The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?

Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 13 2011

Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, talks about how a shocking 46 percent of Americans now fit a diagnosis for some form of mental illness...


Letter to the World Health Organization

This link is to a letter which I wrote six years ago, while still learning the basics of EHS and electro magnetic pollution.

When the final report was published several weeks later, the World Health Organization had changed their proposed recommendations.

It is important for all of us to document EMF/EMR problems to the proper authorities, so they are not ignored.

It is interesting to note that the WHO Director General, who I wrote this letter to, died suddenly and that a previous WHO Director General suffered from Electro Hyper-Sensitivity. It makes me wonder about the type and the level of exposure to wireless radiation, at the WHO headquarters.



SPAIN: Electrosensitive Victims


Not yet, at least as established by the World Health Organization, a disease in an official capacity. The absence of studies impossible to ascertain data on the level of incidence and health effects of what some already know and call 'electrosensitivity' and, according to experts, is on track to become one of the great evils of the call 'information society'.

Rather little is known about this condition that though it seems to depend on the technological development takes several years totaling affected. Also known by the nickname of 'allergy wifi', although its impact on health does not depend exclusively on wireless networks - what is known is that it is a disease caused by continued exposure to electromagnetic fields and can give to symptoms such as loss of short-term memory, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, or irritation, which intensifies when the affected remains close to electrical appliances. Studies conducted by independent scientists indicate that, today, the electrosensitivity could affect one in every thousand people, and the European Council has already warned about the harmful effects of such waves. [European Council Resolution]

Apart from names that define what is certain is that this invisible illness, in which pain is felt but not seen what causes it, has begun to take small steps in their fight for recognition. Only a few months Minerva Palomar, electro 15 years, got a judge to grant him permanent disability due to this problem. True, it took a little walk by strenuous lawyers and courts to achieve, but also laid the foundation stone on the path of a countless list of people affected. Allergic to Wi-Fi: The generation of the invisible disease L.M.F A wave meter

It is at least curious that an 'allergic to wifi' are forced to use the Internet as a method to determine the causes of your problem. The desperation to a disorder whose symptoms are camouflaged with common ailments have forced the victims to give up before a priest who intuit complex and focus on finding ways of prevention. There are, however, who compare the harm caused by radiation from devices such as wireless router or cordless phone with that generated by substances such as snuff or asbestos. And a parallel is not alarming. The next generation has begun, in the words of patients and experts, was an 'electro-generation.' 'In previous stages has not been as strong a contact with new technologies like this. The children play with mobile and have wifi at school,' Jose Miguel Rodriguez alert, director of research firm geoenvironmental Geosanix.

In real terms, allergy wifi is only a small portion of the pie waves generated electro upset people. Barbazán Yolanda is one of many affected by the invisible disease that ABC wanted to tell how the wifi, among the other radiation that surround his life has forever changed his routine. 'In the office the router bothers me, but I can not do anything because, according to the company is what is progress.' 'When my friends download data head really hurts. When my fellow downloading data head really hurts,' he explains. Similar is the case of Mary Jesus, whom the radiation given off by electrical devices of any kind affects you so that you can not remember a day that has been alien to the pain: 'My everyday life has peaks, the wrong way at noon when the neighbors put in to watch the news, also in the afternoon, when people turn on the computer and put the wifi.'

The effects of the waves who have electrosensitivity multiply as it remains exposed. 'Even if you start affecting the wifi when you have a lot of time getting radiation will ultimately affect everything: electrical wiring, the phone ... You get to a state in which your body becomes extremely sensitive and appears waves notes anything that leads one plug ', says Yolanda, who began to feel bad for an antenna outside his home and now feels even the neighbor s wireless. No medication or assistance

Symptoms electrosensitivity are generated by the first chapter of the struggle waged affected every day. The disease has not yet recognized by the WHO involves, among other consequences, the lack of health care protocols on the matter and a 'medical ignorance' that leads them to spend months and even years in a desperate pilgrimage practices and hospitals.

