350 Unterschriften gegen Mobilfunkanlage im Ort


Die unerwünschte Mobilfunksendeanlage wurde 2006 auf einem Firmengebäude errichtet. Eine Information der Einwohner über die Errichtung dieser ...


Strong signal on cell tower hazard

Mumbai Mirror

A Mirror survey of 2008 had measured electromagnetic radiation (EMR) levels emitted by cell towers in the city (see box). The results had shown alarming ...



Centre plans radiation limit for cellphone towers, city activists say not tight enough


Radiation exposure limit is the maximum permissible density of electromagnetic radiation from a tower base station. TRAI, along with other central agencies, ...



Funkmast auf Zollhaus sorgt für Ärger


Neben der Mobilfunkantenne befinden sich auch eine X-DSL-Antenne und eine Satellitenschüssel auf dem Zollhaus. Zur Legalisierung also müsste der Gemeinderat ...



Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Group wants microwave regulation tightened

By BRYN WEESE, Parliamentary Bureau

Wi-Fi: Why I Don?t Think It?s As Safe As We Are Led To Believe

Cellphones and Brain Tumors, Reduce Your Exposure Today

Cancer that reached next door scrutinized

Columbus Dispatch

In June, months after meeting President Barack Obama, Tanea died of a malignant brain tumor. She was 12. Just days before, Aaliyah told her mother that her ...


Do Cell Phones Really Cause Cancer?

Cell Phone Burns

Canadian who worked with cell phones for a living began to have a burning sensation when using the phones. It became so serious with her own phone, that her skin developed a rash or burn. She believes that the phone exceeded Safety Standards, which was indeed the case when the phone was tested.



Telus versus New Denver

Villagers hung up on keeping cellphones out of town

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Part 1

Cell Phones and Cancer

Part 2

Informant: Martin Weatherall


8 to kill the bill for warning label in Maine

This email is going to be a little long. I apologize in advance. I wanted to give you an update on Maine. It's not over yet, but here is what's happened thus far...

We BLEW THEM AWAY at the hearings in testimony on the science and with Mainers speaking out. We had absolutely top drawer scientists from around the country and world. However, it all in the end boiled down to the politics as opposed to the science. What a shocker.

Here is what we were up against in Maine...The CDC director of Maine, Dr. Dora Mills, is the sister of the Senator who sits on the HHS committee (where hearings were) and who also happens to be running for governor of Maine this year. The other sibling in this family is in a top position at the federal level of the CDC, and their take on cell phones is that of the FDA and FCC...NO PROBLEM, END OF STORY.

The vote of the committee was 8 to 6. 8 to kill the bill for warning label (their words), but to have Maine post on their CDC website links to info on this subject from the federal websites on ways the public can reduce RF exposure. The 6 votes (called the minority report) was to have CDC website links for Maine on ways the public can reduce RF exposure, request for research at the federal level and a request for CTIA to voluntarily get more info out to the public on cell phones and health effects and how to reduce exposure to RF. There will be a final vote for the full legislative body next week on everything. But the legislator, Andrea Boland is quick to point out in either case, both the majority report and the minority report means Maine will be the first state in the US to vote to inform the public on how to reduce RF exposure. Sadly, there will not be a brain cancer warning label on cell phones in Maine this year. Andrea wants to come back with the bill again next year and we will of course be working with her to help in any way we can. In the meantime, we are still working with other states who have expressed interest, as well as hearings on this at the federal level. It took Henry Waxman 10 years to pass the Clean Air Act. We don't expect it to take that long with this bill, but we also are not surprised that it did not pass this first time around. Had we had a SAR bill, things might be different. SAR of course sings the song of the industry fallacy that below 1.6 w/kg is protective of human health because after all, only heat from RF is what causes damage. But we are not playing that game, as we full well know that heat is not what causes the damage of tissue from cell phones and damage occurs at thousands of levels lower than SAR "safety" limits set for cell phones. There is currently a SAR bill in CA that will be going to vote this year. This bill is not nearly as threatening to industry as a brain cancer warning label, as it sings industry's song on SAR and we expect it to pass without a problem. One good thing that happened with this bill is it will be including headsets and after much lobbying, phone calls and an actual meeting with the legislator, he has added advice in the bill that children should not use cell phones.

