Misleading Danish Mobile Phones and Brain Tumour Study

This misleading study has many flaws and serious confounders and should not give anyone reassurance that mobile phone use is not associated with an increase in brain tumours. In our opinion the paper should not have been published in this form - it should have failed peer-review...



Mast Sanity Press Release 20th October 2011 - BMJ Publish Re-Hash of Discredited Danish Cohort Study

Dear Sir/Madam,

The attached press release contains the following text:

BMJ Publish Re-Hash of Discredited Danish Cohort Study


Yes, Cell Phones Are Bad for Your Child (Probably)


Dr. Davis may be right after all - new research published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine indicates that kids absorb more radiation than adults. This is, in a nutshell, bad. Cell phone radiation, whether or not it actually causes...



Scientists and campaigners condemn new mobile phone study as misleading and irresponsible


British Medical Journal's Upcoming Cell Phone Study Deeply Flawed, Say Experts

Environmental Health Trust and Other Experts Expose Major Flaws in New Danish Study
Claiming No Significant Cancer Risks from Cell Phone Use.



The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Pollution

Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network, Live radio focusing on health, wealth and wellbeing.

Here is a one-hour interview with Dr. Magda Havas discussing the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution-Oct 20, 2011.


Information on Wi-Fi in schools, cell towers, Zory Glaser references, smart meters and much more including pulsed magnetic fields that are used to promote the natural healing of the body.

Jerome Harrison has brain tumor


I suspect brain tumors will be a big issue for the cellphone generation given what I have read even. Hope the best for Jerome and Ryan. My mother in-law has been battling one for a few months now and isn t expected to make it to Thanksgiving. Sad...


American Cancer Society

Very strange that the ACS would print this story (the faulty Danish study) when there is so much evidence the the science is badly flawed!


Response: Candy Pfau says:
October 21, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Not buying that. I got tonsil cancer on the same side as my heavy cell phone use. I did not fit the profile. Never smoked, or drank alcohol. I gave up my cell phone, microwave, and all dental xrays. Also there is an increase in tonsil cancer among children. ENT s are studying this.

Martin Weatherall
125 Vanevery Way
Ontario N5A 8C1

Perth East Council
Att'n Chief Building Official
Grant Schwartzentruber

Re: Proposed Telecommunications Tower

20 October 2011

Dear Members of Perth East Council

I am writing on behalf of the home owners, residents, workers, churchgoers and persons using the leisure activities near to the location of the proposed telecommunications tower at 4128 Line 36, RR5, Stratford.

There is considerable scientific evidence to show that exposure to microwave radiation such as from the proposed telecommunications tower causes various cancers, many serious illnesses and several significant biological effects to people. There is also evidence that properties located near to cell phone antennas suffer from a large devaluation in property value.

If Perth East Council allows construction of this tower without vigorously defending the health, safety and property rights of the residents and others who will be affected, you may cause very significant liabilities to yourselves and all residents of Perth East.

If the tower is eventually forced upon you by Industry Canada, you should demand that the company involved, provides a very large bond of many millions of dollars, to pay for possible future liabilities including, legal expenses, medical expenses for persons harmed by radiation from the antennas and for property devaluation. That property devaluation may include the large residential development area to the south and west of the proposed tower, as new house buyers are less likely to purchase near to a communications tower.

I have attached several documents to show the dangers of microwave radiation from telecommunications masts. I will send you some more documents in further messages. You will find more scientific information at these web sites: http://www.weepinitiative.org and http://www.magdahavas.com/ . I will gladly provide further information if you request it.


Martin Weatherall

Danish article in the 'Ingenjoren'


Criticism of the article in the British Medical Journal

BMJ: Use of mobile phones and risk of Brain Tumour: update of Danish cohort study

By Torben R. Simonsen, Friday 28th October 2011 pm. 07:12

In last week concluded Jorgen H. Olsen, head of research in Cancer, the use of mobile phones does not increase the risk of brain cancer.

The conclusion is based on the largest cohort study (observational study in which a study group followed over time) of cancers among mobile users who goes back to the 1990s when the first cell phones came out.

But the study did not include 200,000 mobile users who have had the phone made available through the work.

Instead, people ended up in the category called 'non-mobile users.'

It meets international criticism.

'The exclusion of the 200,507 business users - mobile users, who presumably must be considered as heavy users - seems remarkable. Especially when users mistakenly shows up in the category of users who have not been exposed to mobile radiation,' says Robert Baan to ing.dk. He is responsible publication in WHO s IARC working group on mobile phone radiation.

Earlier this year established a working group called 2B-risk assessment of mobile phone radiation, because the working group found that among the most active mobile users had a small increased risk of developing brain cancer.

Also in the British Medical Journal s own website where the survey from Cancer Society is published, a number of people with strong criticism of the study.

'The limitations of the study makes meaningful analysis and conclusions virtually impossible,' writes the British NGO Power Watch.

Power Watch criticizes, among other things, that the study does not take into account the many people who receive the mobile phone provided on the job, and are likely to be among the most active users, but there is also criticism that you know nothing about how much people actually used the phone.

The reason that the study did not include the 200,000 users with business phone, is that the study is based on early subscription records from mobile operators from the 1990s.

Using social security numbers has been possible to follow the early subscribers over time to see if there was an increased tendency for the later life was affected by brain cancer.

But workers with business phone is not registered with personal and therefore has not been possible to follow their development of this group.

Although they represent 30 percent of the total subscription base, is the 200,000 people in the study ended in the group of 'non-mobile users'.

Poor Science Should be Disregarded


Spike in ''Aggressive'' Brain Cancer in Denmark


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Why the Latest Study on Cell Phone Use and Brain Cancer Won t Be the Last Word


From [The Microwave Factor]


War-games against cellphone science continue


Prominent Neurosurgeon Questions 'No-link' Study



Rapid response to Danish Mobile phone study, just published in BMJ


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Is New Cell Phone Tumor Study Flawed?

PsychCentral.com (blog)

For example, Electromagnetic Health is a group of scientists and medical doctors (some from Ivy League schools), who believe (and cite some compelling evidence) that electromagnetic radiation is damaging our health. They conclude that earlier studies...



Evidence For Nonthermal Effects of Microwave Radiation: Abnormal Development of Irradiated Insect Pupae


IARC: No Information = Confirmation

'IARC is also involved in a Danish nation-wide cohort study of mobile phone subscribers, and monitors incidence time trends of brain tumours in countries with high quality cancer registration. The Danish cohort study has no information on amount of mobile phone use and consequently cannot investigate risk in the subgroup of heaviest users.,Therefore it confirms the overall Interphone findings of no association, but with reduced potential for bias. It does, however, leave open the possibility that there is a small increase in heavy users. All studies have in common that risk only becoming apparent after 15-20 years of use could not be investigated.'


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Further Criticisms of the BMJ Danish Study


Correction to last message

Not enough data excluding cellphones? morbidity


Further BMJ responses to the Danish mobile phone study


More about the theme:


Bürgerwelle News



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