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Residents fume over plans for 'huge' 5G mast they claim will 'destroy enjoyment' of people s homes

Liverpool Echo

The proposals describe the potential phone mast site as a "grass verge", however residents claim the site is of "great significance" to Thornton. Promoted...

Residents 'up in arms' over plans for new 5G mast in Southampton street

Daily Echo

...'up in arms' over plans for a new 5G network mast on their street. People in Bitterne have expressed their concerns over plans for a 20m tall phone mast...

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A mobile phone mast was relocated due to local concerns about school cancer cases

Full Fact

A mobile phone mast (or tower) is a freestanding structure with a base station mounted to it. Base stations are radio transmitters with antennas, which...


Fears of 67ft Pebmarsh phone mast bid sparks resident backlash

Clacton and Frinton Gazette

PLANS to build a mobile phone mast on the outskirts of a village have prompted backlash from concerned residents. An application submitted to...


Move to install 20 metre tall 5G mast sparks concern from neighbours

Eastern Daily Press

The mobile phone company already shares a mast with other operators there, but says it needs one of its own to provide 5G. In documents lodged with...


Objections against 20m phone mast outside school

Basingstoke Gazette

RESIDENTS have objected to plans to install a 20-metre-high mobile phone mast in a residential area next to a secondary school. Hutchinson 3G UK...

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Beware telecoms mast dangers

The Scottish Farmer

AGRICULTURAL valuers have cautioned landowners about the 'hidden risks' of hosting mobile phone masts on their land. Stepping up its campaign...


Campaigning father says phone mast plans for Wells Cathedral School 'difficult to stomach'

Somerset Live

A father from Wells is campaigning against plans to install a phone mast at Wells Cathedral School sports ground. Peter Welsh says residents and...


Plans for telecommunications mast at Dundalk GAA pitch rejected by council

Talk of the Town

Plans for a telecommunications mast at a local GAA pitch in Dundalk have...will provide 2G, 3G and 4G mobile electronic communication services...


Plans for 20 metre phone mast in leafy Sheffield suburb scrapped after dozens of complaints from residents

The Star

EE wanted to replace a 14.5m mast with a 20m high monopole with 12 antenna and equipment cabinets in front of Ecclesall Medical Centre at the...


Villagers fight plans for new 20m 'eyesore' phone mast


DOZENS of people have objected to plans for a 20m phone mast in a village. Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG) had its bid for a tower in Fingringhoe...

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Health Scares Slow the Rollout of 5G Cell Towers in Europe


The Swiss municipality won t allow Sunrise Communications AG or other phone companies to build masts to broadcast 5G, citing concerns about...

'Eyesore' 5G mast rejected

Radio Exe

A plan to upgrade a phone mast site for the 5G network at the entrance to a holiday park at Paignton has been refused. Torbay s planning committee...


New Paper on 5G adverse health effects

With 5G, cities and suburbs will feel the heat


As 5G rollout looms, some raise radiation concerns

Independent Online

Nikki Moore, 60, founder of the Durban Anti-Cell Mast Alliance (Dacma), ... She said she could not talk for long periods of time on a cellphone, could...

Durban cell mast case to be heard in high court

Berea Mail

Resident, Karen Cotton, who has been concerned about the lack of consultation regarding the erection of the cell masts in Glenwood from the start, with...


Bromsgrove campaigner s concerns over safety of 5G networks

Bromsgrove Standard

'Back in the day when a mobile phone mast was put up there were protests about the damage the waves could do and there were restrictions about...

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Give us green rooftops not phone masts

Camden New Journal newspapers website

And now a change in the law gives phone mast operators the right to put their equipment on any roof, whether the property owner likes it or not, unless...

Furious Ripon residents condemn phone mast plans

Harrogate Advertiser

The plans to install the mast to the south of the clubhouse have been submitted by mobile network operator EE, and the rugby club and Ripon City...

Campaign launched to stop Shorne Common phone mast

Gravesend Reporter

Campaign launched to stop Shorne Common phone mast ... It is thought there are plans to erect a mobile phone tower on the recreation area and...

Residents' anger over plans to erect phone mast in Sheffield suburb

The Star

The mobile phone network, EE wants to remove a 14.5 metre mast and replace it with a higher monopole with 12 antenna and equipment cabinets in...

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Phone mast plans in Dudley lead to safety fears

Hereford Times

HEALTH fears over a 20 metre phone mast which will allow access to 5G networks in Dudley are not grounds to refuse planning permission,...


Swiss Re Classifies 5G as a 'High Impact' Liability Risk!topic/mobilfunk_newsletter/XAK5BVLOoAQ


5G Fifth Generation Cellular Technology

Informant: André Fauteux


Moratorium on 5G: American Scientists, Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners’ Letter to President Trump


Health concerns should slow rollout of 5G wireless

The Daily Herald

5G will add yet more frequencies of radiation to this electrosmog. It is so dangerous that Clair Edwards, former UN official, calls this 5G rollout a 'crime...


Bord Pleanála refuse permission for Kilmaine telecommunications mast

Mayo News

A TELECOMMUNICATIONS mast which was to be used to enhance the mobile phone and wireless broadband services in the south Mayo area was...


Towering 5G phone mast which stands 20m tall 'a violation of human rights' say residents

Birmingham Live

The construction of a 20 metre-high 5G phone mast in Sutton Coldfield represents a 'clear violation of human rights', according to local residents...


Battle rages on over huge eyesore phone mast

Dudley News

A GROUP of Dudley residents are refusing to give up the fight against a 66ft tall mobile phone mast erected just outside their homes. The 5G mast has...

New twist in Dudley phone mast battle

Dudley News

Dudley Councillor Bryan Cotterill says he accepts there is nothing more he and his fellow ward councillor can do about the 5G mobile phone mast...

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