Childhood cancer and proximity to mobile phone masts

Serious Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation


Frequency Matters

Mobile phone basestations and early childhood cancers: case-control study

BMJ gives free access to the study. However note what is going on with the funding language, is it only me or does this look like a joke-independent funded by the industry? Are they drunk or what? and what is the conclusion? No conflict of interests.


The economic newspaper Globes reports that Liztman - the Health Minister deputy - said that people who want to take care of themselves had better take distance from the antennas. He said that he saw "in my own eyes" how wireless antenna increased the radiation level in an apartment of a parent who died of cancer. He said soon there will be published results of a study he ordered on radiation and he is not afraid to fight the cellular companies and the media.

Another article says that the high court ordered the ministries of environment and communication to explain why the regulations of the cellular law delay for 3 years.


What the cell companies hide from us

Yesterday evening a TV programm "what the cell companies hide from us" showed: A brain tumor victim who can hardly walk, Zvika, plans with the rest of his time to sue the companies. His tumor is at the same side of where he spoke. His wife told to the camera that if it's from the phone it's very sad. She talked of his intelectual ability deterioration. He is going to file a class action. Dan Shilon a respected TV journalist was hired by the companies to improve their image. He asked to receive full journlism freedom and got it but he also signed on a contract to keep everything in secret {...} he reached to too much info so they cancelled his programm (they funded it). I sent the item about it in the past, so now he was interviewed. He said that he had found phones are dangerous, and he things that clearly there is a problem with both the phones and antennas. The main person on Shilon's programm was supposed to be prof Sadezki she was interviewed and said that "it is very possible that there is a connection between phones and cancer" and that there are indications like time of use and same side. She said I am absolutely not saying let's stop using it but to speak wisely. To put the phone at distance from the body [her logic is not clear: isn't it the same logic like saying: let's use this wisely, by throwing it to the sea, isn't it like taking as much as distance from the body as possible. What kind of logic is she saying here I can't understand]. Yossi Riback was taken into focus: a professor of TV university, an occupational M.D who is hired by the cell companies is taken for a deep talk about it - he was asked: can it be that they are using you in order to whiten themselves in the eyes of the public? he answered: "absolute negative". He said that his opinion is consistent and it is OK that someone is doing a work and is paid for that. But this reflects what he thinks on the subject. COM device was used in order to show radiation from the phone to distance and recommending air tubes. Two measurement were taken of antenna - one before the cell phone companies knew about it and another afterwards they knew about the TV crew there. The first before 21 uW/cm2 After - 0.4 uW/cm2. Yael German, the maire of Herzelia was talking about the companies action to increase their wealth only - from rich companies to richer companies on the public's back. She resisted for long time to non informing the public on erection of antennas. The companies come to erect antennas at 2:00 AM middle of night like thieves in order to not be seen by the public. In the past she received a letter from Tal Zilberstein, who was consultant to Ehud Ulmert Israeli former prime minister, Tal was the spokesman for the cellular companies forum which is a PR office, Yael German said its job was to take care that none interferes with what they (companies) want to do. So she received a letter from Tal threatening her to disconnect her city from cellular communication because she runs a fear journey that throws salt in the eyes of the public in order to advance herself polictically. He wrote that if you want to diconnect your city from cellular connection it will be considered positively. She asks to inform the public on antennas. The Knesset made a law that enforced to have construction license for each antenna. Ofir Piner former MP who faught the companies: the companies have strong lobby and the public pays very expensive health price. Cellular forum reaction to everything: Whoever wants to talk safely has to understand that he has to have an antenna near his house. Stelian Galberg from the Env. ministry wrote to Yeal German that her lack of cooperation hurts the citizens because they are exposed to more radiation. That she must enable more antennas and it will profit the residents. All antennas stand in the standards. The two measurements before and after: the companies "were ready" to decrease the radiation from antennas after they were approached to. On Shilon: the movie was a part of a campaign of the forum to increase antennas, but they decided not to do it because they understood that without the support of the health and Env. ministry it would not receive the public trust.

Wow isn't it? ...

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Full programme:


Hi Iris,

Please share my views, about the cellphone reactions on yesterday broadcast, with all you contact list:

The cellphone companies will do everything in their power to:

* Spread the use of cellphone, even of children.

* Stop awareness about health issue of exposure to RF radiation and of using a mobile phone.

* Spread confusion, misinformation and dough about the risk of EMR radiation.

* Try to convince you that more cellphone antenna will reduce radiation levels (which is true only if the use stays the same reduction).

* Try to sell you more mobile phone's services that you don't really need like video, file and data download, mobile phone web service and so on.

Mobile phone use has increased dramatically during the last few year and will probably continue to increase in the years to come. All this mobile phone use will require more bandwidth that will result in exposing the public to more radiation, for more time both from the mobile phones and from the old and new mobile phones antenna.

All the cell phone companies want is more freedom to make more money from more mobile phone sold and mobile services consumed by more people (who are not aware of the danger) which will require using more antennas, all on the expense of the public health.

We, the part of the public which is already paying the health price for mobile and wireless communication, know the truth. We must make a stand and let everybody else know what we know. We don't have to wait for the body count!

No Rad.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Childhood cancer and proximity to mobile phone masts

Complaint regarding the paper ?Mobile phone base stations and early childhood cancers?


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