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Cellsafe report


In my opinion, Cellsafe claims are misleading users and the media. It is unlikely that such a case, that does not fit between the phone and the user s head, will make their phone any safer. Indeed, it may make it more dangerous.

Whether it will protect people depends on what you believe about maximum SAR. Maximum SAR is what is often quoted for cellphones. It is measured by setting the phone to work at maximum power and then finding the highest SAR (absorbed radiation) in simulated brain tissue in a dummy head.

In San Francisco (and all California) the industry and the FCC now say that SAR is misleading and should not be used. They say it is pointless putting SAR on phone packaging or user information. They have really backed away from the usefulness of SAR. I have long said that SAR is a 'red-herring' and very misleading, so in this case I (unusually) agree with them..

It depends whether peak SAR (and that is what is measured) is meaningful or whether total SAR (microwave power absorbed by the brain) is more important.

Many mobile phone manufacturers have already used this issue to their advantage. They have installed less efficient antennas in their handsets so that they have a lower peak SAR rating in the league tables. Now we have a wrap-around-case manufacturer doing it and getting free national TV coverage by reporters and editors who are clueless to the real meaning of what they are promoting.

Peak SAR is exactly that. It is the highest SAR (absorbed microwave radiation energy) that you can find in any 1 gram or 10 gram of simulated brain tissue in a dummy head when the phone is working at full power. Mobile phone handsets hardly ever work at full power.

The simplest way to reduce peak SAR is to make the mobile phone antenna less effective and to spread the radiation out over a larger area. As you double the antenna area the power density in the brain tissue decreases dramatically - double the antenna transmission area and you are likely to quarter the SAR to nearby brain tissue.

That is clearly what Cellsafe have done.

You can see the RF conductive bars in the inside of their fold-around case that will spread the energy out across a lot more of the user s brain tissue. So, of course the max SAR decreases. However the total SAR absorbed by the head will almost always actually rise.

Also, as mobile phones control their transmit power (using adaptive power control) by a factor of a 1000, the phone will also usually have to turn up their power in order to maintain good contact with the base station. So, for example, a phone with a base station 500 metres away, will maybe be working at 1/100th of its maximum power. Put the Cellsafe holder on the back - it may have to turn up its transmit power by a factor of 5 or more.

Cellsafe tests show a reduction of SAR at 900 MHz (when the phone is artificially set at its maximum power) of 74%. At this frequency their tests also show the phone to be 8dB (6.3 times) less effective at getting a signal out to the base station. In a real life situation, the phone will therefore power-up 6.3-fold - i.e. by 630%. So, the overall change in the SAR to the head will be 26% of a 630% increased power - i.e. an over increase of 64% - not a reduction at all!

If damage to your health when using a mobile (cell) phone is psychological, as the industry and many government agencies seem keen to tell us, then using the Cellsafe will re-assure you that all is well and improve your well-being.

If the damage is due to RF/microwave energy absorption - then buying and using a Cellsafe case may possibly even increase your risk.

The only ways to reduce risk are to use a cell phone less, text rather than talk and/or use an air-tube hands-free headset while holding the phone away from your body.

Alasdair Philips


In Her Own Words: Ellie Marks on the Faces Behind Bill SB 932

Environmental Health Trust voiced its strong support for California State Senator Mark Leno?s introduction of statewide cell phone legislation this week. If passed into law, SB 932 would require a specified notice relating to radiofrequency energy emitted by a cell phone to be prominently displayed by the retailer of the cell phone immediately adjacent to the displayed purchase price at the physical retail location and on the retailer s websites, and on the cell phone s exterior packaging.

In her own words, Ellie Marks, EHT s Director of Government and Public Affairs shares her story.

I am honored to be here today to support Senator Leno s important bill giving us all the right to know the truth about microwave radiation from cell phones. For more than a quarter century, my husband, Alan, did not have that right.

Today our family is struggling with his brain cancer that arose because he and we never imagined that his heavy use of cell phones could prove dangerous. He is one of many Californians whose lives have been destroyed because manufacturers failed to give us simple and clear information about safer use of cell phones.

Today, I am proud to represent Environmental HealthTrust - a nonprofit research and policy group that is leading a global campaign for safer cell phones - that is releasing Doctors Advice to Patients and their Families, written by some of the world s top neurosurgeons. EHT fully endorses Senator Leno s important bill. We are thrilled to be working with EWG and this legislature to ensure that Californians have the right to know about safer use of this valuable technology.

What in the world is going on? How can it be legal to hide safety data in tiny print in guides that few read, to 'reduce the amount of time spent on the phone', while promoting commercials featuring children using phones as mini-business executives and giving them unlimited minutes.

The American people deserve better than this hypocritical deception and marketing hype.

My family and I are the reasons why you must support this bill. Let me tell you about just a few others who, like me, know first hand that cell phone radiation can destroy lives.

* Dan Brown, was a feisty Fresno state football coach who spent two decades glued to his cell phone as a recruiter. This father of 6 children ages 8 to 22 went from knocking fullbacks on their rears to praying with them to be strong as they watched him die from primary stage 4 brain cancer at age 50.

* Long-term cell phone user and father of two young children ages 6 and 3, Paul Prischman of L.A. died from primary stage 4 brain cancer at 42, leaving two young children ages 6 and 3. His neurosurgeon, the renowned Dr. Keith Black, chief of Neurosurgery at Cedar Sinai, told his family that 'cell phones' were the culprit, just as had been the case with another of his patients - famed attorney Johnnie Cochran.

* Rich Farver, a 28 year old grad student at San Diego State, could not be parted from his phone starting as a teenager and died of primary stage 4 brain cancer that his physician Dr. Tanuwaya of Poway attributed to ?cell phones?.

* Bret Bocook, is a 43 year old Palo Alto attorney, former Olympic-level rower, father of a kindergartener, whose incessant cell phone use has left him with a primary stage 3 brain cancer.

* My own husband of 30 years, Alan Marks is also an otherwise healthy guy with a brain tumor, paying the price now for his years of heavy cell phone usage.

Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle editorial page has quoted outraged civic leader and newly diagnosed brain tumor survivor, Milton Marks III, who had been a heavy cell phone user for a decade, Milton has primary stage 4 brain cancer and three young children - ages 8 year old and twins aged 4. He, like my family, does not have time for pussyfooting around, 'I find it strange that people are so afraid of the cell phone industry that they don t stick up for what s right.'

Had my husband, Brett Bocook or Milton Marks had access to this vital data, they never would have risked their lives.

So I beg you. Do not be bullied by this callous industry. Stand up for the right to know so that others will not have to suffer as my family and so many others are today.

Ellie advocates for safer cell phones and for legislation for warnings. Ellie was involved in San Francisco s successful cell phone legislation, which she is now taking nationwide. Hundreds dying from brain cancer have contacted Ellie; and describe how their tumors are on the same side of their heads to which they held their phone. For more information, log on to http://www.ehtrust.org .


Bill on Cell Phone Radiofrequency Heads Toward California Senate

LAPTOP Magazine (blog)

Titled SB 932, the bill requires information regarding radiofrequency energy levels that exceed the FCC s established maximum exposure levels to be posted at a cell phone's point of purchase. As local law stands now, manufacturers are allowed to post ...



SmartMeters: Green with envy

Lake County Record-Bee

I don t think I need to tell you that we shouldn t get too excited about PG&E s plan to hook us all up with wireless SmartMeters as a way to save energy. There s a back story that deserves front page and it s not about energy conservation. ...


Informant: Martin Weatherall


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