Electromagnetic fields: High-level microwave technology concerns

The attached article puts together a lot of information on the hazards of cell phones.

Sepp Hasslberger

Electromagnetic fields: High-level microwave technology concerns


The overwhelming testimony and struggles of James Collet

Leucémie: L?appel pour sauver James Collet, son témoignage bouleversant et ses combats


Leucemia: Salvar James Collet, su testimonio conmovedor, y sus combates

French to English translation

The overwhelming testimony and struggles of James Collet

Thursday 1st July 2010

Candidate cantonal and the municipal elections in 2004 in 2008, this physio-osteopath suffering from generalized cancer fight against death. Prepared for the worst, assisted by his sister Krysthel he talks about his battles against the antennas, for organ donation. Saint-Genis-des-FOUNTAINS few days ago, the agency's Independent Argelès we received an email entitled: "The final message of James Collet. In a few sentences, the former physiotherapist of Saint-Genis described his condition "in the red, with a final salary and a small chance of escape. Hospitalized in a specialized unit in Marseille is through his sister Krysthel that James has accepted with pride and courage to answer our questions.

James, when and how the disease was declared?

It was December 13, 2008, smashing! It all started with symptoms of peripheral organs: Spleen, pleura, mediastinum, tonsils, nasopharynx, and bone marrow. In my case, the symptoms were very special because the mediastinal tumor, located between the lungs, I compressed the heart, superior vena cava and the aorta, there was a medical emergency.

In your opinion, there are disturbing elements, what are they?

I had a lifestyle very strict on the food and physical (running, marathon, biking ...). I've always been a big consumer of mobile phones and I was exposed 12 hours over 24 hours on my workplace to electromagnetic fields above 1 volt. The antennae of different mobile operators were located 50 meters from my place of work in Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines.

Do you really think these antennas are the source of your illness?

The origin of leukemia is unclear, but exposure to ionizing radiation and electromagnetic as well as pesticides, are challenged by many independent experts like Professor Belpomme, president of the Association for Research on cancer therapies. The most disturbing thing is that we are very close neighbors of several antennas to be affected or died, exactly the same malignant disease. In my street, a neighbor triggered breast cancer in the house next to the medical center, the three occupants have leukemia, two of them are dead. And we found a score of cancer in the scope of these antennas. Disturbing, no!

You attended last summer at a public meeting against the installation of a satellite mobile Montesquieu, your evidence was overwhelming, yet the project's opponents have lost in court, what do you think?

Today the rules of installing mobile phone masts are consistent with data that have never been scientifically demonstrated. Some antennas emit up to 51 V / m (note Next-up organization: legally antennas can transmit at 61 V / m in UMTS 10,000,000 ?W / m according to Decree 2002-775, this value extravagant and foolish that is fatal is obviously never reached, however, it is enforceable by law, it serves mainly to reassure the public and Mayors as the official measures say are very immutably inferior. The main thing is that they can dismiss almost All legal actions brought by residents, is "a well-oiled mechanism" that works beautifully for years, is the ultimate weapon for operators. Those who condone active or passive ways by their standards exteriorizations as part of their responsibilities will be accountable to the justice of men, we rightly consider themselves criminals, Roselyne Bachelot Minister of Health included), while all independent experts including the American report, "BioInitiative" recommend maximum exposure to 0.6 volts / meter. Therefore, with the Association for a regulation on the siting of mobile phone antennas, we are asking the public authorities to apply as soon as possible precaution to all. Especially for children, and banned from installing antennas near schools. The childhood leukemias are booming.

Today, with your energy is exceptional, a second battle is engaged: that of bone marrow donation?

For my personal battle I know the game will be very difficult, I have the courage, faith, the best specialists follow me but I know it will not do anything if you do not find a compatible bone marrow donor. You should know that today the donation of bone marrow, as blood donation, is essential in blood diseases to keep alive the sick, or even permanently cure. Demand has exploded over the last 10 years, also in children, now everyone should know it can, on personal decision, save a person. For this, he must contact the hospital or blood center or seek advice from his doctor.

