New study finds infertility rates on the rise for Canadian couples

Not surprisingly, the older the woman, the higher the prevalence of infertility. Yet infertility appears to be rising among younger women as well, the study finds. In 1984, about 5% of couples with a female partner age 18 to 29 were infertile. By 2009-10, the prevalence for the same age group ranged from seven to 13.7%.


Threatened fertility: Is male sperm count declining?

Red flags first went up in the 1990s on the possibility of sperm decline with the publication of a controversial Danish study that suggested that sperm count was declining at such a rapid rate that there would be little left in 50 years. Dr. Shanna Swan, a reproductive epidemiologist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City analyzed the data used in the Danish study and came up with the same results. Then she did studies of her own.


As the use of wireless devices and microwave radiation increases, fertility problems get worse!

Do Cell Phones Cause Acoustic Neuroma?

One of the primary symptoms is hearing loss and tinnitus.



Microwave Exposure and Steve Jobs Cancer

Excellent presentation by Angela Flynn


Note: This is probably the most important subject discussed in this council chamber, yet the speaker still gets cut off before being allowed to finish the presentatation.

Public to meet over Bronte cell tower


Front page news: http://www.insidehalton.com/news/article/1298444--public-to-meet-over-bronte-cell-tower

Website: http://mybronte.ca/wp/

Magda Havas

Phone towers to face rules


Michael Pucher

'Smart' Meter Frequencies Affecting Buildings, Infrastructure, etc.



Zigbee the Terrible?

In the old days mad scientists created just Dracula etc. Today, could Zigbee be the new Monster?

Zigbee https://www.itron.com/na/PublishedContent/OpenWay%20Wireless%20Networking%20with%20ZigBee.pdf


''Transmission range is between 10 and 75 meters (33 and 246 feet) and up to 1500 meters for zigbee pro, although it is heavily dependent on the particular environment. The output power of the radios is generally 0 dBm (1 mW).''

More about Zigbee (see bottom of page) http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca/html/?page_id=338

Great School Science Project

Grayson used handheld meters to measure radiation emitted from three CFL bulbs of 10, 13 and 23 watts and three traditional incandescent bulbs of 40, 60 and 100 watts. He said he was surprised at the results. He called his project, ''Is it a bright idea? Illuminating the dangers of CFL bulbs.''


''Multi-tasking or Multi-distracting: What is happening in our classrooms?''

The situation is ironic. Around us and among students we notice a great increase in depression, anxiety, cyber bullying, lack of proper social skills and short attention spans, yet students are, unfortunately, encouraged by media, advertisements, families, and even our education system to constantly use electronic devices that foster those same problems!


Teachers' Union calls for an end to Wi Fi

''I think it s way premature,'' said Phil Squire, chairperson of the London District Catholic school board. ''At this point in time I don t think that there s compelling scientific evidence that Wi-Fi is a threat to children in the classroom.''


Makes you wonder whether the children are smarter than the people running the schools?

Esmerk Finnish News 8 feb 2012

Kaleva, Finland: School in Ylivieska becomes mobile-free

In Finland, a school in Ylivieska has announced it is a mobile-free zone. Children have had to turn off their mobiles in school since the beginning of 2012. The aim is to achieve a more peaceful working environment for the children and to avoid the possible health risks of electromagnetic radiation. Mobile-free schools are very rare in Finland. According to the principal of the school, the health risks are unknown so there is cause for being careful.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

More about the theme:


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