Male Infertility Linked to Cell Phone EMF Exposure

Cell Tower Across the Street?

The World Health Organization recently listed mobile phone use in the same carcinogenic hazard category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform - 'so why would we want a cell phone tower across the street?' Choiniere added.



EMF Concerns in Switzerland

3 'readers' comments', featured as 'Letters of the Day' in Geneva s main newspaper, the Tribune de Genève:

Effects of wireless telecommunications devices (Nov. 2010)

On 26 October, the Tribune devoted an article to the quality of the telecommunications network in Switzerland. People are demanding an improvement in the quality of the network without taking into account the dangers to their health that is implicated. Scientific studies have proven a link between electromagnetic fields and all kinds of health problems, including cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. The utilization by children and adolescents of cell phones and computers equipped with Wi-Fi is particularly harmful because children absorb more radiation than adults. This can cause hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and memory and concentration problems. Four billion persons in the world are addicted to this technology which to date has earned almost one trillion dollars for the industry. This is why the telecommunications industry tries to cover up the truth about health effects. It is thus the responsibility of consumers (parents, employers and educators) to inform themselves in order to protect others from the harmful effects of this technology. It is up to them to raise awareness, especially of legislators to impose stricter rules such as banning the use of cell phones in children under 14 years and computers equipped with Wi-Fi in schools.

Communication: What effects? (Jan. 2011)

The Communications Museum in Berne is announcing a space for reflection on the cultural and sociological effects of communications technology. The exhibit will not, however, include mention of the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones. These waves are particularly dangerous for children whose brains absorb more radiation than adults. It is the responsibility of our educators, such as museums, to inform us about the harmful effects of this technology: cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, weakening of the immune system. Instead, the organizers of this exhibition encourage the visitor to use his cell phone in order to access audio information which does not include this aspect of communication. At least, advice could be given about healthy use of cell phones, such as limiting conversations to a strict minimum ? better, 'texting' instead of calling, using headsets, keeping the cell phone away from one s body, as it radiates even when switched off. Scientists are already talking about a scourge that could be worse than that of tobacco. How much suffering must we endure before all scientists accept the proof of the devastating biological effects of this technology?

Wi-Fi at the Children s Hospital (June 2011)

The modernization of the Children's Hospital at HUG (Geneva s university hospital) in order to improve the comfort of its patients is an excellent initiative. Since 2008, this 'comfort' also includes wireless access to the Internet (Wi-Fi) in children s rooms. This place of healing has installed a technology which emits eletromagnetique fields similar to those of cell phones, classified just recently by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, as 'possibly carcinogenic' to humans. The responsible authorities at HUG confirmed last December that they would continue to offer this service in the 'absence of proof of the effects of Wi-Fi on health, but also proof of the total harmlessness of this technology'. On 27 May 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, of which Switzerland is a member, adopted a resolution on the potential danger of electromagnetic fields, and recommended wired access to the Internet, especially for children. Such declarations by institutions of authority should incite those who take responsibility to protect vulnerable persons from the potential health risks of electromagnetic fields and not install wireless technology in hospitals, retirement homes and schools.

(published in 'Readers' Comments', Tribune de Genève)


Don t be Bullied


Male Infertility Linked to Cell Phone EMF Exposure

This is essential education for parents, teachers and schools regarding the fertility risks from cell phone use.

Article by Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch UK.



Cell phones: They are just not natural

Oshawa Express

A few years ago a study at the University Hospital in Sweden had shown that people who started to use cellphones before the age of 20 had 5.2 times a greater risk of brain cancer than the general population. Is anyone noticing these studies, ...


Informant: Martin Weatherall


The WHO/IARC decision is having an effect. FINALLY my city council did something. I wanted them to do more of course, but they are a very conservative group and the Mayor Pro Tem is an AT&T attorney, so just getting them to do this was unbelievably challenging.

With hope.


Press Release

Contact info:
Elizabeth Barris 310-455-7530

In light of the recent classification of wireless radiation emitting devices as a Class 2 B carcinogen by WHO/IARC, last night at 1:00 AM, the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to request from both state and federal officials, proper evaluation of public health and safety standards including the possibility of putting warning labels on cell phones. Councilman Mckeown placed the item on the agenda. This is the first action taken by the city to raise awareness and protect public health regarding exposure to non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices. Councilwoman Davis recused herself from the vote per her conflict of interest as an AT&T attorney.


Number of people with brain cancer could soar 20-fold in 20 years because of mobile phones, experts warn


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

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