Campaign aims to cut off phone firms mast plans

Derby Evening Telegraph

In recent years, various studies have been undertaken into the potential health effects of mobile phone masts, which are concerning, to say the least. Scientist Dr John Walker, who compiled studies with help from local campaigners in Devon, ...



Phone mast proposal raises safety concerns

Berwick Today

by Adam Drummond

Proposals by mobile phone giant Vodafone to erect a telephone mast less than eight metres away from petrol pumps in Seahouses has raised serious concerns amongst the parish council. At a meeting of North Sunderland and Seahouses Parish ...



'Funkgestütztes Internet' interessierte Bürger staunten über Strahlenbelastung


Ausführlich berichtete er über die mannigfaltigen gesundheitlichen Gefahren des Elektrosmog und unterstützte seine Aussagen mit der Vorstellung zahlreicher ...



Umweltrecht/Verbandsklage: Klagerechte von Umweltverbänden erweitert

HLV Info 044




Umweltrecht/Verbandsklage: Klagerechte von Umweltverbänden erweitert

Europäischer Gerichtshof stärkt Zugang zu deutschen Gerichten

Der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) hat mit einem heute (12. Mai 2011) verkündeten Urteil die Klagerechte von Umweltverbänden erweitert. Das Umwelt-Rechtsbehelfsgesetz (UmwRG), das seit Dezember 2006 anerkannten Umweltvereinigungen den Zugang zu Gerichten ermöglicht, setzt danach die Vorgaben des europäischen Rechts nicht vollständig um. Deutschland muss nun das UmwRG an das europäische Recht anpassen. Bis zum Inkrafttreten der Gesetzesänderung können sich anerkannte Umweltvereinigungen zur Begründung ihrer Klagerechte unmittelbar auf europäisches Recht berufen.

Bundesumweltminister Norbert Röttgen begrüßte, dass mit dem Urteil jetzt Rechtsklarheit herrsche: 'Es stellt sich immer mehr heraus, dass die frühzeitige Beteiligung von Bürgern und Verbänden bei großen Infrastrukturvorhaben am Ende der Akzeptanz und damit der Realisierbarkeit dient. Das sollten wir bei der Umsetzung des Urteils berücksichtigen.'

Nach Ansicht des EuGH wird der Zugang von Umweltverbänden zu Gerichten in Deutschland unzulässig eingeschränkt. Anerkannte Umweltvereinigungen können bisher nur Verletzungen derjenigen Umweltvorschriften rügen, die auch betroffene Bürgerinnen und Bürger zu einer Klage berechtigen würden (sogenannte 'subjektive Rechte'). Damit gibt es bislang keine Rechtsschutzmöglichkeiten gegen die Verletzung von Vorschriften, die die Umwelt als solche schützen, beispielsweise Vorsorgeregelungen im Immissionsschutzrecht oder weite Teile des Gewässerschutzrechts. Das europäische Recht verlangt jedoch nach Ansicht des EuGH einen weitergehenden Zugang zu Gerichten in Umweltangelegenheiten. Dem Urteil zufolge müssen Umweltverbände zumindest alle für die Zulassung eines Vorhabens maßgeblichen Umweltvorschriften vor Gericht geltend machen können, die auf Recht der Europäischen Union basieren.

Das Urteil des EuGH erging auf Vorlage des Oberverwaltungsgerichts Nordrhein-Westfalen. Bei dem Gericht ist eine Klage des BUND Nordrhein-Westfalen gegen die Zulassung eines Steinkohlekraftwerks in Lünen anhängig.

Das Urteil des EuGH (Rechtssache C-115/09) ist im Internet unter
http://curia.europa.eu/jurisp/cgi-bin/form.pl?langÞ&Submit=bmit&numaff=115/09 verfügbar.

Hrsg: BMU-Pressereferat, Alexanderstraße 3, 10178 Berlin
Redaktion: Dr. Christiane Schwarte (verantwortlich)
Thomas Hagbeck, Jürgen Maaß, Frauke Stamer
Tel.: 030 18 305-2010. Fax: 030 18 305-2016
E-Mail: presse@bmu.bund.de - Internet: http://www.bmu.de/presse


Bee Deaths Linked to Cell Phones


By Kendra Srivastava | Thu May 12, 2011 4:37 pm

Bees may be dying from cell phone radiation, according to several studies, an alarming possibility given that staple crops worldwide require the insects' pollination to reproduce. ...



Why answering your cellphone might be killing bees

Toronto Star

The electromagnetic fields from cellphones can cause bees to become disoriented, leave their hives, and never find their way back again - leaving them to eventually die, according to a new study. Taking a phone call while admiring High Park s cherry ...



