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Scientists say insects are dying off thanks to smartphones and Wifi
BGR Bees in particular have been having a rough time as of late thanks to pesticides and other chemicals in wide use today. Throw radiation from... https://bgr.com/2 020/09/21/cell-phone-radia tion-smartphones-insects/ More... ...
Starmail - 29. Sep, 14:48

Bienen, Wespen und Fliegen leiden unter Handystrahlung
kurier.at Mobilfunk könnte laut Deutschem Naturschutzbund zum Insektensterben beitragen. Das deutsche Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz zweifelt daran... https://kurier.a t/wissen/wissenschaft/inse ktensterben-bienen-wespen- und-fliegen-leiden-unter-m obilfunkstrahlung/40103504 9 Von... ...
Starmail - 1. Okt, 07:45

EMF-Omega-News 21. September 2019
The 5G War: Technology versus Humanity http://www.buerge rwelle.de:8080/helma/twoda y/bwnews/stories/23605/ R adiofrequency radiation : The evidence on cancer http://www.buergerw elle.de:8080/helma/twoday/ bwnews/stories/23608 Elec tromagnetic... ...
Starmail - 21. Sep, 08:22

Electromagnetic pollution risks to bees
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/4idlxx6JQWg ---- ---- Honey bees absorb more cell phone radiation at 5G mid-band and high-band frequencies https://tinyu rl.com/vzq8kqd More... ...
Starmail - 21. Jan, 05:36

Neues Forschungsergebnis zu 'Bienensterben und Mobilfunkstrahlung'
http://www.buergerwelle.de /de/themen/wissenschaft/ne ues_forschungsergebnis_zu_ %E2%80%9Ebienenste.html Mehr zum Thema: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=strahl ht tp://omega.twoday.net/sear ch?q=strahl http://www.bue rgerwelle.de:8080/helma/tw oday/bwnews/search?q=Insek t http://omega.twoday.net/ search?q=Insekt http://www .buergerwelle.de:8080/helm a/twoday/bwnews/search?q=B ienen http://omega.twoday. net/search?q=Bienen http:/ /www.buergerwelle.de:8080/ helma/twoday/bwnews/search ?q=bees http://omega.twoda y.net/search?q=bees http:/ /freepage.twoday.net/searc h?q=bees ...
Starmail - 27. Nov, 22:09

EMF-Omega-News 25. November 2017
Use of Wireless Phones and Evidence for Increased Risk of Brain Tumors http://www.buergerw elle.de:8080/helma/twoday/ bwnews/stories/8376/ New Study Reveals Cell Phone Radiation Headache Link http://www.buergerwel le.de:8080/helma/twoday/bw news/stories/8369/ Cell.. . ...
Starmail - 25. Nov, 09:28

Cell towers, mobiles spell doom for honey bees
The Hans India With this baby bees are dying on a larger scale. Honey collected in forests is considered to have high medicinal values. However, as cellular towers... http://www.theh ansindia.com/posts/index/A ndhra-Pradesh/2017-11-20/C ell-towers-mobiles-spell-d oom-for-honey-bees/340381 More... ...
Starmail - 20. Nov, 06:38

«Handystrahlen töten meine Bienen!»
BLICK.CH WABERN BE. Imker Kurt Härry (82) aus Wabern BE hat elf Jungvölker verloren. Er ist überzeugt, dass Elektrosmog schuld am Tod seiner Bienen ist... https://www.blick. ch/news/schweiz/bern/imker -kurt-haerry-82-aus-wabern -be-bangt-um-seine-lieblin ge-handystrahlen-toeten-me ine-bienen-id7442960.html Mehr... ...
Starmail - 12. Okt, 06:34

EMF-Omega-News 24. June 2017
Industry and Military Influence on Wireless Radiation Policy at the WHO and the ICNIRP http://www.buergerw elle.de:8080/helma/twoday/ bwnews/stories/8077/ How heart pacemakers can be affected by mobiles http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/stories/8079/ Cha rlie... ...
Starmail - 24. Jun, 07:54

Bees, Butterflies And Wildlife: Research On Electromagnetic Fields And The Environment
https://ehtrust.org/scienc e/bees-butterflies-wildlif e-research-electromagnetic -fields-environment/ Cal l on the Wild? Environmentalists Livid Over Cellphone Plan for National Park https://www.theguard ian.com/environment/2017/j un/06/mount-rainier-nation al-park-cell-phone-service -plan?CMP=Share_AndroidApp _Gmail From... ...
Starmail - 18. Jun, 13:19

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https://freepage.twoday.ne t/files/Comparing-Chromoso me-Damage-induced-by-Mobil e-Telephony-Radiation-and- a-high-Caffeine-dose-Effec t-of-Combination-and-Expos ure-Duration UMTS-Caffei ne-blood-lymphocytes-GPB https://freepage.twoday.ne t/files/UMTS-Caffeine-bloo d-lymphocytes-GPB
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