Hunderte von Unterschriften gegen Digitalfunkmast

Augsburger Allgemeine

Dießen Zwischenbilanz der Initiative Funkmast: In einer Pressemitteilung schreiben die Initiatoren, dass sich ein ?voller Erfolg? abzeichne: Es seien ...



Es funkt in der Stadthalle

Badische Zeitung

In der Diskussion: Der neue Funkmast auf dem Dach des Polizeireviers und der geplante Tetra-Behördenfunk. Groß war das Interesse an ...



In nur zwei Tagen war der neue Funkmast in Kyritz ausgewachsen

Märkische Allgemeine

In echt gibt es so etwas natürlich nicht, wenngleich die Montage des neuen Funkmastes aus Spann-Schleuderbeton, innen hohl, nach einem ähnlichen Prinzip ...



Mast sorgt für Diskussionen


Der Aufbau eines neuen Digitalfunk-Sendemastes auf dem »Hörnle« bei Flözlingen war ein heiß diskutierter Tagesordnungspunkt im Zimmerner Technik-, ...



Not everyone favors widespread Wi-Fi

Evansville Courier & Press

The two beekeepers both think it oddly suspicious that, as more towers and satellites have proliferated, the bees are dying in huge numbers. ...



Wi-Fi town reports widespread health problems


Canadian EMR Concerns

Robert Riedlinger
British Columbia Canada
EMR Environmentalist

In 1997 after he became ill, he and his wife were not able to live in their home. Robert became involved in the world wide debate about microwave radiation. On a number of occasions he stepped forward to help schools, city halls and other groups around the world know what was taking place in Canada and the province of BC. As the world continues to debate this issue and health declines, this man is one of the first of the few Canadians that put many years into this - so others would not have to experience the same outcome. Generations to come may look back and ask how would things have changed if only Industry Canada and Health Canada had of taken these observations seriously. Other nations have considerably better radiation standards, in turn much less exposure then Canada carelessly sets forth as "safe".

See the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E2IVfwuikI

Note: Robert Riedlinger is still active and helping others with EMF / EMR issues.

Antennas: Harrison Hot Springs

Letter to the Montgomery County Gazette

I wrote the following letter in response to an article in the Montgomery County Gazette. As I have yet to have a letter to any newspaper published I have taken to copying my letters to key people in the government and the people who would be impacted by the cell tower.

So far I have had six of these people thank me and two ask me to never send them another email. One of the thank you's came yesterday from one of our state Senators.

The Gazette article follows my letter.

Angela Flynn
Wireless Radiation Alert Network

Dear Gazette,

Principal Goodwin at Walt Whitman High School is wise to end his part of collaborating with T-Mobile to place a cell tower on school property. Numerous studies have shown that the radio frequency (EMf/RF) exposure at the levels found near cell towers harms humans. This has been established since the 1950s when Russia beamed EMF/RF at our embassy in Moscow.

Children, with their longer life time cumulative exposure potential are more at risk than adults, however the teachers and and other staff would have faced a longer duration of RF exposure. The unchecked proliferation of wireless communications antennas should be halted until our government determines a safe cumulative RF exposure for the non thermal biological effects.

Dr. George Carlo has an article in the recent issue of American Trial Lawyer. Dr. Carlo brings up these points:


There are violations of propriety, ethics and law encompassed within the insidious partnership between the government and the wireless industry that facilitate the collateral damage and possibly infringe on constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Relevant questions include:

? Is it trespass when wireless signals from base station antennas land on or cross a homeowner?s property without permission?

? Is it assault when a tower is constructed in a community causing citizens to fear for their safety?

? Does it constitute battery when a person develops electro-hypersensitivity and cannot live in their home because of the construction of a nearby base station tower?

? Are there infringements on regulatory policing powers as derived from the constitutional Commerce Clause expected by consumers to be protective?

? Is it criminal or fraudulent inducement to force consumers to sign long-term service contracts that in effect force ongoing exposure to dangerous radiation?

? Are packages that contain wireless devices with misleading data about safety violations of ?truth in advertising? statutes?

? Is it assault and battery to require students to sit in classrooms in schools outfitted with WiFi where parents voice objections?

The article also has this section on the Moscow Embassy incident:

Since the Cold War, the U.S. government has known that microwaves are genetically hazardous. Beginning in 1953 and continuing intermittently for about three decades, the Russian Soviets used microwaves to covertly attack the U.S. embassy staff in Moscow, Russia. The ongoing irradiation campaign affected about 1,800 employees and 3,000 dependents housed at the embassy during this period. The Russians targeted the U.S. embassy with 2.4 to 4.1 gigahertz, a range within the same realm of frequencies blasting from America?s wireless cell phones, in-house cordless phones, wireless computers, WiFi systems and cell towers. In the mid 1970s, a Johns Hopkins medical team under direction of Dr. Abraham Lilienfield was commissioned by the U.S. State Department to study the health effects of the Moscow irradiation on our embassy staffers.

The draft report documented numerous symptoms of radiation poisoning, including immune system disorders, high white blood cell counts, chronic fatigue, blurred vision, cataracts and muscle aches. Information on cancer was deliberately withheld from the Lilienfield team, but it was later reported that cancer incidence among embassy staff was four times normal? reproductive problems among the irradiated Moscow personnel included abnormal red and white blood cells, above average chromosomal aberrations, higher than normal rates of miscarriage plus pregnancy complications.

Embassy staff with blood abnormalities were advised not to conceive children until six months after their somatic levels had returned to normal in a non-irradiated environment. It should also be noted that then U.S. State Department chief medical officer Herbert Pollack sanitized the conclusions of the Lilienfield report.

The final report falsely concluded that no important health effects were associated with the embassy microwave exposure.

Amy Worthington
The Idaho Observer

We should not be collateral damage. No child, not one person, should be harmed by the EMF/RF emitted by our wireless infrastructure. Our nation can move to safer technologies, such as fiber optics. We do have a choice.

I suggest you watch the new documentary film on the health effects of cell towers, Full Signal. Director Talal Jabari talks to scientists around the world who are researching the health effects related to cellular technology; to activists who are fighting to regulate the placement of antennas; and to lawyers and law makers who represent the people wanting those antennas regulated. Filmed in Ten countries and Six US states, Full Signal examines the dilemma between health and finance, one of the challenges in the fight to regulate antenna placement.

Full Signal will screen as part of the D.C. Environmental Film Festival on March 19th and 25th. There will be question and answer segments after the screenings with the director, former CBS news associate producer, 60 Minutes field producer, and Al Jezeera documentary-channel producer, as well as guests.


Whitman PTSA vote on controversial cell phone tower called off but T-Mobile says it may pursue project.


Loudonville cell tower

Found a CBS report on this tower fight - I contacted Robert Hymes in Loudonville two days ago and have sent him several of documents and references to studies.

CBS Video:


These folks and others need all the help they can get. I encourage others who have experience and documents to contact and support those involved in these fights as they are almost always starting from zero.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Bürgerwelle News



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