Unverständnis über Gesetze für die Aufstellung von Richtfunkmasten


Grebenstein. Unverständnis über die gesetzlichen Vorschriften bei der Aufstellung von Richtfunkmasten hat der Schachtener Karsten Heide. Direkt an seiner Grundstücksgrenze wurde so ein Masten errichtet. Politisch wurde die Sache jetzt, da die FDP in der Stadtverordnetenversammlung den Antrag stellte, sich für eine Verlegung des Mastens einzusetzen....


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BC communities are requesting a moratorium on smart meters

Wake Up Opt Out Vermont

Rutland, VT. The Wake Up Opt Out Campaign launched new radio and online ads today to help foster continued conversation about the potential dangers and liabilities of smart meter installation in Southern Vermont.


Smart City Bid 'Misguided Quest'

''If you were an enemy of the state and you really wanted to harm the community, you probably could not have thought up a worse and more harmful environmental contaminant than microwave radiation," wrote Weatherall in his letter to council.


Delegation miffed by smart meter deferral

Noting 30 other BC communities have requested a moratorium on the smart meters, Corrie told directors that while Victoria and BC Hydro say the electromagnetic radiation from the smart meters is safe, a wide range of effects have been experienced...



Informant: Martin Weatherall


Wake Up Opt Out Vermont launches media campaign


Valley News on Vermont Smart Meter Opt Out


Four Vermont Towns Reject Smart Meters


Open Letter to Vermont Department of Health on Smart Meter Report


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Skin cancer rates in Spain rise alarmingly

A seven per cent rise in just one year. Most worryingly of all, victims appear to be getting younger, with those in their late twenties the most affected group.

(Yes, the ones who are most likely to be using cell phones, Wi Fi and other wireless gadgets.)


The Noise of Electro Magnetic Radiation

''Somehow they are picking up noise from an electrical antenna that is there. That is electromagnetic noise.''



Tinnitus Is Common in Children With and Without Hearing Impairment

Forty percent of children with normal hearing reported some form of tinnitus.

Recent studies in Sweden suggest that the prevalence of tinnitus in children is increasing. In 2006, researchers in Gothenburg, Sweden, surveyed 756 children undergoing standard audiometric screening about whether they experienced noise-induced or spontaneous tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, or other sorts of sound in ones' ears) and whether they noticed that their hearing was worse after listening to loud music or other noise (temporary hearing threshold shift [TTS]).

Some form of tinnitus was reported by 41% of the 706 children with normal hearing and 58% of the 50 children with hearing impairment. High-frequency neurosensory hearing loss accounted for most hearing impairment. In logistic regression analysis, the probability of spontaneous tinnitus was 63% in children with both hearing impairment and TTS and 27% in children without hearing impairment or TTS. The probability of noise-induced tinnitus was 59% in children who experienced TTS and 17% in those who did not experience TTS. TTS did not correlate with hearing impairment.

Comment: Most children with hearing impairment and many without hearing loss report tinnitus. Noise-induced tinnitus is particularly common in children who report TTS. The authors hypothesize that, as with adults, spontaneous tinnitus in children without TTS or hearing impairment results from factors other than noise, such as stress or anxiety.


The auditory nerve is very sensitive, so when ringing in the ears becomes a symptom, it is often associated with exposure to RF-EMF (cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, cell towers.) This is a large study which may have stumbled upon a big truth: We are OVER-EXPOSING our children to cumulative radiation exposure.

Susan Foster

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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Vodafone mast plan defeated by people power

This is Surreytoday

'The second objection is in relation to the proximity of the mast to St Bedes' School. We understand there is no evidence mobile phone masts are detrimental to health, but there is a certain amount of unease and several bodies, for example the Health ...


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Alwyn Lewies: EHS story from South Africa

Due to the total lack of legislation and controls in South Africa, this is just one of many stories of people being affected from EMF.

There has been no voice for them until the foundation was formed. The Departments of Health and Environment have turned a blind eye.

Please will you share this with your networks, newsletters etc.

It has taken Alwyn some time to write his story and I had the opportunity to stay with him out in the bush recently. He truly is a special man, as is his wife and he deserves the support and any messages you may wish to send him via his wifes? email address.

Tracey-Lee Dorny

Alwyn Lewies: EHS story from South Africa

Informant: Sarah Dacre




From Tracey-Lee Dorny

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