Electrosensitivity: A Personal Story

Dr Andrew Tresidder MMBS MRCGP

Details about a doctor s own electro sensitivity and how he helped electrosensitive patients.



Note: If only all doctors were trained and informed about the symptoms of electrosensitivity, many more people would be saved.

Judge is Electrosensitive - Germany

Feb 7 2012

Source: http://www.badische-zeitung.de/wehr/zur-erholung-ins-funkloch--55488677.html

Hot tea helps Barbara Domberger tolerate the cold of winter in her camping car.

Recovery in an EMF-free zone

An electrosensitive judge from Augsburg finds refuge in the Wehra Valley (German Black Forest)

Rain spluttered on the roof of the little white camper. Although Barbara has turned up the heater, the cold of winter creeps along the ground and relentlessly wraps around our feet. Barbara Domberger is on a forced vacation in Wehra Valley. The rugged gorge is one of the few havens left for the electrosensitive.

She recall she once still had a few secluded holiday areas where she could retire, but gradually, they have disappeared. ''The digital network is currently our biggest problem,'' she says. The 43-year-old District Judge is on the run from harmful emitters, mostly microwaves from mobile phone networks. ''I have become electrosensitive,'' she says.

The judge is convinced: when she is exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields for too long, like those from cordless phones or wireless Internet connections, she gets sick. She feels artificially invaded, unable to sleep and concentrate. ''And all my muscles harden.'' Her family doctor says it is from too much stress.

It took three or four years of suffering before an old school friend put her on the right track, says Domberger. Back then the concept of electrical sensitivity was unknown. That s changed: Domberger has read many studies on her condition and has developed contacts with people who share her plight. She chairs the Munich Society for the electrosensitive and mobile-phone injured.

She is very convincing when she easily refutes the arguments of the mobile phone industry. She knows that many prefer sticking her with a psychosomatic label. If that was the case, then how can one explain that her heart rate changes as soon as she enters a room filled with radiation? Domberger says it is a clear medical evidence.

Fear of radiation dominates her life. The once-successful young woman had to abandon her condominium with 17 a square-meter rooftop terrace near downtown Augsburg. ''The apartment could not be shielded,'' she says. Her furniture is stored. She is looking for a small apartment in low-radiation area, which she could shield with special reflective paint.

She only goes out when necessary. For shopping, of course. But a movie or the theater? ''I used to like going to restaurants,'' says Domberger. Today, she even turns down birthday invitations, because almost everyone has a cordless phone at home. ''I miss the contact with ordinary people,'' she says with a sigh.

Since January 2010, the District Judge is on sick leave. The state of Bavaria is considering putting her on permanent disability.

Barbara Domberger was in charge of the elderly and disabled. She d love to work again. ''Being a judge was my dream job.'' For eight years, she worked at the District Court of Augsburg, and before that six years as a prosecutor, also for the Federal Ministry of Justice. Now she is fighting for electrosensitivity to be recognized as a disease and to obtain help for those affected.

Today she is resting in the Wehra Valley. ''Here I feel really good, as I did before,'' she says with a smile.

Very little radiation gets through where she parked her white camper, as opposed to airports or railway stations. A holiday trip in the hot South? Only by car. For longer trips, she bought a special blouse, woven with reflective silver fiber. It cost her 90 Euros. ''Most people with EHS can t afford it,'' says Domberger who asked us not to divulge the exact location of her retreat.

Mother electrocuted while using slimming machine

Evripidou did not rule out the possibility that Themistocleas? use of a mobile phone at the time of her electrocution could have played a part in her death.

''Its exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phone could have switched the setting of the particular device to a dangerous level, thus causing the electrocution,'' said Evripidou.


Electro Magnetic Radiation Causing Violence

Here s some validation that the Stanley Cup riots may have been created by microwave (Tetra more specifically) as he explains in part 6 of this 13 part series. This whole story is mind bending. I wonder how long youtube will allow this. Lots of truth telling here even though it s a long presentation.



Legality of cell towers queried

But Nelson environmental lawyer Sue Grey said the NES, passed before the 2008 election, could breach the Resource Management Act, which requires national environmental standards to take account of community health. The standard means telecommunications companies do not need to consult with the public, or even the council, she said.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


France launches mega research project on electrosensitivity


Informant: André Fauteux

More about the theme:


Smart meter victory for Formby campaigners who expressed concerns over health effects

Formby Times

A RADIATION campaigner is celebrating after plans to force homeowners to install energy smart meters were abandoned. Formby resident Eileen O'Connor, director of EM Radiation Research Trust, joined forces with Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson to speak...



Beware of Smart Meter installation


Once installed, these meters emit dangerous carcinogenic electromagnetic field radiation, and they also invade our privacy in that they monitor all electricity use in the household. The Federal Wiretap and the Stored Electronic Communications acts...



Letter to the Green Energy Group

Re - http://www.thenownews.com/business/Union+opposition+smart+meters+Stone+thinking/6095666/story.html


Your Organization seems to have made a significant error in thinking that smart meters will be green. They are probably one of the biggest ever threats to health and the environment in BC history.

In the BC Hydro cost analysis report on your web site they have failed to add the costs of increased litigation as more people become ill from them. They have also failed to add up the cost of replacing the meters at a future date and returning to a safe system as has been used for many years.

The report linked below is very detailed and will explain the dangers of smart meters for the electrical supply system. I hope that you read the information and will add the link 'Smart Meters - Smarter Practices' to your web site so that there is a balanced understanding of the issues.

'Smart Meters - Smarter Practices' Part 1 (17 mb)
Part 2 (13 mb)

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP

Privacy trampled yet no one cares

The new Victorian smart meter installed at Prabath Gamage s Broadmeadows home. Picture: Craig Borrow Source: Herald Sun REX Jory shares an alarming tale of bureaucracy invading the sanctity of the home. THIS is the extraordinary story of bureaucratic...


Lower Nicola Indian Band resists smart meters

Lower Nicola band staff have prevented smart-meter installers from gaining access to band buildings and sent notices refusing smart meters to on-reserve homeowners and tenants.


Get Smart

Global BC series on Smart Meters, part 1 and 2, check later for other parts.



Meters that Endanger: Shocking Details from a Whistleblower


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Thanks to Surrey for smart meter motion

Surrey Now

Lesser known but just as important: an EMF consultant measured one of the
lowest levels of neighbourhood EMF pollution he d seen right here in Ocean
Park. Without a moratorium, it is my opinion that no neighbourhood will
escape the radiation from the...


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