Mobile Radiation expert Anders Ahlbom leaving SSMs scientific advisory board

Please, see today s news from Mona Nilsson, the Swedish digging journalist who unfolded the first scandal about Ahlbom:

Ahlbom resigns as chairman from Swedish Radiation Protection Authority
There is of course also an urgent need to review and reconsider the reports to the EU commission under the chairmanship of Ahlbom and the other experts relation to ICNIRP and the mobile phone industry. Two other members, Mattsson and Hillert, are at the same time members of Telia Sonera s scientific counsel, and the brother of Ahlbom worked for Telia Sonera for 13 years.

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


The Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm


Mobile Radiation expert Anders Ahlbom, leaving SSM s scientific advisory board. SSM spent a hypothetical 'inquiry'

(machine translation)

After we demonstrated that the 'independent expert' on mobile risks Anders Ahlbom had formed a consulting company together with the longtime TeliaSonera hired his brother Gunnar Ahlbom in Brussels, had Anders Ahlbom away from IARC s evaluation of cancer risks of mobile phones recently. Swedish Radiation Safety Authority SSM for ten years engaged Anders Ahlbom 'good advice' on mobile radiation risks announced at once that they would 'investigate' the consulting business could be a problem.

'Inquiry' was however 'close down' when it was completed, week 23. It did not present the results when Anders Ahlbom unexpectedly announced the Authority that he resigned, without explanation.

- We have no idea why he resigned. You may turn to Anders Ahlbom himself. He gives no reason. We received the request and find it very boring, 'explains Helen Asp to me, referring to the press release from SSM announces departure.

What you found in the investigation if it suspects the challenge?

- With this departure came so we put it down.

How long did you study and what did you think?

- We had started looking at it but because we have spent the inquiry, your question is purely hypothetical.

But you had started an investigation several weeks ago, on 24 May, which would be presented during the past week. What did you think?

- We had begun to look at the issues but chose to drop the investigation.

Are there any records of what you found over the past few weeks working with the investigation?

- No it is nothing. We closed the investigation when Anders Ahlbom resigned and we think that is very sad because he has done a good job that we are very pleased with.

Helen Asp explains that she can not respond to anything here and now. The situation is that the SSM 'must review the whole situation.'

- I can not say anything.

Here is the SSM s press release (satire)

Professor Anders Ahlbom dismissed from the position of Chairman of the Radiation Safety scientific advice. From being an asset he was turned over one day to load the mobile industry and SSM.

Radiation Safety Authority received June 9 Anders Ahlbom s request to be relieved from the position of Chairman of the Scientific Council of the electromagnetic field, shortly after that an investigation at the agency over several weeks would have been presented

- It is very sad that Anders Ahlbom chooses to step down as chairman,' said Hélène Asp, Head of Radiation Protection. But now we avoid the inconvenience of presenting a mock investigation that could have led to more intimate questions and revelations. We studied the course, never anything about Ahlbom consultancy. This kind of business is not something we want to lift up to the surface, but rather sweep under the carpet. The best part was that Ahlbom avvgick so we could pretend that we closed the investigation, we never did. Thus we need not comment on his company s activities and his brother Gunnar Ahlbom.

- In fact, we had holidays, the weather was fine arrangements. And so, we had meetings with PR consultants who are experts at dealing with these kinds kritssituationer. It was they who originally led us wall: Start a utredninng, go on vacation and do not comment on AA s conflict of interest when it is at its hottest in the media! Add in a few weeks into the investigation and announce that Ahlbom resign. It is a smart strategic move to avoid the sensitive issue of the consulting company. We also had to Council to commend Ahlbom and express our disappointment that he 'chose to resign'.

Additional Information:

Hélène Asp, Head of Radiation Protection, accessed via the press office 08-799 40 20. Note that Helen can not answer what the investigation concluded, or why AA resign or anything other than that they are very satisfied with Anders Ahlbom.

Mobilstrålningsexperten Anders Ahlbom lämnar SSM:s vetenskapliga råd. SSM lägger ner hypotetisk 'utredning'


Mona Nilsson

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