Smart Meters Are Violating Safety Code 6



I am including the link from Toronto s Women s College Hospital (2010) 'Guidelines to Accommodate Students and Staff with Environmental Sensitivities: A Guide for Schools' http://www.healthyenvironmentforkids.ca/sites/healthyenvironmentforkids.ca/files/HealthySchoolsGuidelines-ES.pdf . On page 4 of the document 'electromagnetic radiation (for example from electircal wiring, power lines, cellular phones, computers, televisions and other electrical applicances)' is listed as one of five of the most common substances that environmentally sensitive people are most intolerant of.

In Canada, the average disability rate in 2006 was 14.3% of the population, with people self-reporting disabilities due to physical/activity limitations and psychological limitations. http://www.disabled-world.com/disability/statistics/disability-statistics-canada.php . A lot of the time, we are able to see for ourselves that some people have special needs because there may be a wheel chair, a seeing-eye dog, a white cane, or crutches etc. Sometimes we cannot see with our own eyes another person's special needs, such as a learning disability or a medical condition. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our society is inclusive. People are entitled to be included in all aspects of our society, a right that is enshrined in our Canadian Charter of Rights.

There is legislation in Canada to discourage/prevent discrimination due to handicaps of any nature. In Ontario schools, accessibility into and within the educational site itself for students/community members with mobility handicaps is part of the 'customer service' that is supposed to be mandated here. Children with learning disabilities are supposed to have accessibility to special services such as Kurzweil readers/scanners etc. as well as special accommodations for completing assignments/class work and taking tests/exams - but these students must be identified and the lists are increasingly long for assessment by these school based resource personnel. However, concerned parents can opt for an independent assessment which can cost up to $2000. Sadly, since the beginning of my career now some 25 years, I have seen learning difficulties of children in the regular classroom grow exponentially especially with ADHD and frightening increases in autism. This is one of the primary reasons why we must advocate for school environments that are as non-toxic as possible.

Now what about people who are disabled due to EHS? How do we include them in our society? Estimates of the percentage of populations who suffer from EHS range between 5% -10%. http://www.mcs-america.org/index_files/EHS.htm . For Canada with a population of about 34 million that could mean that between 1,700,000 and 3,400,000 people could be EHS. In a school with a population of 500 students there could potentially be 25 to 50 EHS students. How can we accommodate these students in school buildings that are totally Wifi? The answer is that we really can t. So then we must understand that if we do not turn the Wifi off, that we are being discriminatory, which is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Suddenly, wonderful mantras such as ?education for all? don?t apply to a considerable percentage of our EHS school children. Equal employment opportunities don t apply to EHS employees who can no longer work in the same work environment that they always have or in a new work place, but which is toxic to them because of Wifi. Is this discrimination? The simple answer is yes.

People might argue that EHS is not a recognized disability in Canada or that EHS people are making up their symptoms. I must remind you, that Toronto s Women?s College Hospital is recognizing and diagnosing medical disabilities due to EHS whether Health Canada wants to get on board with this or not. EHS people suffer at the levels of radiation that Health Canada continues to tell us are 'not dangerous to the public, including children.' (Leona Aglukkaq August 11, 2011) If you are smugly reading this and saying, well Wifi does not affect me, EHS can be triggered in healthy human beings after repeated or prolonged exposure to radiation. For children in the Wifi school landscape, they will be radiated for more than 1200 hours on a yearly basis. What does this mean for our future Health Care system and Workman s Compensation? Can we as Canadian carry the great financial burden that will surely ensue? Who will accept this liabilty?

The only way that we can be certain that we do not discriminate against any Canadian either in the workplace or in the schools, is to turn the Wifi off. If we do not, then this will most certainly become a Human Rights issue.


Please forward

This is precisely right-to-the-point, dear Janice!

Also remember that an impairment is - by definition - not defined by someone else or proven by certain tests, recognised by a country, etc. The impairment is always personal (private) and develops when in contact with an inferior environment. The key for society is to provide full accessability, for instance by shielding the environment from electromagnetic fields, something that successfully has been used in Sweden.

[N.B. Remember that functional impairments are only based upon each individual s impaired accessability to - and contact with - an inferior environment (cf. the UN), thus, there is actually no need for any 'recognition' in local laws (cf. the UN). In Sweden, the former Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Lars Engqvist - as a member of the previous government - anyhow gave his 'approval' in a letter dated May, 2000. He also made it clear in his response that for EHS persons there are no restrictions or exceptions in the handicap laws and regulations. Thus, these laws and regulations are to be fully applied also for EHS persons.]

Treating members of the community equally is not something that should be done as a favour; nor is it something that any parliament or government should politely request other inhabitants to provide others with. Equality is not something to be done 'out of the goodness of one s heart'. It is something one does because it is expected of every citizen, because inaccessibility and discrimination are prohibited by law. Thus, it is not alright to deliberately make your symptoms worse.

The electrically hypersensitive must therefore, in every situation and by all available means, demand respect¸ representation and power. They shall very clearly reject all approaches which reflect a mentality of 'feeling pity for them' or 'caring for them'. Inaccessibility is not a personal problem. It is a problem for society. Inaccessibility is not about attitudes. It is about discrimination. And discriminatory actions and conduct shall not be dealt with by well-meaning talk about treatment. Discrimination is already illegal!

This view can fully be motivated in relation to national and international handicap laws and regulations, including the UN 22 Standard Rules/UN Convention and the Swedish Action Plan for Persons with Impairments (prop. 1999/2000:79 'Den nationella handlingplanen för handikappolitiken ? Från patient till medborgare'). Also, the Human Rights Act in the EU fully applies.

Finally, remember that everyone must adhere to and follow all the handicap laws and regulations. To do the opposite is a serious violation and should immediately be reported/filed as an official legal complaint to your local authorities, parliament, government, the EU and the UN. This is of particular importance since Katri Linna, the Swedish Diskrimineringsombudsman (=the Equality Ombudsman), clearly states in the newspaper Sydsvenskan (January 23-26, 2009) that 'electrohypersensitivity is ? according to the law ? a functional impairment and I recommend EHS persons that are discriminated to file a complaint'.

Safety code covering frequency omits key info

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


The Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm


Enforcing Safety Code 6 on Smart Meters and Wi-Fi

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