I have enclosed some national news coverage if you'd like to see it, although I must warn you, it is my opinion that they bow to sponsorship pressure and slant the story in favor of industry by not reporting the actual outcome of the vote to change the bill to mandate informing the public on advisories on how to reduce RF exposure.

CBS today
[ http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/03/11/eveningnews/main6290355.shtml?tag=currentVideoInfo;videoMetaInfo ]

This one links to CNN news today even though it says Huffington post


We will have more news later on the final outcome of the vote next week.

I would like to thank all of you on this list who testified at the hearings, who donated generously to make the expert witness testimony possible at the hearings, and to everyone who wrote an email or called the legislators in Maine. Your efforts have not been for nothing. We have made a small stride here with Maine voting that the public be officially informed of how to protect themselves from RF exposure on the Maine CDC website. It seems like nothing, but it is the first action in the history of the US that any state has officially taken on this subject. We consider it a small victory, with a long ways to go on this issue. More and heavier decisions on this issue will transpire in the near future in the US and worldwide. Our only wish is that it happen now, before the body count and lawsuits of the future forces it to happen. I am confident we will prevail.

I will keep you apprised of the final outcome in Maine after the vote goes to the floor. Thank you again for your support on this. We needed it in Maine and will continue to in the future on this bill and others like it as we move towards transparency and protection of this upcoming major public health pandemic, should things just remain status quo.

If you would like to contact the producers of CBS and express your support for a warning label on cell phones, or your disappointment that they did not accurately report on what was decided in both the minority and majority report, which was to take some action, and that there was a small victory even if it was not a warning label, you can send the an email to

Betty Chin, bc2@cbsnews.com

and enter your comment at http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml?tag=ftr

Thank you for all that you do on this issue and others like it and thank you for caring.

Sincerely, Liz and everyone else who helped out...and there were MANY.


"Öko"-Lampen nicht beste Lösung

Wiesbadener Kurier

Die jungen Damen wollten auch prüfen, ob die Energiesparlampen Elektrosmog oder Ultraschall erzeugen, der sensible Menschen oder Tiere plagt. ...



Energiesparlampen nicht zu nahe kommen

NZZ Online

(sda) 30 Zentimeter Abstand von der Energiesparlampe: Das empfehlen die Bundesämter für Gesundheit (BAG) und Energie (BfE) zum Schutz vor Elektrosmog. ...



Antenne soll stärker strahlen

Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Abonnement)

Die Bundesnetzagentur genehmigt den Mobilfunkmast auf dem Hotel Birke mit höherer Sendeleistung. Von Cedric Rehman Auf den Internetseiten der ...


Mobilfunk-Initiative kämpft gegen Masten

Stuttgarter Wochenblatt

Die Birkacher Mobilfunk-Initiative hat bislang knapp 700 Protestunterschriften gegen den Mobilfunkstandort von E-Plus auf dem Hotel Birke gesammelt. ...



Mast slashed home value by 25%

Remember Swindon - May 2003. The Swindon Council was late in notifying One2One (now T- Mobile) of its decision to refuse an application for prior approval - approval was thus deemed. Several householders complained to the Local Government Ombudsman who found the Council guilty of maladministration. He recommended an independent valuation of each property with and without the mast and that the difference in each case should be paid in compensation. This result was that the Council paid out almost £120,000.

David Baron

Mast slashed home value by 25%

This is London/Evening Standard

9 June 2003

Melanie Hall and her husband won thousands of pounds in compensation for the decrease in the value of their home after a mobile phone mast was put up nearby. The couple, who have two children, brought a complaint against the mobile phone company, saying the 20ft mast had reduced the value of their house by up to 25 per cent. One2One - now called T-Mobile - was forced to award a total of £117,000 to seven households in the area in a landmark ruling...




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