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Could your Wireless Technology be Contributing to your Anxiety?
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/TMm1FtEmbfg Mo re about the theme: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=wireless http://omega.twoday.net/se arch?q=wireless http://www .buergerwelle.de:8080/helm a/twoday/bwnews/search?q=a nx http://omega.twoday.net /search?q=anx http://www.b uergerwelle.de:8080/helma/ twoday/bwnews/search?q=Mag da+Havas http://omega.twod ay.net/search?q=Magda+Hava s ...
Starmail - 22. Apr, 22:17

Continuous exposure to cellphone radiation can affect brain
Study Livemint Mobile phone radiation harmful for a cockroach s health Exposure of Periplaneta americana (adult male cockroaches) to 'electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones resulted in sharp... ...
Starmail - 17. Okt, 16:57

Can Non-ionizing Radiation Cause Cancer?
https://groups.google.com/ forum/?hl=de#!topic/omegan ews/KwioXHxcbtI Here is the link: http://www.scienced irect.com/science/article/ pii/S0269749116309526 In formant: André Fauteux More about... ...
Starmail - 29. Nov, 22:05

The Health Crisis Of Our Time
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/IMYeQ3kPFdg Mo re about the theme: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=EMRs http ://omega.twoday.net/search ?q=EMRs http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=health ht tp://omega.twoday.net/sear ch?q=health http://www.bue rgerwelle.de:8080/helma/tw oday/bwnews/search?q=Kling hardt http://omega.twoday. net/search?q=Klinghardt ht tp://www.buergerwelle.de:8 080/helma/twoday/bwnews/se arch?q=Magda+Havas http:// omega.twoday.net/search?q= Magda+Havas ...
Starmail - 12. Aug, 22:17

On Electrosmog and Electrohypersensitivity
Magda Havas talks at NIEHS May 9, 2016. More about the theme: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=electrosm og http://omega.twoday.net /search?q=electrosmog http ://www.buergerwelle.de:808 0/helma/twoday/bwnews/sear ch?q=sensitiv http://omega .twoday.net/search?q=sensi tiv http://www.buergerwell e.de:8080/helma/twoday/bwn ews/search?q=National+Inst itute+of+Environmental+Hea lth+Sciences http://omega. twoday.net/search?q=Nation al+Institute+of+Environmen tal+Health+Sciences http:/ /www.buergerwelle.de:8080/ helma/twoday/bwnews/search ?q=Magda+Havas http://omeg a.twoday.net/search?q=Magd a+Havas ...
Starmail - 4. Jun, 22:34

?Ubiquitous toxin? may cause headaches
Nelson Star Canada s leading expert on electromagnetic radiation, Dr. Magda Havas, reported in January 2014 on yet another independent study showing that... http://www.nelson star.com/opinion/353097211 .html More... ...
Starmail - 29. Nov, 07:07

Wi-fi making us sick
Peterborough Examiner This week she was one of five scientists in charge of a campaign to get Health Canada to tighten up its rules around the use of electromagnetic energy... http://www.thep eterboroughexaminer.com/20 15/05/16/wi-fi-making-us-s ick-havas More... ...
Starmail - 16. Mai, 17:01

DECT Baby Monitors may be Dangerous
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/73RqxaRIUHs Mo re about the theme: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=DECT http ://omega.twoday.net/search ?q=DECT http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=baby+moni tor http://omega.twoday.ne t/search?q=baby+monitor ht tp://www.buergerwelle.de:8 080/helma/twoday/bwnews/se arch?q=danger http://omega .twoday.net/search?q=dange r http://www.buergerwelle. de:8080/helma/twoday/bwnew s/search?q=sudden+death+sy ndrome http://omega.twoday .net/search?q=sudden+death +syndrome http://www.buerg erwelle.de:8080/helma/twod ay/bwnews/search?q=autism http://www.buergerwelle.de :8080/helma/twoday/bwnews/ search?q=autism http://www .buergerwelle.de:8080/helm a/twoday/bwnews/search?q=D onna+Fisher http://omega.t woday.net/stories/6040876/ http://www.buergerwelle.d e:8080/helma/twoday/bwnews /search?q=Johansson http:/ /omega.twoday.net/search?q =Johansson http://www.buer gerwelle.de:8080/helma/two day/bwnews/search?q=Magda+ Havas http://omega.twoday. net/search?q=Magda+Havas ...
Starmail - 8. Dez, 14:35

Hamburg Stops Wi-Fi in Schools
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/S0n5et-LACc http s://groups.google.com/foru m/#!topic/mobilfunk_newsle tter/hdA-xlWMXqA Demonst ration against Wi-Fi in schools https://groups.go ogle.com/forum/?hl=de#!top ic/omeganews/cV3rZRJx-9s -------- Risks... ...
Starmail - 24. Jan, 09:46

EMF Collateral Damage: Volturino and Wi-Fi in Schools Revisited
https://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=T6N40k87lug https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v =jvkxO8xLqMQ https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=6v75 sKAUFdc&list=UUxs1UgZ6DivW UfG1dX3TELw https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=-G3CW rgDS5E&list=PLEEE1AB1CF4AB E95C From... ...
Starmail - 23. Nov, 22:11

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