WHO Wireless: Cancer Link a Game Changer for Smart Meters

Bay Area Indymedia

The decision by the World Health Organization on Tuesday to classify non-ionizing radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation as 'possibly carcinogenic to humans' is an absolute game changer for our movement. This seemingly cautious statement by the ...



Knight Science Journalism Tracker - Daily report Newsroom America

It simply clicks with lots of people that radiation of any kind shot right into the brain ? including radio frequency electromagnetic radiation ? might be risky. WHO classified cell phone on the same list as lead, automobile exhaust, and coffee as a ...



Biological Effects of Other Wireless Technologies Also Raise Concern

Public News Service

After years of speculation, there is confirmation from the world s leading health body that minimizing cell phone use is a good idea, and scientists outside the World Health Organization (WHO) say other biological effects, beyond cancer, also are cause ...


Smart Meter Interference



Skelton, Taintor & Abbott Wins Landmark Smart Meter Case


I have updated the page on Transmitting Utility Meters. It can be found at the link below.



Face to Face

Here is the latest from the Jack Etkin show Face to Face. Topic of discussion: the issues surrounding BC Hydro s new Smart Meters with long time EMF Consultant/Electrician Walt McGinnis. Included are some clips taken from the BC Hydro Open House where there was standing room only.

Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/24439968


Tammy Jeske


Menlo Park nixes T-Mobile cell tower in park

Mr. Hart sees Menlo Park s decision as a sign of things to come. 'As residents and elected officials become more aware of the health threat posed by wireless radiation, including cell phones, towers, wi-fi and smart meters, we expect that this is just the beginning of a widespread backlash against wireless technology,' he said.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Waves about waves

Pique newsmagazine

The study consisted of 83 separate experiments, proving almost conclusively that the electromagnetic radiation confuses bees and makes it impossible for them to navigate. What does that mean? Well, if bees disappear, then so could we. ...



President Obama: Don t Waste Billions of Taxpayer Dollars on Your Risky WIRELESS Broadband Initiative and Wireless Smart Meter Stimulus Grants


Please take a moment and let the President and your legislators know that you oppose the WIRELESS Broadband Initiative and the WIRELESS Smart Meter Stimulus Grants for the reasons above. (You may also want to contact Vice-President Biden and The First Lady. I believe you use the same form.)



Comments: 202-456-1111

or locate contact info for all elected officials at



Informant: Christiane Tourtet


There are people in the Bay Area who can no longer even enter entire cities

In addition to the expensive opt-out proposal, which would discriminate against the poor and disabled, please also remember that the CPUC is not in the process of 'allowing' opt-outs, but in the process of 'considering' allowing opt-outs. So PLEASE, do not put your trust in this process, and dont stop fighting back. We are not anywhere close to a decision on that right now, and anything can still happen. In fact, PG&E continues to install the meters unabated, and at an alarming rate, while their opt-out proposal is being considered.

There is an important, precedent-setting court victory, as far as opt-out is concerned, in Maine, where the utility has been told that they must allow opt-outs:


However, keep in mind that opt-out is considered a cop out by most of us, because it s not going to solve the problem:

*** There are people in the Bay Area who can no longer even enter entire cities, because the 'Smart' Meters have already been installed on houses throughout town. Because the meters operate as part of a mesh network, and many of the meters are communicating with each other, they cause electro-smog far beyond the homes where they are installed.

*** Also, people who live in apartment buildings can opt out all they want, but it s not going to make a dent if the other dozens of neighbors in the building don t also opt out.

*** Then there s the other problem with 'Smart' Meters that isn t being talked about very much so far. It s not just the RF radiation that's the problem, but also the Switching-Mode Power Supply, which is not alleviated by switching the meters from wireless to wired. Please read up more on this VERY IMPORTANT issue here:


In the California resistance many of us have come to the conclusion that our demand must be to retain our analog meters, not to negotiate for some mistakenly perceived of 'lesser' evil in the form of a wired Smeter version.

Here are some resources I sent to Laura s query on another list, in case people here might benefit from them as well:

For anyone who wants to get such an ordinance as Laura is talking about happening where you are, here s a list of California municipalities that oppose 'Smart' Meters. Several of them have passed ordinances, and you can look at them as examples of what you could ask your local government to pass:


There is a group in Southern California that is organizing against the 'Smart' Meters. Here are a couple of ways you can find them. The second site also has more direct contact information:



Also check out the EMF Safety Network contacts near you, to get more involved in the resistance in California:


'Smart' Meters are being rolled out all over the country. Keep an eye on your gas, electric, and water companies. If they are in the process of installing these meters were you are, before you do anything else, put up a sign on your old analog meter while you can, 'Do Not Install Smart Meter'. We added 'We Love Our Meter Reader' on ours, to make an additional point.

Also call the utility and tell them that you do not want a 'Smart' Meter installed, that you want to keep your analog meter. In California, ask to be put on the delay list, certainly at least as long as the CPUC is still deciding on an opt-out proposal. Get your opposition on record with the utility, as well as with the PUC in your state.

Isis Feral

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