BC Human Rights Tribunal approves smart meter class action


Rare birth defects on the rise in South Africa.



Recognition of the Electromagnetic Sensitivity as a Disability Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

''The Board recognizes that multiple chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities may be considered disabilities under the ADA if they so severely impair the neurological, respiratory or other functions of an individual that it substantially limits one or more of the individual s major life activities.



Dr. Kendall letter

Dear Dr Kendall,

I am the founder and Director for the UK EM Radiation Research Trust. The Radiation Research Trust (RRT) are leading supporters of the precautionary approach to Electromagnetic Radiation (RF/EMR) and as such advocate release of substantial research funds from Government while offering immediate protection and advice to the public. The RRT is supported by MPs and MEPs from UK political parties. We are also indebted to Independent Scientific, Public Health and Technical Advisors.

A letter to you with regards to concerns about wifi in schools from one of our advisors Susan Foster has been brought to my attention. I am therefore supporting her appeal.

I encourage you to join and support Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman in a call to the Education Minister of Israel, Gideon Sa'ar, to stop the installation of wireless internet in schools. Government and Health authorities in Canada, the UK and many other countries should provide safe learning environments for our children.

Previous Chairman for the UK Health Protection Agency and previous Chief Scientific Advisor to Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair s government appeared on a National TV investigation on wifi and stated that he could not rule out the possibility that there may be biological effects, adding that this means there may be changes in cognitive function and indications that there may be cancer inductions along with molecular biology changes within the cell. These conclusions followed as a result of the Stewart report into mobile phones and phone masts. Download the transcript here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/6683969.stm

Wifi uses the same technology as phone antennae. The Stewart report S1.42 states ?The beam of greatest intensity should not fall on any part of the school or building without agreement from the school or parents?. Many parents would object to a phone mast near their homes or children?s schools and may not be aware that Wifi is using the same technology. Have you therefore consulted the parents throughout Canada and informed them about installing wifi in schools and of the independent research into RF/EMF?

Sir William continued to raise concerns at the 2008 Radiation Research Trust conference. Quote from Sir William Stewart at the RRT Conference, 2008

''Since 2000 there has been a mass of publications, reports, observations, and views purporting at the very least to implicate phones/base stations as a cause of adverse health effects. At a time of uncertainty when more information is required, non-peer reviewed articles should not be ignored. Doing so is ridiculous. They may be right but unproven and/or offer pointers to be thought about and followed up.''

You can download his presentation here: http://archive.radiationresearch.org/conference/index.asp

I recently returned from a visit to Russia s Radiation Protection. Russian scientists are also warning countries throughout the world including ministries of health and other organizations, responsible for the population safety (including children), to pay attention to the regulation of mobile phones and Wi-Fi use in kindergardens and are recommending the usage of wired networks in schools and educational institutions, rather than a network using wireless broadband systems, including Wi-Fi. Russian scientists are currently preparing a report to be delivered to the Chief Medical Officer for the UK following our visit. I am willing to send you a copy of the report.

I am not aware of any research stating that WiFi RF/EMF radiation is safe and would be most grateful if you could please provide independently funded research demonstrating safety?

Finally, I call on you and your colleagues to join the call to withdraw wifi in schools in favour or adopting wired networks.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen O'Connor

Smart Meter Blackmail

Conrad says final letters are being mailed out starting today, and a failure to respond by the deadline stated in the letter will mean the termination of service.



Are Bluetooth Devices Safer than cellphones?

People should realize that Bluetooth devices that fit in or around the ear typically radiate at 0.23 watts per kilogram (W/Kg). Go into any AT&T wireless store and ask for the SAR on Bluetooth devices. Or check any SAR values website that shows cell phone SAR levels, and you ll find the Bluetooth devices are actually worse than some of the low-SAR cell phones.

This level of 0.23 W/Kg is ten to 100 times higher than the RF exposure levels shown to make the blood-brain barrier pathologically leaky, allowing toxins and toxic molecules to cross the BBB. This is reported by Salford, Persson, Nittby and Schirmacher among others, to cause neuron death at 0.012 to 0.002 W/Kg.

Multiple studies have reported that as short as a single, two-hour exposure to cell phone radiation will result in pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier. The effect occurs immediately, and is still seen at 14 days and at 50 days post-exposure at only 0.012 W/Kg to 0.002 W/Kg. The lowest exposure SARs are worse than the higher SAR exposures (Nittby et al, 2009). These studies show neuron death (brain cells) at SARs of only 0.012 W/Kg. Bluetooth devices are worn for hours at a time, in some cases, all day long. So, it is reasonable to conclude that a device which radiates at a higher intensity than some cell phones that are still risky in terms of SAR, worn for more hours than a cell phone is typically used, would not be a good idea to promote.

