.

Do you know that Industry Canada allows transmitters to be put anywhere, near or on schools, homes and hospitals, usually with no consultation or notification? Why? To make it easier for the corporations.

Do you know that transmitters often are not visible, being put in church steeples, on powerlines, in trees -- hidden so people won't see them? Why? Industry Canada says this is because people don't like the looks of them, but really it is to make it easier for the corporations. People won't complain about them if they don't know they are there.

Do you know that even though Industry Canada has policies only, NOT LAWS, they behave as if they were law, bullying municipalities and the public? No complaints regarding health concerns or reduced property values are allowed. Why? That makes it easier for the corporations.

You need to know these things and to know that Industry Canada's policies are endangering the health of Canadians. You have the authority to confront Industry Canada, to force this department to conduct business in a manner which, although perhaps more costly for the corporations, will protect the health and well-being of your constituents.

You do know that we should not have to live in fear for our lives and the health of our children so that corporations can profit. We cannot afford it. Now you know what your constituents are facing and you understand better their pleas.

We know that it is your sworn duty to help us, and we look to you to do so, now.

Sharon Noble
Chair, Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions (CAUSE)
Victoria, British Columbia

Letter to Dr. Kendall -- head of the British Columbia Health Authority, our chief medical officer, reporting directly to the Minister of Health.

Dear Dr. Kendall,

I am saddened, I am disappointed and I am angry with you, Sir, by the way you have allowed the people and agencies who answer to you to lie, deceive and fail to do their jobs. It is your responsibility to ensure that the citizens of BC are treated honestly, yet you have allowed people who work for you to mislead in every conceivable way. Either you are aware of this and are a party to permitting it to occur and to continue. Or you are unaware and, therefore are not doing your job. In either case, I am appalled.

Did you not know that one of your researchers at the BC Cancer Agency was allowing herself to be thought a doctor (PhD? M.D.?). This was not a mere typing accident on the Agency's website as Ms. McBride said. No, Dr. Kendall, for at least 14 years in articles, in interviews, on circulars at the university and announcements for speeches at symposiums. If you didn't know, why not? Do you know that people around the world are wondering if her research is credible, given her lack of integrity? If she deceives about her credentials, what else is she lying about? Why haven't you fired her for committing academic fraud?

Did you know that the same Mary McBride, who works with children with leukemia at BC Cancer, represents the telecommunication industry? Do you know that she misleads parents by telling them that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell transmitters is safe? How can a responsible person such as yourself, knowing that thousands of studies demonstrate that prolonged exposure is especially dangerous for children, allow this type of misrepresentation? If you didn't know she was telling people this, why not? If you did know, why have you allowed it?

Did you know that Dr. Patricia Daly is telling people that there is no evidence of harm from cell transmitters? This is patently false, and she must know it, as you should. I've sent many studies to your department over the years, especially to Randy Ross, as have many others. If Dr. Daly knows this, why is she not warning people? If she isn't aware of current research, why does she say anything at all? Isn't her duty to do no harm? Why, Dr. Kendall, do you allow her to provide false assurances?

Did you know that Randy Ross, head of BC Radiation Protection, keeps telling people that Safety Code 6, Health Canada's guideline, provides adequate protection from wireless devices? He never tells people that it does not apply to non-thermal radiation from cellphones, transmitters, WiFi, DECT phones and baby monitors. He never acknowledges that even WHO and ICNIRP confirm the guideline is for thermal radiation only. He never tells people that this guideline is one of the weakest in the world, with many others being 1000s of times stricter. Did he tell you, Sir, that when I send him new studies showing how EMR causes DNA breaks, blood brain barrier leakage, or neurological damage he demeans the scientists, even though these researchers have many more years of experience and education than he? Why is he allowed to ignore independent science for the sake of inadequate, industry-supported Health Canada standards?

