Effects of Microwaves and Radio Frequency Energy on the Central Nervous System

Letter to the School Board

Dr. Pellizzari, School Board Trustees, et al.

I would like to bring to your attention the fact that WiFi in schools is a concern to many parents, and not just those in Canada.

In Portland Oregon, parents are challenging WiFi in a school based on health concerns. Four experts are testifying on behalf of the parents. You should be aware of this hearing as it is likely to be the first of many across North America. Americans are more litigious than Canadians. Taking legal action is a very costly way to deal with this issue, and should be used only as a last resort. Some parents will use this when it comes to protecting the health of their children.

Many scientists and doctor are aware of the harmful effects of microwave radiation and have been speaking out for decades. It takes time for science to be translated into policy and the longer it takes the more harm is done to human health. The question is not whether microwave radiation is harmful, but rather, when will Health Canada formally recognize that microwave radiation is harmful? It has taken the WHO decades to come to their reclassification. I hope it will not take Health Canada as long.

As much as parents are concerned about microwave exposure of their children, they are also upset about having no choice in the matter. Many parents would be willing to work with the Board to figure out in each school how to minimize exposure to microwave radiation. Much can be done even if you go ahead and install WiFi. But instead the School Board has taken a dictatorial approach. The issue is not going to go away especially because the School Board is unwilling to work cooperatively with parents and teachers.

I wish that you didn't feel so entrenched in your opinions and in your need to support a decision that was made prior to the WHO reclassification. Gandhi was once quoted as saying, 'This is my opinion today. Tomorrow I may learn something and I may then change my opinion.'

I wish I were wrong about the harmful effects of WiFi. I wish this technology was safe to use. But it isn t. I have been in this field too long and have read too much to the contrary. My own research shows that microwave radiation at very low levels affects the heart, at levels lower than what was reported at Monday night s meeting.

I know that some of you think that I am a fear monger. I was called by worse names when I was doing acid rain research and the coal industry wanted to show that acid rain was caused by volcanoes. Back in 1975 Environment Canada denied that there was such a thing as acid rain. It was then, as a graduate student, that I learn not to automatically trust government scientists or those in authority because they could be wrong. They were wrong then about acid rain and they are wrong now about microwave radiation.

I have colleagues who stood up to the very powerful lead lobby. They also were taunted and criticized and they continued the fight, which eventually resulted in lower acceptable blood lead levels in children. The messenger is attacked when people don t want to hear a particular message. I knew this going into this 'battle'. It didn t deter me with acid rain and it is not going to deter me now.

Instead of fear I am trying to help educate anyone who wants to learn about the science and to help those who are being adversely affected by the radiation. For that very reason I designed a website and produced youtube videos to make the complex technical information easier to understand.

I m certain that many of you, if you were in my position, would be doing the same thing that I m doing?sharing information so people can make intelligent choice about what they do and do not want to be exposed to.

Please, consider becoming more flexible. We are not asking that access to the internet be taken away. We are simply asking that access be made available through wires rather than WiFi. Surely when it comes to the health of students and teachers that is not too much to ask.

Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D.
Environmental and Resource Studies Program, Trent University
Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8, CANADA
email: mhavas(at)trentu.ca
phone: 705-748-1011 x7882
fax: 705-748-1569
http://www.magdahavas.com (general)
http://www.magdahavas.org (academic)

Open letter to Rossmoyne Primary School: Wifi and Health

Dear Geoff, Members of the School Council and P&C

We know that there is a possibility and growing evidence to support the view that there is a biological danger from exposure to Wifi radiation. We also know that this danger is greatly increased for children. The possible biological effects of this radiation are: chromosome damage, short-term memory problems, cancers, cardiac risk, sterilisation? to name a few.

While there has been an exponential growth in the past few years of the amount of radiation that surrounds us and is currently beyond our control, it would be very short-sighted to introduce a new source directly into our primary school where our children spend more than 6 hours every day. While the possible benefits of a 1:1 laptop program at Rossmoyne Primary are apparent and have been aggressively marketed, the overall well-being of our children should be of foremost importance. The school has, as yet, not brought this issue to the attention of parents.

The issue is that while current legislation and guidelines for radiation exposure are pointed to, they are inadequate. Policy decisions take time to implement. To quote Dr Magda Havas*, who responded to my email yesterday, 'It takes time for science to be translated into policy and the longer it takes the more harm is done to human health.'

On having closely read the articles distributed by Geoff to assure us of the safety of Wifi (in spite of not having directly addressed the actual health concerns attached to Wifi), I have concluded that they present excellent examples of the kind of pressures and dilemmas that we, as parents, are faced with:

* The ?Wifi health.pdf? is produced by Aruba Networks, whose very business existence is based on selling mobile network services and devices. Need I say more? These companies are concerned simply with compliance to existing exposure limits and maximising their profits and image.

* With regard to Princeton University?s Position Statement, it appears that PU is facing increasing concerns by the university community on the safety of their existing Wifi environment. It is in response to these growing concerns that the university has prepared a position paper. I would like to point out that the University of Princeton is in a completely different situation to that of Rossmoyne Primary School: the campus ALREADY has WiFi, and the University is therefore entrenched in the position that they currently hold. Rossmoyne Primary School, on the other hand, is concerned with the question of whether to place our CHILDREN (not adults) INTO a WiFi environment.

I have already given to Geoff, and attach here a list of bans or warnings against Wifi.

I would encourage you all to consider the following resources for starters:

* the Panarama program presented by the BBC available on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuNaDj6VLHw&feature=player_embedded

* the Canadian documentary: 16X9 - The Bigger Picture ? Wifi in Schools:


* ?Health Issues for Schools:? http://www.wifiinschools.org.uk/8.html

* http://www.weepinitiative.org/

* http://www.safeschool.ca/

There are many, many more resources available.

The school leaders and management stand at a crossroads. They are in a unique position to guide both our school and others in this very important decision.

I will appreciate it if this email can be forwarded to and minuted by the P&C and Members of the School Council.

Thank you.

Kind regards
Colleen Gartz
Tel: 9457-3604

Teachers to help spot mental issues


At the Hub, which has walls splashed with bright colours and providing free coffee and Wi-Fi, teens can make an appointment for a free mental health assessment by youth workers and doctors from the IMH. Those who need further counselling or treatment ...

Dr Pang has seen a 30- to 40-per-cent increase in the number of youths over the last five years, with the majority facing psychological problems like anxiety and mood disorders. (Shall we call this Wi Fi Sickness?)


Effects of RF on the Central Nervous System

Early research from 1969, Allan H. Frey

See the attached document:

Effects of Microwaves and Radio Frequency Energy on the Central Nervous System


Wireless World?



Mobile Phone Derived Electromagnetic Fields May Impair Synaptic Learning Processes In The Brain


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Kids vulnerable to cellphone tower radiation


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Actor worried about radiation from mobile towers on govt guesthouse

Hindustan Times

Concerned about the cluster of 16 mobile phone towers over the Sahyadri guesthouse, 40m away from her Malabar Hill residence, actor Juhi Chawla had last year carried out an independent audit of the electro magnetic radiation (EMR) in her nine-storey...


'Actor's house vulnerable to radiation'

Hindustan Times

'Even 1mw of radiation is harmful and here there is exposure to about 25. And at a distance of 40 meters from a high radiation zone, one is prone to ill effects of electromagnetic radiation,' Kumar said. An independent agency reported radio frequency...


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