There are cases, like Yolanda, in which doctors end up assuming that 'something will have influenced these waves.' In others, the most common, doctors prescribe are limited to palliative that 'no good' and in the worst examples just by associating electrosensitivity to a state of depression. 'When you become convinced that the medicine does not solve anything, look for another solution'. This is due to Alberto Cela, also electro, waves will reduce the production of serotonin in the brain, a natural antidepressant that if he fails to generate 'generate sadness, fatigue and depression.' After 12 years of illness Alberto decided to investigate on their own to reduce symptoms by using their own means. Not only did it, but also of their ailments have minimized his illness has made her livelihood, focusing on improving the livability of homes and try to free them from radiation. 'When you become convinced that conventional medicine does not help find other solutions, such as protecting your home with specialty materials, change some habits or let go of several devices.' He uses only the phone and hardly turn on the computer.

Joaquim Fernández Solá is the only doctor who diagnoses the disease in Spain. What does the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, attended by patients tired of specialists and tour generated some symptoms who knows why. 'The trend in medicine when a new disease is not to accept it and think it's a thing of the patient, who has invented.' Sola is not 'strictly' need for WHO decides that electrosensitivity is a disease to treat it as such: 'We tend to think the fault of the WHO, but the reality is that neither the doctors nor the government, or much less Industry interested in investigating this problem.' David vs. Goliath

Today, patients and experts agree that if something can be advanced is the establishment of prevention mechanisms. A Maria Jesus, like many others, has been the only option to protect your body like a turtle with a shell of metal mesh that blocks 'about' the effects of waves.

'Patients are partially lost a war,' considers Francisco Canals, director of the Agency for rogue online. 'He achieved important things like the disease is recognized, there emerge medical protocols and patients will choose to sick leave and more effective treatment, but nothing beyond that. It is an impossible war in which there is much fear on many fronts.'

The sentence has been granted permanent disability Minerva Palomar has been for many a straw to cling to after years of constant struggle. Other affected, such as Alberto, prefer to remain skeptical about the achievement: 'It s not ideal because a judge glad to give you the reason in court, we are asking that a doctor diagnosed us as a patient any and nothing more.' The Swedish example I. ZAMORA Patients are electro and Spanish experts in Sweden paradise in which the disease would not be strange. This is the first country that recognized the electrosensitivity as illness and therefore as a cause of sick leave. Not only has required statement by the WHO to achieve success, but the European Parliament has called on all member states to follow in the footsteps of Sweden and recognize electrosensitivity as it deserves. Swedish law has described the electrosensitivity as a reason for disability and are already taking the first steps in countries like Germany or England to minimize the effects of waves. 'In Sweden there are specialized treatments for those suffering from electrosensitivity, there are specific protocols and standards that prevent the placement of antennas where they can affect public health', says José Miguel Rodríguez, Geosanix. It is the dream paradise for the generation of electro, which they hope to some day come to Spain.

Angels of Death?

How can council member be concerned about asthetics, but ignore cancer and other health effects of EMR?


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Margaret Throsby radio program on EMR

On Monday 19th September Margaret Throsby will have as her guest on ABC Classic FM radio, Lyn McLean, author of 'The Force - living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution.' The one-hour program will be a mix of discussion about electromagnetic radiation, including what you can do about it, and classic music. We hope you will be able to tune in.

Subsequently it will be listen to the program again at http://www.abc.net.au/classic/program/mornings/listen-again.htm.

Ockham s Razor radio program on EMR

On Sunday11th September the Robyn Williams program Ockham's Razor featured a talk on EMR by Lyn McLean on ABC Radio. Entitled 'Mobile phones and cordless technology - are they safe?', the 15-minute presentation looked at recent developments in Europe, at the controversy surrounding EMR and provide tips for reducing exposure.

You can listen to or download the program or read the transcript http://www.abc.net.au/rn/ockhamsrazor.

There s a lively debate on the site about the risks of EMR which might be of interest to readers.

Lyn McLean
EMR Australia PL
02 9576 1772


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