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EMF Collateral Damage: Volturino and Wi-Fi in Schools Revisited
https://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=T6N40k87lug https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v =jvkxO8xLqMQ https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=6v75 sKAUFdc&list=UUxs1UgZ6DivW UfG1dX3TELw https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=-G3CW rgDS5E&list=PLEEE1AB1CF4AB E95C From... ...
Starmail - 23. Nov, 22:11

Medical submission signed by over 20 doctors urging Health Canada to recognize that microwave radiation from common wireless devices is making patients sick
http://www.c4st.org/websit e-pages/c4st-reviews-ignor ed-studies.html http://ww w.c4st.org/ Informant: André Fauteux -------- Scienti sts and Physicians Call On Health Canada To Protect The Public... ...
Starmail - 23. Jul, 09:44

Diabetes affected by EMFs
Dr Havas studies showing diabetes affected by EMFs http://www.magdahavas.co m/diabetes-and-electrosens itivity/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pubmed/18568931 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pubmed/17178585 Info rmant:... ...
Starmail - 7. Jul, 11:27

Québec Court of Appeal confirms Town of Châteauguay s right to control cell tower siting
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/nhpLyAb4SEE Mo re about the theme: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=cell+towe r+siting http://omega.twod ay.net/search?q=cell+tower +siting http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=Quebec ht tp://www.buergerwelle.de:8 080/helma/twoday/bwnews/se arch?q=Chateauguay http:// www.magdahavas.com/follow- up-to-hearing-before-super ior-court-of-quebec-re-rog ers-and-chateauguay/  ...
Starmail - 9. Jun, 05:40

Top Biochemist Calls to Abolish Smart Meters, WiFi in Schools, and Baby Monitors
http://www.activistpost.co m/2014/05/top-biochemist-c alls-to-abolish-smart.html From Mast Sanity/Mast Network -------- Readin' , Ritin', Radiation *My public responsibility is to protect people from... ...
Starmail - 7. Jul, 06:12

Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy
It may well be that directly induced currents and consequent electrical interference are a primary cause of epileptic seizures in some people, especially where the frequency of the imposed signal corresponds... ...
Starmail - 7. Mär, 22:24

Keep telco towers away from us, residents demand
Gympie Times Resident Ron Gillum disagreed with Aurecon s advice that the proposed tower would operate within safe electromagnetic energy standards. He said ... http://www.gympietimes.c om.au/news/kenilworth-skyr ing-residents-protest-towe rs-plan/2155837/ -------- Cell... ...
Starmail - 4. Feb, 10:20

iPads for Newborns? Marketing Tablets for Babies 'Horrifies' Parents, Experts
http://www.commondreams.or g/headline/2013/12/24-4 - ------- Exposed: Widespread, Systemic Conflicts of Interests in Health Canada s *Expert Panel* http://tinyurl.com /l7yph94 Sources for this article... ...
Starmail - 4. Jan, 10:50

EHS Children Forced from School
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/M2y6uqH1_IU Ass istance required for EHS Legal Case https://groups.googl e.com/forum/#!topic/electr omagnetic_radiation_victim s/Riw1y1lf3Qg More... ...
Starmail - 17. Okt, 09:23

Ants can be used as bio-indicators to reveal biological effects of electromagnetic waves from some wireless apparatus
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/upZb6buPj2Y Wir eless health hazards conferences https://group s.google.com/forum/?hl=de# !topic/omeganews/u9RSs1Ihh rA -------- Sleep problems... ...
Starmail - 9. Okt, 14:23

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Comparing Chromosome...
https://freepage.twoday.ne t/files/Comparing-Chromoso me-Damage-induced-by-Mobil e-Telephony-Radiation-and- a-high-Caffeine-dose-Effec t-of-Combination-and-Expos ure-Duration UMTS-Caffei ne-blood-lymphocytes-GPB https://freepage.twoday.ne t/files/UMTS-Caffeine-bloo d-lymphocytes-GPB
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Hereford Times HEALTH fears over a 20 metre phone...
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