Controversial mobile phone mast blocked by Blackpool planners

Blackpool Gazette

Campaigners have won their fight to prevent a mobile phone mast being put up in a conservation area...



Opposition grows to Pudsey phone mast plan

West Leeds Dispatch

Opposition is growing to plans to site an 18 metre high mobile phone pole and cabinets in a residential street in Pudsey. So far 13 objections have been...


Pudsey phone mast plans rejected following residents' opposition

West Leeds Dispatch

Words: John Baron. Council planners have rejected proposals for an 18-metre high mobile phone mast and cabinets in a Pudsey residential street,...



Concerns raised over plans for a 20-metre telecoms mast in Holland

Colchester Gazette

Mrs Crowley said the existing mast was less than a meter away from her ... the proposal is to upgrade the existing mobile phone base station and it said it...



Plans for tall 5G mobile phone mast 'taller than trees' and near homes in Sheffield rejected

The Star

A mobile network company is appealing after its plans to erect a 5G mast on a busy junction were refused. By Lucy Ashton, Local Democracy Reporter. Tuesday, 5th...



'Eyesore' 5G mobile pole plans in Bridgwater refused

Somerset Live

Plans to build a new 5G mobile phone mast in Bridgwater have been quashed after residents described the proposed pole as an "eyesore"...



Bramley: 'Overly dominant' mobile phone mast refused permission by planners

West Leeds Dispatch

Plans for a 15-metre high 5G mobile phone mast and cabinet have been knocked back by council planners. CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd wanted to...



Bexhill residents brand proposed 5G phone mast a 'monstrosity' and 'eyesore'

Bexhill Observer

Bexhill residents brand proposed 5G phone mast a 'monstrosity' and 'eyesore'. Proposals to place a 5G mast on the roof of a block of flats in Bexhill...



Residents' "anxiety" over plan for giant 5G mast on Halesowen estate

Halesowen News

SCORES of residents have objected to plans for an "eyesore" 5G phone mast at the entrance to a Halesowen housing estate...



5G mast plan rejected by Chesterfield Borough Council


Mobile phone network Three had applied for permission to install a 20-metre (65ft) high mast and cabin in Spital Lane, Chesterfield...



Plans to erect 'eyesore' 5G phone mast in Garforth refused

Yorkshire Evening Post

Proposals to erect an "eyesore" 15m high 5G mobile phone mast in Garforth have been refused by Leeds City Counci planners after a string of objections...



Pudsey phone mast plans refused following opposition

West Leeds Dispatch

Plans for a 'utilitarian' 55ft tall mobile phone mast on community green space in Pudsey have been rejected by council planners...


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Plans to install 20m 5G mast in a residential street in Hemel meets with fierce opposition

Hemel Today

A resident who lives on Ashtree Way, has also posted their objection on the planning portal, it said: "I believe the erection of this 20 metre mobile...



Meanwood residents attempt to stop construction of 18 metre 5G mast opposite their homes ...

Yorkshire Evening Post

John Crosby: "We had this in East Hull. I was stopped by people protesting as I cycled by. I did note that most were using their mobile phones at the time."...



5G Mobile phone mast proposed for Gateshead village thrown out after councillors heard safety fears


Proposals to put up a 5G mast in a Gateshead village were thrown out after the authority's planning committee heard safety fears. CK Hutchison Networks (UK)...



Huge Huge Three 5G mast plan in Birmingham rejected over 'obtrusive, street clutter' fear

Birmingham Live

Mobile phone company, Three, has submitted a plan for a new 5G mast at the corner of Hollyfield Road and Rectory Road in Sutton Coldfield but objections...


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Volkacher wehren sich gegen hohen Funkmast in der Stad


Zum einen lehnt der Stadtrat weiterhin ab, dass die Deutsche Funkturm GmbH in der Dr.-Carl-Friderich-Straße südlich der Altstadt einen Funkmast...


Standortsuche: Funkmast-Pläne bringen Unruhe ins Dorf | Nordkurier.de


Ein Sendemast soll bei Qualzow gebaut werden...Die geplante Errichtung eines Mobilfunk-Sendemastes bei Qualzow nahe Mirow...


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