France: The city of Varades opts to tune down antennas to 0.6V/m


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From Magda Havas
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 7:11 PM
Subject: Playing Russian roulette with the health of students

For Distribution:

September 9, 2011. Another school has decided not to play Russian roulette with the health of students and staff.

Pretty River Academy, a private school in Collingwood, Ontario, with 150 students attending kindergarten to Grade 12 replaced wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) with wired ethernet before the start of the 2011 academic year.

This school follows in the footsteps of other schools that have replaced Wi-Fi or that refused to have it installed in the first place.

Students and teachers were encouraged to do research on the best technology for the school and they decided wired internet access was superior to wireless for all sorts of reasons, including health issues.

For more information and links to TV, newspaper, and radio interviews visit: http://www.magdahavas.com/2011/09/09/ontario-school-replaces-wi-fi-with-wired-internet/

Magda Havas

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From: Emilie Paniagua
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2011 11:19 PM
Subject: No Mobiles in Schoolbags !!!!
Fwd: Tr: Pas de portables dans les cartables

Yesterday we read an article in Metro Paris subway paper mentioning that in France, 50% of kids aged 6 to 13 own a mobile phone. We would like to issue a warning, please pass the forwarded message on to your network! And to parents all over the world, please print the attached message and post it on school walls, public malls, just please spread the word as hard as they spread mobile phones!

Best Regards



Dear Parents,

Now is the start of a new term, and with it comes the need to buy new school stationeries ? hence the occasion of granting your newly schooled child with a mobile phone. He so dearly wants it, and wouldn t you feel relieved to know you can join him/her at all times ?

Please Beware:

Alarming studies concerning radiofrequencies? (RF) dangerosity, notably those regarding mobile telephony keep multiplying. We ll be just citing the latest WHO report: despites their bonds to the industry, they ve chosen to rank up RFs in the 2B group of «possible human carcinogenic». Established scientific evidence to the danger can be found under Robin des Toit s website:

Whatever the risk, it is clearly highest in children, whose skulls and brain tissues are the thinnest, and in full growth. This is why the danger index (SAR), which is calculated according to tissue absorption in an adult is not valid for children. To them, it is noticeably higher, and it can even surpass the given security limit of 2W/kg, for the very same phone.

We can decide to expose ourselves to a certain risk. We cannot decide this for our children, who do not have a thorough notion of what really is risky, and who will be exposed in their lifetime longer, sooner, and stronger than we ve ever been. We have grown unexposed, which is not the case for them. We have to protect them. When children s lives are at stake, the precautionary principle must lead the way. Two studies are going on regarding the health response of children to mobile telephony. The first one is international study «Mobikids», whose results won t come out to the public in years. The second one is? Just what we re doing everyday, in real life, with our children. Do we want our kids to become live testlab guinea pigs ?

«But if it really was dangerous to children, it d be forbidden !» That s an easy way of thinking. And in fact, some countries like in France, it almost is ! Article L5231-3 of public health code prompts it out clearly: «Any advertizing, whichever the way or support, aimed at promotion, sales, rent or use of mobile phones for children under 14 is strictly forbidden.» To the french law: No ad on cellphones for kids under 14. How could any risk be stated clearer than this ? Of course the mobile phone industry hops above the ban with blurred pictures of faces for «family packs».

Mobile phone drags also obviously poor educational values; it accustoms people to getting immediate responses and being inorganized, unable to keep one s focus more than five minutes over the same subject, and being constantly waiting for a new call or a new text message. We have been taught to organize ourselves, to foresee events, to wait for information, to be on time and then mobile phones busted in to make our lives easier - but our children won t learn those albeit crucial skills: patience and planning ahead. Ask teachers what they think about mobile phones and children, a sure bet is what you ll hear is not at all an enthralled point of view.

«But Mobile phones gives them security !» - Well, it sure doesn t; education is about planning his or her activities, keeping an eye on who they might encounter, and entrust them with doing what they are mature enough to do; education surely is not about spying on them or pointing them out on a map any second. Kidnapping, even with mobile phones, are unfortunately still occuring today, and, not mentioning health risks, phones with internet access will indubitably be a means to establish contacts you don t want your young kid to have. Adding to this, theft or extortion top the list of factors that actually make a mobile phone insecure.

