Beware the cellphone tower

Cellphone and cellphone-tower radiation is the most widespread fallout of the electromagnetic age and among its most contentious issues.


Portable Cell Phone Towers

Below is a link is to an article concerning placement of portable cell phone towers (COWS) on the mall during the upcoming Presidential inauguration.


This is indicative of a mentality that is creating a much larger problem, a problem capable of destroying human health and our economy.

''Last time around, the sheer number of people overloaded the system and many cellphones in the crowd just couldn t get a signal,'' Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies http://www.inaugural.senate.gov/ , said in a statement. ''We don t want that to happen again,'' he said. ''The inauguration is a once-in-a-lifetime experience ... so we are putting measures in place to make sure people can call, tweet, Facebook and document their experience on smartphones and social media.''

Seems President Obama and Senator Schumer have not read the 2012 GAO report ''Exposure and Testing Requirements for Mobile Phones Should Be Reassessed'', the 2011 World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer classification of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic, the 2010 President s Cancer Panel Report that expresses concerns about the relationship between cell phones and cancer, the new BioInitiative report and the American Academy of Pediatrics letter to the FCC recently.

It comes down to children s health and well-being, writes AAP President Dr. Robert Block, who notes that ''standards are based on the impact of exposure on a large adult male, not on women or kids. Children, however, are not little adults and are disproportionately impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. In fact, according to [the International Agency for Research on Cancer], when used by children, the average RF energy deposition is two times higher in the brain and 10 times higher in the bone marrow of the skull, compared with mobile phone use by adults''.

Calling upon the telecom industry to mount portable towers throughout the crowds is analogous to recklessly spraying the 1.8 million attendees with DDT (same classification as the microwave radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers according to the WHO). Sounds ridiculous, doesn t it?

Representatives Waxman, Eshoo, Markey, Kucinich, Issa, the late Senator Specter, Senators Harkin, Sanders and Leahy, along with many others such as Newsom (CA), Boland (ME), Leno (CA), and Brown (PA) have set the wheels in motion in various ways. We thank them and pray they will follow through with their sincere efforts to bring the critical truth to the American people as soon as possible. Since 1997 legislators such as Markey and Lieberman have shown concern about the adverse health effects of microwave radiation.

President Obama recently stated at Newtown: ''This is our first task--caring for our children. It s our first job. If we don t get that right, we don t get anything right. That s how, as a society, we will be judged. And by that measure, can we truly say, as a nation, that we are meeting our obligations? Can we honestly say that we are doing enough to keep our children--all of them -- safe from harm?.''

Yes, President Obama, it is time to keep them safe from harm even when this bloodshed may not be seen for years. Our children and grandchildren are being subjected to excessive levels of cumulative radiation and are at great risk according to over 1800 INDEPENDENT studies showing deleterious effects from non-ionizing radiation. The risks include, but are not limited to, autism, cancer, and damage to fetuses and sperm. Yet, the regulatory agencies mandated to protect us from the known health risks of microwave radiation claim there is still a debate and more research is needed. This is a stall tactic.

Brain tumor rates related to cell phone use are on the rise, especially for those who began using a phone before the age of 20.

We do not advocate against the use of this valuable technology. We do advocate that our government should step to the plate, as many other nations have, and advise their citizens of the hidden language in the cell phone manuals, the excellent independent science and ways to protect themselves and their children as to safe use of this ubiquitous device. Some countries have banned the sales and use of cell phones to those under 18. The President s Cancer Panel and the WHO advised of simple precautions but our nation did nothing to pass that information on to our citizens. We are seeing many Americans in their 20 s, 30 s and 40 s with brain tumors that were more likely than not attributable to their cell phone use. Many are already deceased leaving young children behind. Is this how we want to be judged?

My colleagues and I are optimistic that 2013 is the year that our legislators will take serious action to get to the bottom of this critical issue affecting each of us no matter what our race, religion, status or age. We all use cell phones. Please combine your efforts to warn the American citizens now that cell phones, as currently used, do cause deleterious health effects. We cannot simply wait for more research and more bodies.

We will be contacting you in the near future to discuss specific action you can take NOW to protect the American people from the known hazards of microwave radiation emissions.

With hope for a more just and healthy tomorrow,
Ellen (Ellie) Marks
Director, California Brain Tumor Association

F.C.C. Wi-Fi Rules


New Wireless Danger in Chelsea

The Mayor s office and the City of New York s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications worked with Google and Chelsea Improvement Company to transform the two companies? aspirations into a reality, advising them on installation.



Informant: Martin Weatherall

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