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New plans for controversial phone mast after council 'cock-up'
Salisbury Journal NEW plans for a mobile phone mast in Woodfalls have been described as a 'huge, ugly monstrosity' that will 'ruin' the landscape. The application, which has been put forward by Vodafone,... ...
Starmail - 7. Feb, 06:20

Victory for people power as controversial mast plans rejected
Solihull Observer CONTROVERSIAL proposals to install a mobile phone mast in Solihull have been refused by the planning committee after objections from 700 petitioners. The plan to put up a 15-metre mast... ...
Starmail - 14. Dez, 08:30

Protesters gather as work is due to start on controversial new mobile phone mast
NW Evening Mail TENSIONS are rising as contractors arrive to start work building a mobile phone mast in Ulverston. Permission to build a 17.5m mast in the Croftlands housing estate has been refused twice... ...
Starmail - 21. Nov, 22:04

Skelmersdale residents claim new phone mast is causing havoc to their TV signal
Champion Newspapers RESIDENTS of Ashurst in Skelmersdale claim a new phone mast in their area is...The Vodaphone mast has been installed on the corner of Melbreck and...'The mobile phone company are trying... ...
Starmail - 17. Okt, 22:42

BT started building a phone mast in Aberdare despite being refused planning permission
WalesOnline BT started building a phone mast in Aberdare despite being refused...The mast, for mobile company Vodafone, was set to be built on the site... http://www.waleso nline.co.uk/news/wales-new s/bt-started-building-phon e-mast-13348154 More... ...
Starmail - 21. Jul, 06:27

Frome mother afraid telephone antenna outside home could heighten risk of children developing cancer
Somerset Live She said: 'I am not blind to the fact that people need mobile phone signal. With a bit more thought I think Vodafone could find a better place for this mast... http://www.somers etlive.co.uk/news/somerset -news/frome-mother-afraid- telephone-antenna-74156 More... ...
Starmail - 25. Mai, 22:25

Cirencester family unhappy after Vodafone erects 17.5 metre phone mast behind house 'with little warning'
Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard A FATHER-OF-THREE is unhappy after a 17.5 metre mobile phone mast was erected outside his house 'with little warning', blocking the views from... http://www.wiltsg losstandard.co.uk/news/152 90632.Cirencester_family_u nhappy_after_Vodafone_erec ts_17_5_metre_phone_mast_b ehind_house__with_little_w arning_/ More... ...
Starmail - 17. Mai, 22:03

Vodafone s bid for 'monster' phone mast at Clevedon Golf Club rejected by North Somerset Council
North Somerset Times Residents who are concerneed about a mobile phone mast that is...A 'monstrous' 80ft phone mast proposed yards from houses in Clevedon has... http://www.northso mersettimes.co.uk/news/bus iness/vodafone-s-bid-for-m onster-phone-mast-at-cleve don-golf-club-rejected-by- north-somerset-council-1-4 985099 More... ...
Starmail - 23. Apr, 22:25

Residents take fight against mobile phone mast proposals to parish council
Leek Post & Times Residents campaigning against proposals to erect a mobile phone mast in their village have taken their fight to their parish council. Vodafone is... http://www.leek-new s.co.uk/residents-take-fig ht-against-mobile-phone-ma st-proposals-to-parish-cou ncil/story-30151715-detail /story.html More... ...
Starmail - 23. Feb, 22:20

Villagers launch campaign against planned location for 'towering' Vodafone phone mast in Endon
Stoke Sentinel Villagers have launched a campaign to stop a towering mobile phone mast...Vodafone is looking to install a 17.5 metre mast in Leek Road, Endon,... http://www.stok esentinel.co.uk/villagers- object-to-location-on-phon e-mast-in-endon/story-3012 7746-detail/story.html More... ...
Starmail - 14. Feb, 17:05

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