Cindy Sage

Electropollution and the Decline in Health of a Nation

It might surprise you to know that the 1950s, when there were few health clubs; the American diet was loaded with fat; vitamin supplements were rare; executives downed three martinis at lunch and everyone smoked like a smokestack, may have been the healthiest decade ever. Expectations for getting cancer were only 1 in 6; it is now 1 in 2 for men. Alzheimer s, Multiple Sclerosis and most modern autoimmune diseases were unheard of. Neurological disorders like Parkinson s and ALS were rare. Diabetes was only beginning to emerge and heart disease for young people was unusual.



Important differences between The ICNIRP and IEEE standards and the FCC standard for cell phones



Mobile towers on top of his building directly above his master bedroom

Sunday s story published in (Persian) Gulf News. There was a main story plus a sidebar that focused on your comments. Here are the links.



Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

A while back a mature woman from Armstrong called me to ask a question. She was extremely distressed and her voice was very unsteady. She told me that an employee of CORIX, the company to which BC Hydro has contracted the installation of its smart meters, bullied and intimidated her with threats until she weakened and allowed the device to be attached to her service. That was several weeks ago.

Since that day Mrs. ____ has been unable to sleep, her hair began to fall out in clumps, she has difficulty standing in the mornings, is always dizzy and notices her cognitive abilities are diminishing. She asked me if it could be attributed to the smart meter. My answer was strongly in the affirmative.

This woman telephoned BC Hydro with her concerns and spoke with two representatives, both of whom were unconscionably abusive and denied her request to have the offending meter removed and issued further ridiculous threats.

The following is in response to all the doubters, sceptics, naysayers, fence-sitters and to anyone wishing to know more about this ill-conceived life threatening technology.

Number 1: Follow the money. Huge conflicts of interest: some Directors and Advisors serving on all of the BC Liberals, BC Hydro, the BCUC (BC Utilities Commission), CORIX and CAI Financial boards. Current meters cost $50. Smart Meters $500. Current meters last 50 years. Smart Meters 5 years. It?s not about money??

Number 2: It s not about control, it?s about a lack of democracy. Every citizen forced to accept a smart meter has had his/her right to life, liberty & security violated (#7, Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms).

Number 3: It is about radiating human flesh with frequencies that are illegal and contravene Health Canada s Safety Code 6. The electromagnetic frequencies of smart meters are 480 times greater than cell phones and are omni-directional, radiating the whole body and not just the head like a cell phone.

Number 4: The sole purpose of the smart meter initiative is greed, pure and simple. Eventually every household that has a smart meter will have to replace all its electrical appliances with ''Smart'' devices that have a chip in them that communicates with the smart meter, which communicates with the routers and collectors on the poles, and all the other smart meters in your neighbourhoods, adding exponentially to the wireless smog enveloping the environment and every living creature in it (something BC Hydro didn t tell you about). Even an amateur hacker will be able to tell what room you are in in your house, as all movement interrupts the frequencies, and will ultimately be able to tell how many breaths you take every minute if so desired. This is not speculation or conspiracy. It is fact. It is ludicrous yes, to think that anyone cares what you are doing in the privacy of your own home, unless that person can use that information for profit or sell it to a corporation who wishes to market a product for your use at an inflated cost to you the consumer, of course.

Number 5: Detrimental health effects are too numerous to describe adequately in this format. However, suffice it to say that all wireless technology has been classified as a Class 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organization. It has been recommended that it be raised to a Class 2a carcinogen, as a probable rather than possible cause of cancer.

Here are a few facts:

Fact: Because of health risks, France is removing all Wi-Fi from its schools at a cost of 75 million Euros. BC educators wish to install more of it in more of our kid s schools!

Fact: Brain cancer rose 50% between 1999 and 2009, mostly in young people and mostly on the side of the brain closest to where the cell phone is placed. Incidence of leukemia is on the rise as is autism in newborns, occurring in areas near routers, collectors and microwave towers. Smart meters are a part of this system. ( http://www.emfblues.com/wireless )

Fact: China, where cellular usage is epidemic, recorded a 3,000 % increase in facial skin cancer mostly on the side of the head where the cell phone is placed. (Dr. Barrie Trower)

Fact: Italy has gone all smart meters BUT they are power line wired. (Wikipedia)

Fact: Japan is using fibre optics for its smart meters, safe, healthy & secure.

