Dozens of dead blackbirds have fallen from the sky over a small Arkansas town for the second year in a row


Arkansas affiliate KATV reported that a radar image showed a large mass over Beebe a few hours before midnight Saturday. Then the birds began falling from the sky, just like last year.



Plan to boost cell coverage in Palo Alto gets cold reception

A handful of Palo Alto residents are calling on city leaders to drop AT&T s plans to build a network of utility pole-mounted cell antennas. A Louis Road family filed an appeal Thursday of Planning and Community Environment Director Curtis Williams'...


Texas schools deploy unified communications solutions through Wi-Fi

At the Plano Independent School District in Plano, Texas, more than 80 schools have deployed Wi-Fi networks

'It does modify the way you teach,' said the district's executive director of instructional technology Mary Hewett. 'Wi-Fi is almost something teachers use without thinking because the computer is not attached to the wall.'


Too bad that teachers are not thinking about Wi Fi, they could have learned about the long term dangers faced by pupils and themselves!

Birds and Electromagnetic Fields

The 16 page chapter XI, 'Communication In Bird Flocks: An Electromagnetic Model', by Frank H. Heppner & John D Haffner, the book 'Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields', by J. G. Llaurado, A Sances, Jr., & J.H. Battocletti, Charles C. Thomas Pub., Springfield, IL, 1974, from the International Symposium and Workshop, Feb 1973, In Aspen CO. (I have a chapter in Part 1 and a co-chapter in Part 5)

The species of birds reacting now are mentioned in the book above. The regular spacing of certain species of bird flocks and turning at the same instant (without colliding!) was well documented 38 yrs ago and Reference 20 of the 24 references is about 'Non-Thermal Effects of Microwave Radiation On Birds' in Nature 216:1139, 1967

Interesting how long this info has been around about EMF effects on birds....and now we have the problems of migratory bird confusion around cell towers and flocks of starlings and blackbirds diving into the ground or crashing into buildings at various places around the world (Stuttgart Germany about 2008). Also, there was a small number of birds who crashed as a group, in an area of Austin, TX a few years back.... parasite problems were mentioned??!!. ..all at the same time!!....(come on! Get Real!) now we have bees to add to the situation. Both of these creatures (and many others) navigate by sensing each other and geoelectromagnetic (GEM) sensing of earth frequencies, wave forms, rise times and other natural environmental phenomena, which we are polluting wholesale....swamping the natural signals.

Most of the signals are variations in low frequency levels, especially those of changing fast rise time (spikey stuff) and square wave......think natural earth GEMs related to earthquake, storms, sudden weather changes, lightning, etc......all life on earth responds (think survival), based on species requirements, to the signals from the environment....even humans!

With cell phones, cell towers, dish transmitter towers, routers and other microwave devices broadcasting frequencies which sometimes coincide with survival (fight or flight) low-frequency signals of a particular species, (and swamp or cancel out the critical signal), it is no wonder we have confusion! Keep in mind that, while microwave is in the billions of cycles and low frequency signals are generally below 1,000 cycles, it is the low frequency signals (voice, videos, etc.) carried by the microwave, that seem to be causing the problems.....and the microwave has its own non-thermal effects to consider.....perhaps two cell tower beams (or more likely the dish transmitter towers tight beam) can intersect carrying the same microwave and low frequency signals, creating 'constructive' interference amplifying the signal even more? Perhaps the problem at midnight on New Years Eve is the broadcast of the same music frequencies over hundreds of towers at the same time!! (Ole Lang Syne, for example?!) and the bird flocks get caught in the middle of it.....

Check this bird swarm out: (as an aspect of 'group mind'??....oh, BTW many other species "move as one mind" touched off by one or several environmental cues......fish schools, animal migration, lemmings, insect swarms, etc):

Murmuration: Chance Encounter Captures Stunning Phenomenon Of Starlings (VIDEO/PHOTOS -- start at 30 seconds on the video)


James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting

Informant: Martin Weatherall

More about the theme:


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