Sick from Smart Meters

Vanevery Way,
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 8C1

December 7, 2010

Mr. Bill Zehr
President, Festival Hydro
187 Erie St
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 6T5

Dear Mr. Zehr,

Thank you for your letter dated November 15th, 2010 stating that Festival Hydro is nearing the completion of the mandated deployment of smart meters and that the company intends to comply with the regulations by completing 100% of the installations. I am very concerned about a smart meter being installed on my house because it could seriously harm my health and threaten my life. At present, I avoid electro magnetic radiation whenever possible. I have been diligent to ensure that there is no wireless equipment that emits microwave radiation in my house or on my property, and I insist that you do not install this type of device on my electrical system.

For most of the last two years, I have been able to enjoy walking around Stratford. The entire environment changed for the worse, however, when the smart meters were installed. Smart meters emit strong bursts of microwave radiation, and I can often feel the effects of them when I am just walking down the street. It is like a push against my chest, which partially winds me. Instead of feeling invigorated after a walk, I now often feel soreness in my chest and slight nausea.

In the last few months, since smart meters and Wi Fi were installed in the area around my home, I have already noticed a decline in my overall health. In general, I have had difficulties sleeping, tinnitus has become much worse, and I have developed a heart problem that could be life threatening. There are strong reasons to believe that strong bursts of microwave radiation from smart meters may be the cause of these problems. I have also noticed that I am experiencing headaches more frequently and my breathing sometimes becomes more difficult when I am exposed to strong microwave radiation. My sensitivity to electro magnetic radiation has also become noticeably worse. By complete contrast, I am fit, energetic, and relatively healthy for my age when I am not exposed to microwave radiation.

In the past, I have taken part in ?blind? scientific testing to measure the effects of microwave radiation. The video link below shows the type of effect it has on my heart: http://www.magdahavas.com/2010/10/21/new-study-radiation-from-cordless-phone-base-station-affects-the-heart/ . I am a subject whose heart rate changes dramatically when exposed to the cordless phone.

The next video, featured on Global television, was filmed while I was participating in a blind test. It shows how microwave radiation from a Wi Fi router causes significant changes to the way my heart functions: http://www.youtube.com/safeschool#p/u/3/KN7VetsCR2I .

Festival Hydro smart meters emit the same type of microwave radiation as the cordless telephones, but in very strong bursts. Because of those intense spikes, smart meters are even more likely to affect the heart.

At present, my home is somewhat shielded from direct radiation from smart meters as the meters on the houses on either side of mine are on the walls farthest from my house. I still feel the effects of radiation from meters on the houses across the road, however, and from others in the vicinity. If I sit on my front porch, I can clearly measure sharp bursts of radiation being emitted by the meters in my neighbourhood. The additional radiation of my property causes fatigue and spoils the use and enjoyment of my home.

If you install a smart meter on my home, I will be exposed to radiation that is far more powerful and more dangerous than that to which I am currently exposed. I will probably be highly exposed in my garage and on the west side of my property. There is also a strong possibility, based on the testing that I have done on other homes with smart meter problems, that the microwave radiation will penetrate the walls and may send spikes on the electrical system throughout my home, causing further serious health problems for me.

If Festival Hydro or the Ontario Government insists on installing a dangerous device that is likely to cause serious harm to me, I will be forced to protect my health and my home, just as every Canadian citizen has a right to do. I have already been driven from my previous home, where I suffered serious illness and cancer due to exposure to dangerous amounts of electro magnetic pollution. My wife and I lived in temporary accommodation for several years, at much expense, to protect my health. As a consequence of this experience, I have spent the last seven years learning about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation and have collected significant evidence about the harm that microwave radiation can cause to people, animals, birds, and the environment.

When I came to Stratford, I chose a site for our home that is as far as possible from cell phone antennas so that I could avoid most radiation. During the building process, we incurred extra expenses by insisting on materials that would provide extra protection. We also insisted on better quality wiring for our home, and we added special switches to keep internal electro magnetic fields at the lowest level. As stated previously, there are no wireless devices in this home. It is a very ?EMF? safe home, and I have taken all reasonable precautions that will allow me to live as safely as possible, without further harm.

My review of the Canadian Criminal Code indicates that subjecting a person to microwave radiation that causes actual harm can be interpreted as unwanted force, and that the offence of Assault Causing Bodily Harm would apply to any person involved in a situation that causes me harm. You are already aware that I suffer from electro hyper-sensitivity because I have advised you of this fact in previous correspondence. I have also shown Festival Hydro Manager, Mr. Ken Levy, a medical report that indicates that I have recently started having heart problems. If microwave radiation from the smart meters installed by Festival Hydro were to cause my death, it could be considered a homicide and anyone involved in the situation, including you, may face serious criminal charges.

You have previously been made aware of how dangerous the smart meter program is from the documents that I provided to both Festival Hydro and Stratford City Council. After being notified about the dangers, I assume that you reviewed the information and also conducted your own research into the heath effects of microwave radiation.

A question that you must ask is what sort of repercussion you may suffer from the Ontario Government if you do not install a smart meter on my home. I doubt if there would be any repercussion, and, even if there were, you could easily defend your position with the evidence that I have already provided to you showing harm to human health caused by microwave radiation. On the other hand, if Festival Hydro installs a smart meter on my home and it further adversely affects my health, you may face serious criminal charges, civil litigation, and civil rights complaints. Under these circumstances, Festival Hydro would be grossly irresponsible to install a smart meter on my home.

When I first warned you about the potential harm and adverse health effects of smart meters, I had limited knowledge of how they operate, how strong the radiation would be, and how often the meters would send bursts of microwave radiation. Since then, I have seen several smart meters and measured their radiation, and I have learned much more about them. I have collected a significant amount of scientific research and evidence to show how dangerous these meters are. They are far worse and more dangerous than I ever could have anticipated.

I ask that you review all of the information listed below and attached to this message. In addition, please provide the information to the Festival Hydro Board of Directors.

I also request that you inquire of Premier McGuinty and the Ontario Government regarding the spirit and purpose of the smart meter legislation, and whether it was their intention to harm the health and endanger the lives of Ontario citizens. In so doing, please provide the Premier with all of the same evidence that I have provided to you. Finally, I request that you inquire whether the government would exempt me and other citizens who are made ill by microwave radiation from having smart meters on their property.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall

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