Fact: The state of Idaho, one of our neighbours, is going with fibre optic wired smart meters also, BECAUSE IT IS MORE COMPATIBLE IN MOUNTAINOUS TERRAIN.

Fact: The Premier of Ontario admitted two years ago it was a mistake for that Province to allow smart meters as they have not delivered on their promise to be more efficient or cost effective. (Toronto SUN, Sept. 18, 2010)

Fact: The project director for the Smart Meter Program in BC is a citizen of the USA from Philadelphia, where he authored a similar project. That city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has just declared a moratorium on its smart meter program because of the growing number of fires connected to these faulty devices. Hundreds of fires and explosions in jurisdictions globally where smart meters are being installed, including several in BC, are making insurance providers nervous. 50 to 60 BC municipalities have declared moratoriums or opt-in options. (Citizens For Safe Technolgy.com)

Fact: Independent, world renowned peer scientists are stating that, in regard to wireless technology, the world is witnessing the largest biological experiment in the history of mankind without the knowledge or consent of its subjects.

Fact: High ranking military commanders are warning that a national smart meter power grid represents the single most dangerous and lethal threat to the security of any nation foolish enough to establish one. A smart grid can easily be hacked into by any individual or organization with evil intent using software that already exists and completely shut down a community, a municipality, a province or state or an entire country. And there is only one way to prevent it from happening: STOP THE MADNESS NOW!!

Final Fact: There is a magnitude of information available to anyone with concerns.

Call or Google: ''Citizens for Safe Technology'' or ''Stop Smart Meters BC''.

Ed Murdoch

Enderby, BC

Safety Concerns Raised over Cell Tower



Radiation from Grand Bend Cell Phone Antennas

Videos taken at the main beach in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada.

You can see the radiation levels from the existing towers.

Hopefully people will choose to support a moratorium on further towers in the area including trying to stop the planned tower in Southcott.




Journalist Wants to Hear from People with EHS

Contact: Kim Goldberg at goldberg@ncf.ca

Do you live with EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity)? If so, I would like to hear your story for some writing I plan to do on the subject. I am specifically interested in your strategies for reducing electromagnetic radiation in your life and home to protect your health.

I am an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of several books. There is some information about me on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Goldberg.

If you are willing to share your EHS story with me, please contact me by email: goldberg@ncf.ca . And please include some details about your life with EHS and what strategies you have adopted to protect yourself. Have you moved to the country? Removed WiFi from your home? Built a Faraday cage to sleep in? Set up a tent in your backyard to sleep in? These are just some of the strategies people have told me about so far.

I am hoping that what I write on this subject will help raise public awareness about the hazards of WiFi and other common types of electromagnetic radiation by putting a human face on what can be an overwhelming pile of data and statistics.

For more info: http://pigsquash.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/allergic-to-wifi-electromagnetic-hypersensitivity/

Kim Goldberg
(Nanaimo, BC)

Nanaimo Author Gets Grant To Research Wi-Fi Sickness





Informant: Martin Weatherall


Smart meter foes told to narrow complaint

Vancouver Sun

The tribunal gave the group 30 days to narrow down its complaint to represent only people ''allegedly diagnosed with EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) who have been advised (by physicians) to avoid wireless technology.'' The tribunal said if the...



Smart meter complaint to be heard by B.C. Human Rights Tribunal

The Province

''I feel terrible in a wifi environment,'' said St. Clair, who has been diagnosed with electro sensitivity. St. Clair is the head of Citizens for Safe...



Smart Meter Rebuttal: Correcting the Gross Misinformation



From Russia with ... Eileen on her anti-mobile mission in Formby

Formby Times

Convinced that radiation from mobile phone masts contributed to her illness, she has campaigned ever since for more research. According to the Russian research team, potential health hazards for children who use mobile phones are disruption of memory,...



Bad sleep and Alzheimer s disease

Please, see this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19487092

This is very interesting! All kids having severe problems with their sleep after having texted, surfed, googled, played, Facebooked, etc., until very late hours, and even during the night, will they fill our future Alzheimer s wards...?

Personally, I can not understand that our society takes these warning signals so very lightly...

Olle Johansson, professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


Message from the Dutch EHS Foundation


More about the theme:


Bürgerwelle News



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