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Ostia: Thirty suspected cases of leukemia among children and adolescents
Things definitely are heating up in Italy: Ostia, thirty suspected cases of leukemia among children and adolescents http://roma.c orriere.it/roma/notizie/cr onaca/12_ottobre_17/ostia- trenta-bimbi-malati-leucem ia-2112296421826.shtml RO ME.... ...
Starmail - 25. Feb, 09:30

No evidence to link cell phone radiation to cancer
'No evidence' that mobiles cause cancer, but scientists still cant rule it out Anthony J. Swerdlow ''holds shares in the telecom companies Cable and Wireless Worldwide and Cable and Wireless Communications''... ...
Starmail - 13. Apr, 16:41

Is your childs mobile giving them cancer?
http://groups.google.com/g roup/mobilfunk_newsletter/ t/8e6c18ca4f7affe9 ------ -- A close call: Why the jury is still out on mobile phones The Independent It makes sense that kids are more sensitive,... ...
Starmail - 24. Apr, 14:40

Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain
http://naturalsociety.com/ cell-phones-emf-negatively -altering-important-region s-of-the-brain/ -------- Public Health Protection Standards are based on Epidemiology http://www.w hale.to/b/cherry3.html#2._ Public_Health_Protection_S tandards_are_based_on_Epid emiology:_ Cancer... ...
Starmail - 2. Sep, 09:59

MEPs calls for EU-wide action to reduce cancer risk from mobile phones
TheParliament.com By Martin Banks 17th October 2011 A conference in parliament heard that repeated exposure to electromagnetic fields from devices such as mobile phones can pose a cancer risk. The seminar,... ...
Starmail - 3. Dez, 18:06

Brain Tumor Victims on Cell Phone Safety
Keith Phillips, Pianist And Brain Tumor Victim by envonc9 http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zLt7wdipLUA Spo t the cell tower A new game to play while driving cross-country might as well be, 'Spot the... ...
Starmail - 15. Nov, 09:11

The Evidence connecting Mobile Phone EMF Exposure and Male Infertility
The Evidence connecting Mobile Phone EMF Exposure and Male Infertility.doc Cell Phone EMF Exposure Correlates with Male Infertility(function() { var scribd = document.createElement("sc ript"); scribd.type... ...
Starmail - 5. Sep, 11:53

Male Infertility Linked to Cell Phone EMF Exposure
Cell Tower Across the Street? The World Health Organization recently listed mobile phone use in the same carcinogenic hazard category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform - 'so why would we want a... ...
Starmail - 16. Aug, 14:15

Researchers Find 'Stunning' Evidence of Cell Phone Dangers
Mobiledia Scientists reportedly found that GSM signals fragmented insect DNA in ovarian cells, that a brief 'mild electromagnetic field' affects bone formation in fetuses, and that cell phone-frequency... ...
Starmail - 30. Mai, 09:02

You may be exposed to levels greater than the safety limit
http://groups.google.com/g roup/mobilfunk_newsletter/ t/4842816f527fa2a9 ------ -- Cellsafe report http://groups.google.com /group/mobilfunk_newslette r/t/7e92ec55b2063cc7 In my opinion, Cellsafe claims... ...
Starmail - 17. Apr, 14:46

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5G and its small cell...
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/ZUm4YNdaPOw ---- ----- A...
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Experten aus der Region...
echo24.de Grund: Der Blick zum heißgeliebten...
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On the functional impairment...
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/C9BI8vz4hOQ Mo re...
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Der Aufstand der Elektrosensiblen
Neue Zürcher Zeitung Es ist eine Bewegung entstanden,...
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Die totale Ablenkung
Badische Zeitung Wenn zwischendurch ein Handy klingelt,...
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