Did you know that Dr. Richard Stanwick feels it beyond his authority to become involved with diseases suffered by those living near transmitters, saying it is a Federal responsibility? When I asked him to catalogue the multiple cancers and other serious diseases of those living on Triangle Mountain, to perform, if you will, an epidemiological study of residents surrounded by FM and cell transmitters, he refused saying it wasn't his job. Since when did the province relinquish its responsibility for the health of its residents? Even though the transmitters themselves are in Federal jurisdiction, isn't it your job to determine if residents are being made ill because of the radiation?

I am saddened that your agents and agencies are not educating the public or implementing the precautionary principle. Instead they are mis-informing, preventing accurate information from reaching concerned persons. I am disappointed that people capable of protecting us either become aligned with the industries they are supposed to monitor, or become lax in the performance of their jobs. But most of all, Dr. Kendall, I am angry that you allow this to occur at all -- and, appallingly, to continue!

Sharon Noble
Chair, Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions
Victoria, BC V9C 3V5

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Magnetic fields and leukemia


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Red Alert: Insider Study on Cell Phone Safety Seriously Flawed

Deadly myths from the $30-million-plus industry-funded study on cell phone safety - or un-safety. No doubt about it - cell phones are causing brain tumors. Just how serious is the problem?


Paterson radiation scare

Newcastle Herald

Mrs Fitzpatrick said Optus had told them the electromagnetic radiation would peak about 97 metres from the tower. She was not willing to take chances of ...



Krebs-Risiko: Anwohner fürchten Elektrosmog durch Straßenlampe

Ostsee Zeitung Greifswald

(OZ) - Carmen Härdtner hat Angst vor Elektrosmog. Sie wollte mit einem Messgerät herausfinden, wie hoch die Strahlen-Belastung durch den Funkturm ...



Verbraucherschützer weisen auf Gefahren von Elektrosmog hin


Mit einer neuen Broschüre weist die Verbraucherzentrale NRW auf die Gefahren von Elektrosmog hin. Wie die Verbraucherschützer am Donnerstag in Düsseldorf ...



Electropollution can cause diabetes (type-3)

Natural News.com

Dr. Magda Havas, a PhD from Trent University in Canada, recently published the results of a study she conducted on the relationship between electromagnetic ...



Type 3 Diabetes and Electropollution


Documentary on electrical pollution and diabetes

For those who would like to hear KPFA documentary on electrical pollution and diabetes aired July 5, 2010 go to


In this documentary Kellia Ramares interviews Drs. Sam Milham, Martin Graham, and Magda Havas.

Note: You have permission to make any noncommercial distribution of this documentary in its entirety so long as Kellia Ramares is credited as the author. The credit requirement also applies if you wish to quote from it in any publication.

Kellia can be reached at:

Kellia Ramares
Oakland, CA
Facebook Page: The End of Money
Twitter: EndofMoney
Email (general): kelliasworld@yahoo.com
Email pertaining to dissolution of monetary systems only:

Magda Havas

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Electromagnetic Personalities

The Epoch Times

The electrical range of transient electromagnetic fields (a laptop?) raise blood sugar. Electrical pollution might affect 60 million people? ...



Dr. Martin Blank explains the significance of breaks in DNA

eon3 ? February 20, 2010 ? Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, talks about the inadequacy of current standards for electromagnetic exposure from cell phones and other electronic and electrical devices. He explains the significance of breaks in DNA that cell phones are proven to cause, emphasizes the dangers to children, and compares giving kids cell phones to giving them power saws. Interviewed by EON's Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle http://www.eon3.net/ . Please check the EON store for DVD's on this topic: http://www.eon3.net/store/store_main....


Study shows how radiation causes breast cancer

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Nicht überall willkommen

Märkische Allgemeine

RIETZ - Ein Antennenturm für den künftig digitalen Behördenfunk soll an der Verbindungsstraße zwischen B 2 und Rietz gebaut werden. ...


Standortsuche muss fortgesetzt werden

Märkische Allgemeine

REETZ - Die Suche nach einem Standort für den Behördenfunk-Sendemast beginnt von vorn. ...


Doch noch Protest


Informant: Alfred Tittmann


SAGE recommends new EMF reduction measures

This new assessment recommends improvements that should, over time, significantly reduce public EMF exposure from the UK electricity supply network.

Click here for the full news story.


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