Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters

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Sage Associates has published an on-line report titled Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation
Emissions from Smart Meters, dated January 1, 2011.

Contact: info(at)sagereports.com

The Report is available for download at:

Assessment of Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation Emissions From Smart Meters

About the Report (from the website)

This Report is prepared in support of open discussion on radiofrequency microwave radiation levels (RF radiation levels) that are produced by wireless electric meters (i.e., smart meters) in California. There has been virtually no information made available to the public, nor to decision-makers on RF radiation levels. Significant unanswered questions still exist about what levels of radiofrequency microwave radiation will be produced by these meters.

This question has very important consequences for public health and welfare, because the public may be subjected to exposures at levels that either violate federal safety limits, or face chronic exposure levels that have already been associated with adverse health impacts, or both.

This Report uses computer modeling to predict power density levels that may be present where smart meters are in operation. The methodology used in this assessment is consistent with FCC OET 65 equations for prediction of RF power density levels. Many scenarios are modeled, to bracket the range of reasonably predictable RF exposures in typical living conditions. Many variables must be considered (installation very close to occupied space, how many meters are installed on a single wall, how frequently they will transmit an RF pulse, how powerful the RF radiation pulses will be, how far inside a home they will penetrate and at what intensities, how much ?piggybacking? of RF signals will occur from neighboring wireless meters, reflections that may increase RF levels, and what amount of RF wireless exposure may already be present beforehand, etc.)

To date, California?s electric utilities have told the California Public Utilities Commission only that they will comply with applicable federal safety limits. However, there are substantial discrepancies in what the FCC compliance testing says is needed for wireless meters to comply with their safety limits, and the manner in which many meters are being installed and are operating.

People may use this assessment to further their knowledge about wireless meters, using the tables that predict RF radiation levels, the tables that highlight potential violations of safety limits, and the health study-related tables showing RF radiation levels reported to pose health impacts. Although the authors expect there will be differences of opinion about the content of this report, we believe it will provide a basis for more educated decision-making and full disclosure of impacts.

The Report is not intended to be a substitute for disclosure of RF radiation levels by the CPUC and the electric utilities it regulates. They are responsible to the public to provide reliable and comprehensive information on impacts from wireless meters.

Cindy Sage

Health: Problem With Your iPhone Alarm?


Smart Energy Canada 2011 conference and exhibition



See how they have 'made' a multi billion dollar industry by selling dangerous meters to gullible people.

Cindy Sage on Radio

I just wanted everyone to know that Cindy is going to be interviewed tonight at 6:05 on my radio show. You can listen live on-line at http://www.920kvec.com . We will also welcome phone calls -- 1.800.549.5832 is good anywhere in the lower 48.

I am far from an expert on this issue, but I recognize its importance and want Cindy to be heard. Join us if you can.

Dave Congalton
KVEC News/Talk 920AM
El Dorado Broadcasters
San Luis Obispo, CA

Declaration of Cynthia Sage, Sage Associates
Declaration of Cynthia Sage, Sage Associates

Report finds no health threat from PG&E SmartMeter

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/01/11/BUHQ1H7JF2.DTL#ixzz1AnvlPTTx

Letter to The San Francisco Chronicle

This was submitted to David Baker at the San Francisco Chronicle tonight.

"The conclusions are indistinguishable from the industry mantra that says proof beyond any doubt is required about wireless health risks before taking precautions.

It is reckless to require 'clear evidence' of harm as a precondition for taking reasonable actions for prevention. Installing millions of RF transmitters in peoples' homes when we already have substantial scientific evidence about the risks of chronic, low-level RF is a risk not worth taking. Especially without any discussion, or disclosure to the public about trade-offs made without their knowledge or consent.

What CCST should have done was to advise the Legislature to press industry and the CPUC for very detailed computer modeling to prove RF levels comply (or do not comply) with FCC standards in the manner they are being installed and operated. And to look at what low-level RF exposures might pose as a health risk, given the millions of people who care deeply about this because 'they are the experiment'.

It is better for the CPUC and government agencies to make mid-course corrections now, than to go forward with inadequate information.

Our report identified possible FCC violations in the manner that many meters are installed and operated. CCST had no new data from industry or any other independent expert groups to evaluate, so why issue an "all-clear"?

Comparing wireless meters to other wireless devices that are voluntary, and which many people choose not to use is not a fair comparison to government-mandated meters that expose people in their homes 24 hours a day. Particularly when these devices are already reported to double the risk of malignant brain cancers in half the time it takes for low-dose ionizing radiation to do so in humans.

The costs for having guessed wrong is likely to have enormous economic and public health consequences for Californians for decades to come."

Cindy Sage, MA
Sage Associates
Co-Editor, BioInitiative Report
Research Fellow, Department of Oncology, Orebro University Hospital, Sweden
(805) 969-0557

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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