Study Report: Cell Phones are Killing Bees


Cell masts and similar infrastructure are what is doing bees in, with other pathogenic overlay sometimes on the enfeebled bees, of course the more you use your phone (we've never fallen for it, never owned one) the less the infrastructure irradiates, ...



Study Finds Cell-Phone Signals Disrupt Bee Colonies

NewsFactor Network

By Barry Levine

Electromagnetic radiation from nearby cell phones disrupts honeybee behavior, a new study says. It warns that calls from nearby devices can cause 'colony losses due to unexpected swarming,' and may be a factor in colony collapses. ...



Study Shows Bee-pocalypse Caused by Cell Phones

LAPTOP Magazine (blog)

According to a new study from the Swiss Federal Insititute of Technology, cell phone signals may confuse honeybees, causing them to become disoriented before ultimately dying. That s a concern because 70 out of 100 of the world's food crops are ...



Study Suggests Cellphones Kill Honeybees

Top Tech Reviews

He then monitored the bees' reactions and found out that active cellphones made the bees produce worker piping sounds. This disturbs the whole bee colony. During the past years, beekeepers have reported large number of dying honeybees and biologists ...



Fox News Video

Cell Phones Caused Mysterious Worldwide Bee Deaths, Study Finds

Cellphone transmissions may be responsible for a mysterious, worldwide die off in bees that has mystified scientists, according to a new study.



Signals from mobile phones could be partly to blame for the mysterious deaths of honeybees, new research shows.

Daily Mail

They found the phone signals confused the bees who begin to fly erratically before dying suddenly.

Lead researcher Daniel Favre from Lausanne, Switzerland, ...


Bees Know Best at Oceanside s Prince of Peace Abbey


The Harm to Bees

The Daily Mail article on the bees is closed for further comment but I am pasting in two comments that I made earlier. They pretty much sum up the situation in less than 2000 characters.

1. Why our bees are dying

I am a scientist who has worked for many years on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

The bees' problem lies in a substance called cryptochrome, which is present in every living plant and animal cell where it is part of their body clocks. Bees use the sun for navigation and need their body clocks to compensate for its changing position throughout the day.

Cryptochrome is also affected by magnetic fields and birds and insects also use it for navigation in the Earth s field. Because of its extreme sensitivity to magnetic fields, both functions of cryptochrome are badly disrupted by the electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and their base stations.

They are simultaneously deprived of both of their means of navigation, become stressed and disoriented and may not be able to find their way home.

Also, animal immune systems are governed by the body clock (they work best at night) and these too fail, making them more susceptible to pathogens. The perfect storm.

2. What will happen if the bees die out?

Many of our most valuable crops are bee pollinated. Without the bees, they will not set seed and die out.

Even our cereals, which are wind pollinated, are not safe since they do not host the friendly nitrogen fixing bacteria needed for sustainable agriculture. They would depend instead on mined fertilizers or the use of fossil fuels to make them from the nitrogen in the air. Neither is sustainable.

Also, cereals on their own do not give a balanced diet. In particular, they are deficient in vitamin C. If we had to depend on them alone, there would be a mass outbreak of scurvy, where vitamin C deficiency stops our bodies making connective tissue. This leads to a very slow and painful death.

Any government or vested interest that does not take this seriously will have a lot to answer for. Ironically, most other animals make their own vitamin C and would be spared.

- Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, London UK, 13/5/2011 18:19

More strong evidence of bees being harmed by EMFs



Is Mobile Technology Killing Bees


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Where have all the honeybees gone?

Independent Online


London - Signals from mobile phones and masts could be partly ... of an active mobile phone disturbs bees Ð and has a dramatic effect. ...



Our Cell Phones May Be Making the Bees Buzz Off


To test the theory, researchers placed a mobile phone underneath a hive and then ... Dr. Favre believes signals from mobile phones and masts could be...



Are Cell Phones Killing Bees?


The decreasing honey bee population is causing some buzz these days, ... The result: the noise the insects made increased ten-fold when a phone call was ...



Cell phones may be contributing to the honeybee population decline

(PhysOrg.com) - In a new study published in Apidologie, Lausanne researcher and bee specialist Daniel Favre shares his findings of cell phones electromagnetic fields and their effects on the honeybee population. Research is being done worldwide to try ...



Beehive Must Wake Up To Honey Bee Crisis


Similar losses in New Zealand would be disastrous for our horticultural industries that depend on bees for pollination, and so we need to take steps to protect our bees before it is too late. We cannot wait until bees are dying en masse before we act. ...



Cell Phones and Honeybees - New Study Suggests A Connection


A recent study by a Swiss researcher claimed electromagnetic waves from mobile phones might lead to the deaths of honeybees worldwide and the complete destruction of colonies. 'Among other factors (...) signals from mobile phones and masts could be ...


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