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We do not want mobile mast near our school
Swindon Advertiser PARENTS have raised fears over a plan by mobile phone giants to install a 15 metre high mast next to a school playing field. A planning application for antennae and equipment cabinets... ...
Starmail - 30. Mär, 22:10

Phone mast bid under fire
Swindon Advertiser By Scott D'Arcy COUNCILLORS have signalled they will object to plans for a 15m mobile phone mast to go up near hundreds of homes and a school in Dorcan. Previous plans by telecommunication... ...
Starmail - 21. Feb, 22:08

Victory as phone mast is rejected
Swindon Advertiser Richard Burge, 51, said he was alerted to the mast, which would be less than 10m from the back of his house, when he received consultation documents for a new mobile antenna in The... ...
Starmail - 9. Feb, 22:37

No mobile phone mast after residents' protests
Swindon Advertiser By Adam Kula RESIDENTS are 'overjoyed' after a plan to put a 49-ft high phone mast in their neighbourhood was scuppered. The council s planning committee ... http://www.swindonadvert iser.co.uk/news/8983176.No _mobile_phone_mast_after_r esidents__protests/ htt p://www.buergerwelle.de:80 80/helma/twoday/bwnews/sea rch?q=mobile+phone+mast ht tp://www.buergerwelle.de:8 080/helma/twoday/bwnews/se arch?q=residents http://ww w.buergerwelle.de:8080/hel ma/twoday/bwnews/search?q= neighbourhood http://www.b uergerwelle.de:8080/helma/ twoday/bwnews/search?q=Swi ndon ...
Starmail - 20. Apr, 08:40

Warning of Wi-Fi Danger - Smart Meter Can Violate Federal Safety Limits
Parents' fears over antennae at schools The equipment uses wi-fi internet signals using microwave radiation, similar to that used by mobile phones. http://www.swindonadvert iser.co.uk/news/8821674.Pa rents__fears_over_antennae _at_schools/ Robert BC TF... ...
Starmail - 20. Apr, 08:35

WiFi makes my heart race, says White Rock woman
http://www.news1130.com/ne ws/local/article/111062--w ifi-makes-my-heart-race-sa ys-white-rock-woman Meet ing to warn over wi-fi risks ?If you have wi-fi in your home that is a risk you are taking for... ...
Starmail - 20. Apr, 08:35

Power fears raised with council
Swindon Advertiser The charity, set up 22 years ago, claims that powerlines emitting extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields (ELF EMF) create a 70 per cent ... http://www.swindonadv ertiser.co.uk/news/8318646 .Power_fears_raised_with_c ouncil/ http://www.buer gerwelle.de:8080/helma/two day/bwnews/search?q=magnet ic+field http://omega.twod ay.net/search?q=magnetic+f ield http://www.buergerwel le.de:8080/helma/twoday/bw news/topics/Power+Lines/ h ttp://omega.twoday.net/top ics/Power+Lines/ http://ww w.buergerwelle.de:8080/hel ma/twoday/bwnews/search?q= Swindon ...
Starmail - 20. Apr, 08:36

Mast slashed home value by 25%
Remember Swindon - May 2003. The Swindon Council was late in notifying One2One (now T- Mobile) of its decision to refuse an application for prior approval - approval was thus deemed. Several householders... ...
Starmail - 20. Apr, 08:36

EMF-Omega-News 21. November 2009
Signal transduction of the melatonin receptor MT1 is disrupted in breast cancer cells by electromagnetic fields http://omega.twoday .net/stories/6043793/ Ala rming Findings: Wireless telephones can affect... ...
Starmail - 21. Nov, 08:39

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