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Notice to Sahyadri cell tower firms
Hindustan Times The issue came to light five months ago when the Hindustan Times reported on July 2 how actor Juhi Chawla, who lives at Veer Bhavan, opposite Sahyadri, had brought the issue to the forefront... ...
Starmail - 14. Nov, 06:05

Wi-Fi making kids, teachers sick?
Strickland said she has experienced leg weakness and intense headaches since Wi-Fi was installed at her school a year ago. http://www.torontosu n.com/2011/10/06/wi-fi-mak ing-kids-teachers-sick C anada... ...
Starmail - 9. Dez, 08:39

Effects of Microwaves and Radio Frequency Energy on the Central Nervous System
Letter to the School Board Dr. Pellizzari, School Board Trustees, et al. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that WiFi in schools is a concern to many parents, and not just those in Canada. In... ...
Starmail - 14. Nov, 06:06

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