«But all of his friends own one !» might you tell yourself. Not all of them, if you look close enough, you ll find reasonable parents that do not let their child own one. And if you give your kid a phone, you ll put those parents under pressure to buy their kid a phone too, undermining their attempt to resist the mass buy-in to those highly unhealthy mobile phones.

«But he really wants one !» Try to understand what really lies behind such a need. If it s a need for communication, a secured internet access on the family computer will do the trick. If his/her interest lies in music, you can get him/her an mp3 player instead.

We know we cannot account with any «reasonable» attitude of a kid with a mobile phone. A child does not understand public health recommandation, he trusts his parents with their care for his health, and if a mobile phone was a danger, then they wouldn t have given him one, would they? Or would they? We ourselves are not able of a moderate use concerning those wildly fascinating high tech toys, what about a child? Have you ever seen a child using an earpiece?

Yet if the harm is done and your kid is already equipped, and if you think it is too late to rid him/her of the phone - which we still consider being the best option # you can help him follow a few guidelines for best health protection:

? No 3G, no Wi-Fi with phone. He/she will use an old fashion GSM instead of a brand new smartphone.
? Phone off most of the time, especially in class, in transportation, indoors, and at night
? Text rather than call.
? Compulsary use of speakerphone or earpiece when calling, and length of call kept a maximum 3 minutes.
? Short-timed subscription to not overtake.
? No holding the phone in clothes pocket, keep it in a handbag instead, distanced from vital parts of the body.

Keeping the phone off at night is especially crucial because it is the time the brain rests and stores memories from the day, so an active phone should NOT be left on the table nor under the pillow, as it shoots out to the antenna every few minutes, hence disturbing the natural brain processes. Waking up should be done with the help of a regular alarm clock instead of the built-in mobile phone alarm clock.

Please pass this message on to your relatives, to school teachers, and to other schooboy and girl?s parents of your acquaintance !

Brought to you by Robin des Toits, www.robindestoits.org

Translation: Emilie PANIAGUA

Objet: assister et fédérer les personnes et les collectifs qui luttent pour la sécurité sanitaire des populations exposées aux nouvelles technologies de télécommunications sans fil
Siège social : 55 rue Popincourt, 75011 Paris
Adresse de correspondance: 12 rue Lucien Sampaix 75010 Paris
Téléphone : 01 43 55 96 08
Association régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901
e-mail: contact(at)robindestoits.org
Site: http: www.robindestoits.org
Membre du « Comité Opérationnel chargé de l?expérimentation sur l?abaissement de l?exposition aux champs électromagnétiques » dans le cadre du Grenelle des Ondes.
Paris, le 31 Août 2011

The Interphone checked only 2-5 minutes per day

The authors of 'Mobile phones and head tumours. The discrepancies in cause-effect relationships in the epidemiological studies- how do they arise?' Levis et al. Env Health 2011 10:59 - relate to the Interphone, saying that in the Interphone study, the average daily use of mobile phones in subjects considered 'exposed', is just 2-5 minutes per day. Also they say that the Interphone researchers failed to include cordless users, who were included in the non exposed- the justification they (Interphone researchers) gave was that the intensity of the EM emission from the cordless phones should be irrelevant and in any case much lower than emissions from cell phones, while the opposite is true, state the authors of the recent paper.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Auckland launches Wi-Fi world first

Has Auckland Council Gone Mad? Are they trying for the most dangerous city award? Why would they ignore the known health effects of wireless radiation?

Martin Weatherall

School removes Wi-Fi, citing health concerns for students

... linking radiation from wireless technology to brain tumours and cancer. ... although some jurisdictions don t allow cellphone towers near schools. ...


Another Safely Wired School


I thought you might like to know that we are a hard-wired facility now, we do not have any wireless modems in use. As we made many technological upgrades this year it worked out that we could loose the wireless.

Feel free to pass along this information to anyone who may find it beneficial, or give me a call if you like to talk about it.

God bless, talk to you again,

John Hengen, Principal
North Cariboo Christian School
2876 Red Bluff Road, Quesnel, BC V2J 6C7
ph 250-747-4417 fax 747-4410

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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