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Huge opposition to Macclesfield phone mast proposal

Cheshire Live

A bid to place a new 20m phone mast in an area where residents say deer, ... Telecommunications giant EE wants to put the lattice tower, with three...


Spalding residents welcome refusal of 3G masts in Wygate Park and Birch Grove

Spalding Today

A phone company's plans to install masts in residential estates have been thrown out for a second time. Hutchison UK Ltd (Three) was denied...


Peverell up in arms at plan to put 18-metre phone mast on street corner

Plymouth Live

Angry Plymouth residents are up in arms at a plan to put an 18-metre phone mast on a street corner - calling it an eyesore that will blight their homes....


Mobile phone mast plans for Sturdee Avenue, Gillingham, opposed by residents

Kent Online

People have raised fears over potential health problems and falling property prices in their bid to stop a mobile phone mast being put up near a...


Douglas Council votes to back 'angry' locals in phone mast row

BBC News

A council has voted to support "angry" residents opposed to plans for a phone mast in a town conservation area. On Monday, planners approved...


'A blot on the landscape' - Scores object to 60ft 5G mast plan
North Norfolk News

A bid to erect an 18-metre tall 5G phone mast in a north Norfolk village has received staunch opposition from the community which has labelled the...

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Residents' horror as work starts on giant 5G mast in Fairfield Road, Halesowen

Halesowen News

WORK has started to install an enormous 5G mobile phone mast in a Halesowen street - after residents' objections failed to get the plan dropped...

Row over 'visually intrusive' 5G masts as residents complain and council rejects plans

Manchester Evening News

Phone company Three responded after 18ft and 20ft masts were deemed 'wholly incongruous' at locations in Halliwell and Sharples. Last month a...

Anger at 'eyesore' 15m tall 5G mast on East Marsh

Grimsby Live

The firm planning to erect it-Hutchison UK Ltd-want the 5G mast for EE to improve broadband and mobile phone speeds. Promoted Stories. But...

Paignton 5G phone mast branded an 'eyesore' by objectors

Devon Live

Scores of objectors are opposing plans for a 20metre 5G mobile phone mast at a road junction leading to one of Torbay's main tourist beaches...

Anger at plan for towering 5G mast in middle of Halesowen housing estate

Halesowen News

Another writes: ''A heavily populated 500 home residential estate must surely be one of the last places to select as a site for an 18 metre tall phone mast...

Residents outraged over huge 5G mast set to be built just metres from their homes


Telecommunications proposals, such as mobile telephone masts, are considered to be permitted development under Welsh Government policy...

Plans rejected for 15-metre tall 5G mast 'detrimental' to Highbridge's Apex Park


Sedgemoor District Council has this week rejected plans for a new 5G phone mast proposed to be sited next to the entrance to Highbridge's Apex Park...

Mobile phone mast plans refused at Dawsons Corner

West Leeds Dispatch

Plans for an 18m tall 5G mobile phone mast at Dawsons Corner have been refused by council planners–as it would conflict with multi-million pound...

Anger at 'eyesore' 5G mast which will be as tall as the Angel of the North

Grimsby Live

Laceby Road, The Bradley Crossroads, where a new 20 meter 5G phone mast is planned to be installed...

BOLTON: 5G phone mast plans for two sites previously rejected by council

The Bolton News

A TELECOMS firm has resubmitted plans for two 5G phone masts which were thrown put by planners last month when they were described as 'wholly...

Planned 60ft high 5G phone mast refused permission by Craven Council

Craven Herald

CONTROVERSIAL plans to site a 5G telecommunications mast the height of four double decker buses at the 'main tourist route' into Skipton have...

Phone mast planned for Macclesfield countryside shelved after huge protests

In Your Area

A CONTROVERSIAL bid to put a 25m 'eyesore' phone mast in the Macclesfield countryside has been dropped after a massive outcry...

Plans rejected for 5G phone mast near Apex Park in Highbridge

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News

PLANS for a new 5G phone mast, proposed to be sited next to the entrance to Apex Park in Highbridge, have been rejected by Sedgemoor District...

Warwick residents fighting to stop fresh plans for 15-metre 'monstrosity' 5G mast

Leamington Courier

Fresh plans for a 15-metre 'monstrosity' 5G mobile phone mast in Warwick have sparked renewed opposition from residents. An application was...

Relief as bid for 5G mast in middle of Halesowen housing estate thrown out

Halesowen News

''Whilst mobile phone masts are becoming a common feature of the streetscene not just across the Dudley Borough, but across the UK, it is considered...

Hundreds object to plans for a 65-foot phone mast in a leafy suburb of Salford

Manchester Evening News

Hundreds object to plans for a 65-foot phone mast in a leafy suburb of Salford. 'I've never seen so much outcry from the residents.' men...

Unpopular plans for 5G phone mast in Salford suburb thrown out by planning panel

Manchester Evening News

Plans to build a 5G phone mast in Monton which were met with hundreds of objections from neighbours have been thrown out by Salford council...

New Inn residents oppose planning application for mobile phone mast in their village

A community campaign is underway in New Inn to stop a 15m mobile phone mast being granted planning permission in the heart of the village...

Residents win battle to stop huge 5G mast being built on Milton Keynes estate

Milton Keynes Citizen

The application, from Hutchison 3G UK, was on behalf of phone and broadband providers Three, who said the mast height had been kept down to the...

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Concerns over plans for phone mast next to Portsmouth nursery

Portsmouth News

CONCERNS have been voiced about the potential installation of a mobile phone mast next to a city nursery. By Fiona Callingham. Monday...

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Swinnow: 15m mobile phone mast refused following objections

West Leeds Dispatch

Plans for a 15-metre high 5G phone mast in Swinnow have been refused for being too close to nearby houses. Hutchison UK applied to build the mast...

Plans for Bolton 5G mast close to Middlebrook thrown out

The Bolton News

PLANS for a 5G phone mast close to homes and Middlebrook retail park have been rejected by councillors with the applicant told to look for a more...

''How dare they'': Concerns raised over plans for 5G mast in Wednesbury

The applicant's agent, WHP Telecoms Ltd, is enquiring whether prior approval is needed from Sandwell Council for the installation of the phone mast...

Row erupts over plans for mobile phone mast in Test Valley village

Romsey Advertiser

A ROW has erupted over plans to build a 20-metre high mobile phone mast in a Test Valley village. Some residents living around Lockerley Green...

Neighbours oppose plan for 5G mast on roof of Hove flats

Brighton and Hove News

Mobile phone companies EE and Three have submitted a joint application to instal six masts on Coombe Lea, a 1960s block in Grand Avenue, within...

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Residents slam mast 'monstrosity' erected overnight on Counthill Road

Oldham Chronicle

Taller mobile phone masts are now allowed without full planning permission as part of efforts to boost 5G coverage across the country. New base...

Glen Austin residents concerned about cell mast

Midrand Reporter

A resident and business owner is worried about the level of non-ionizing radiation he believes is directed by a cell phone mast...

Neighbours angered at plans to install phone mast in Bushey

Watford Observer

Plans to install a phone mast to provide improved network coverage have been criticised by neighbours. Cornerstone and Vodafone have submitted a...

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