Persons are living hell and they need help

These Jean Claude Morin in defense of electrosensitive

Having had the curiosity to learn more about electrosensitivity there ten years is a phenomenon directly related to his profession, electrician Jean-Claude Morin did not meet today hard at work to defend those who suffer.

Topics: City of Magog, Sherbrooke, Magog

''I do not lead a battle, but an awareness based on true events.'' This is one of the first sentences he launched at a press conference in Sherbrooke to protest against the installation of new smart meters. Alongside including the Magogoise Chantal Blais achieving electrosensitivity, Mr. Morin wanted to demystify the condition of these people by his skill and experience in this field.

''I remember, there are about a dozen years, I went to a lady to repair a power outage as I did on a regular basis in my work, says the main person. However, what struck me is that this person reminded me the next day to tell me that she regretted having called upon my services, since it felt better without electricity. His testimony was arrested me and this is when I decided to do some research on EHS, who was little known at that time.''

Over time, the electrician furthered his research by reading and went to meet these people ''allergic'' to electromagnetic fields to help find practical solutions, including a redesign of their residence. ''Only in Magog, I know a dozen people electro. There must be even more knowing that I do not know everyone and some dare not say out loud for fear of being called crazy. There are even those who are rejected by their family and friends so there is prejudice and ignorance. These people live in hell and they need help,'' he says.

To do his utmost to improve the lives of those people who experience pain virtually permanent, Jean-Claude Morin has developed strong ties that brought him much as a human being. ''It is extremely rewarding to put happiness into the lives of these people. It happened to me often to receive a check with a letter of thanks. This is not necessarily something usual in my job, but this is the kind of attention that makes you realize a lot of things,'' says the electrician thanking the City of Magog s decision to stop installation of new smart meters.


EHS: a relentless fight for Chantal Blais

Even though she felt intense pain, even unbearable, due to the waves emitted by the equipment used by the media, Chantal Blais took the time to explain the usefulness of an RF detector.

Even though she was well aware of all the physical and mental ailments that should endure when leaving home, the Magogoise Chantal Blais once again took his courage in both hands, on January 16. Achieving electrosensitivity, she braved the pain to continue its mission to educate the public and politicians about the damage caused by electromagnetic fields, including those issued by the new smart meters.

Alongside Magog electrician, Jean-Claude Morin, as well as the representative of the group Estrie, Marc Robert Blais told with great emotion the plight facing it daily, like hundreds of other people Quebec. Testimony difficult to deliver its sad reality, but also due to the fact that the press conference was attended by a dozen members of the press, equipped for most technological equipment emitting waves. Devices that the resident must Magog, in normal times, avoid at all costs in order to get some relief from pain altogether everywhere.

''To reduce my pain, I had to leave my home in Magog that I shared with my mother 81 years I helped seven years, says Chantal Blais. I also left my fiance and my friends to take refuge in a small wooden hut in a valley of the Sutton area, where the presence of the waves is really minimal. This place is without electricity, with only an outhouse, a small kitchen sink with only cold water, a propane camping stove for cooking and a small fridge located about 50 feet from my cabin. This is the only place where I found my pain decreases.''

However, Ms. Blais can not remain in this isolated corner during the winter, which forced him to return to ground magogois last November. Unfortunately, all her pain recurred. ''I am concerned for my health tremendously in the coming months. They are inhuman suffering that are difficult to describe with words so they are unbearable. There are headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, sleep problems, fatigue, pervasive, difficulty breathing, skin problems, muscle aches and tremors. Sometimes I am not even able to walk and talk. I saw a nightmare,'' she says.

Knowing that there is no remedy against EHS, at least for now, Chantal Blais must accept that her fight is for the rest of his days. The only thing it requires is an understanding on the part of policy makers, who have the power to not make the situation worse than it already is. Which could lead to default by such municipalities are unmetered emitting radio frequencies.

Since otherwise, the hope of a better life is suddenly shattered. And hopeless, it is difficult to have the strength, energy and will to survive in this chaos.

''A friend of mine ehs has decided to end her suffering last summer. It is in her memory that I want to fight and barricade, because I wish with all my heart that no one alive live the same as us,'' she says with her voice trembling with emotion.



Virginia Smart Meters

Centre for Safer Wireless


Quebec Smart Meters

The customer can opt for a 'No Radio-Freqency Meter'.



B.C. Smart Meters

Still smarting at the decision to install.



No smart meters for New Westminster B.C.


Smart Meter or NO Power at All?

Nevada Energy Sends Three Armed Men to Disconnect Power-Just for ''Opting Out''



Florida Smart Meters

Such concerns were voiced at a meeting this week attended by hundreds of residents of The Villages, the booming retirement community northwest of Orlando.


Energy Minister Not Backing Down On Smart Meters

''My plan on this all along is let s get through the whole 1.8 million customers, [then] go back and respectfully have a conversation with those customers [who refuse] about the meters, see how many more take them, and then come back to me with the real numbers and then we ll build a plan,'' he said.


Comment: Its hard to believe that an energy minister would admit that he is doing things backwards, failing to talk about the dangers before installation and just ignoring the costs and concerns of the public!





''Smart Meters'' Not Coming to Lincoln Yet

Already 8 million homes nationwide use smart meters and nearly 60 million could have one by 2020, including homes in Lincoln. While LES has the idea on the back burner for now.

But, LES isn t jumping on the bandwagon just yet. ''There need to be some maturities with the technology, such as cyber security and standards for the home area network.''


French Television Programe on Electro Hyper-Sensitivity


Green Bank, West Virginia is shown between minutes 46:41 and 51:18


Previous story at Greenbank by BBC



Informant: Martin Weatherall


''Smart Meter'' Constitutional Crisis: Police Arrest Two Mothers Who Refuse



Is radiofrequency interference the ghost in the smart machine?



Mobile mast 'allergy' woman moved to US for better health

BBC News

Previously, Silvia said she would get headaches and sickness and claimed to be ''allergic'' to signals from a mobile phone mast near her home...


Informant: Sarah Dacre


Mobile mast 'allergy' woman moved to US for better health


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


EHS person forced to leave her country, seeking refugee in the USA


This is a very interesting video; I have known Silvia Wilson for many years and I have constantly tried to aid her, but, finally, she had to leave the UK and settle down in Green Bank, USA, instead. By doing so she clearly puts the UK authorities in an extreme 'hot spot' since the United Nations clearly states that it is a very strong violation of the UN human rights to force anyone with a functional impairment to leave their home or quit their job. And she even had to leave her own country...

Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


Wireless Refugees: 'Cell Phones, WiFi Making Us Sick'

First Coast News

The invisible electromagnetic radiation that these wireless devices emit are all around us, and most of us can t get enough. But a growing number of people are moving to Green Bank, West Virginia to get away from it. ''To come to Green Bank, it s...



Haven offers escape from electromagnetic radiation

Press Herald

This remote mountainous town is inside the U.S. National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square-mile area where most types of electromagnetic radiation on the radio spectrum (which includes radio and TV broadcasts, Wi-Fi networks, cell signals, Bluetooth...


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