Residents shun proposed tower


To: Vernon Oickle

Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 2:56 PM
Subject: Editor 'Residents Shun Proposed Tower'


'Residents Shun Proposed Tower', Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin,July19,2011.

In April,2010, a health conference was held in Ottawa to investigate the health effects associated with the exposure to the radiation emitted from telecom towers and radiation powered devices such as cell phones, cordless telephones, baby monitors and other wireless devices powered by micro- and radiowaves.

At this conference in 2010, Scientists from around the world presented to government representitives, scientific evidence of the harm caused to people and the environment including vegetation, animals, insects and mammals. Individuals presented personal evidence of the damage to their health as a result of living close to telecom and cell towers.

These Scientists recommended that Health Canada s Safety Code 6 be updated to include the health effects of long term exposure to telecom towers and wireless devices and that a more accurate safe distance in the placement of telecom towers be established with the participation of the provincial and municipal communties. Presently Safety Code 6 takes into account only thermal effects, that is, the heating of an object or occupational workers.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization issued a precautionary warning in the use of cell phones. WHO reported that the exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones (which includes cordless phones) could possibly cause cancer including an increased risk of in a malignant type of brain cancer.

At the request of WHO, 31 Scientists from 14 Countries met in Lyons, France to discuss and evaluate the health effects associated with exposure to radio and microwaves. They concluded that cell phone exposure may induce brain cancer, bone disease to name only some of the health effects.

The Federal Telecommunications Act regulates the licensing for the airwaves and must approve the actual contruction of the tower. However, the recommendations for the placement are only guidelines and not mandatory thus requiring consultation with the municipalites. Until provinces and communities develop by-laws to protect to health of Nova Scotians, regulating the placement of these towers to a safe distance this situation will continue with the placement of towers too close to homes and environments.

I urge Mayor Feeney to say no to the placement of the tower and take a stand in this increasing health crisis where many have become ill with some dying from cancer.

I urge Mayor Feeney to put the health of the residents first and give them the benefit of the precautionary warning issued by WHO that these towers may be a cause of many illnesses including cancer.

I urge residents to visit the web site of Magda Havas, PHD, a professor at Trent University who has done extensive research on this. Her web site is http://www.magdahavas.com .

I urge residents of Lunenburg County to visit the Canadian website http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org and inform themselves of the health effects of long term exposure to telecom towers and radio attennae and wireless devices like cell phones and cordless phones.

I urge residents of Lunenburg to make known to Mayor Mawhinney their objections to the installation of the new telecommunication device presently being added to the three existing telecom antennae on the roof of the BellAliant building on Lincoln St.

Nova Scotia,

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