On the eve of a new term for you which messages you want to convey?

We are doing this paradise that is our environment, our own hell. We have disrupted the balance of life, today we are millions facing cancer. We urgently need to respond and restore the balance, to finally common sense and empathy. The problem is both of public health but also social, economic and political.

Where do you get that strength ... for life?

Life is a gift, it is wonderful and nobody has the right, even in difficult times, to give up. The force that found itself, is consolidated with all thoughts and prayers of our supporters who weave every day a protective cocoon around the patient and reassuring.


I do not know where I will be tomorrow but I want life to be a priority, that the precautionary principle apply systematically the time to scientifically prove things. I thank all the people who understand this message and who will take care of transmitting it. I want to tell my children that I am in them for eternity, that life is beautiful when it defends values.

Veronique Parayre

Informant: Martin Weatherall


James Collet Leukaemia Appeal


- Dominique Belpomme, Professeur de cancérologie :
"Il y a un lien prouvé entre champs électro-magnétiques, cancers et leucémies"

More about the theme:


Karolinska "Nobel Prize" Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher

Please see the attached document.

Is this a despicable attempt to stop the truth about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation?

By John Weigel


Wireless Internet in SD 20: good for learning, bad for kids?

Informant: Martin Weatherall

Support Prof. Olle Johansson


Important information regarding Olle Johansson:

Please find below the answer from Professor Staffan Cullheim, head of the department where Olle Johansson is employed at the Karolinska Instititute. The rumours that Olle Johansson is fired or loosing his working space is not correct. There are negociations at the department of reducing the space, 120 m2, that Johansson occupies since the year 2000, which is substantially more than anybody else at the department has. Normally 7-8 persons share 120 m2. Olle Johansson is therefore offered other space at other locations within the institute. All other researchers, including Professor Cullheim, has already moved within the insitutuion, with the exception of Olle Johansson.

Kind regards

Solveig Silverin

From: Staffan.Cullheim@ki.se
To: solveigsilverin@hotmail.com
CC: registrator@ki.se; rektorssekreterare@ki.se; Eva.Tegelberg@ki.se; O.Kiehn@ki.se
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 10:09:30 +0200
Subject: Re: Pressmedelande gällande docent Olle Johansson KI


Pressmeddelandet ger inte korrekt information. Olle Johansson kommer att erbjudas andra lokaler än de han nu förfogar över. Inom alla företag och organisationer sker omflyttningar av verksamhet för att helheten skall fungera så bra som möjligt. I det aktuella fallet behövs de lokaler Olle Johansson nu befinner sig i för ett av Karolinska Institutet särskilt prioriterat centrum för mikroskopisk avbildning. Han kommer att erbjudas alternativa lokaler av samma standard som de nuvarande. En viss neddragning av ytan är dock nödvändig mot bakgrund av han som ensam anställd vid Institutionen för neurovetenskap nu förfogar över en lokalyta på c:a 120 kvm, vilket är fullständigt unikt för institutionen och Karolinska Institutet. Det normala antalet arbetande inom en så stor yta är 7-8 personer. Lokalkostnaden för Olle Johanssons ytor är c:a 550 000 kr/år, varav han själv står för 2/3 med egna forskningsmedel medan institutionen betalar resterande 1/3. Institutionen ser det som orimli gt att så stora lokalkostnader skall läggas på en enskild individ. Institutionens övriga forskare har också börjat ifrågasätta institutionsledningens positiva särbehandling av Olle Johansson i detta avseende.

Vår avsikt är alltså att erbjuda Olle Johansson lokaler av samma standard som hans nuvarande, men på annan plats inom den byggnad Institutionen för neurovetenskap befinner sig. Lokalerna kommer också att storleksanpassas för att någorlunda harmoniera med institutionens övriga forskargruppers lokalanvändning.

Detta är första gången Olle Johansson behöver flytta sedan institutionen samlades i den s k Retziusbyggnaden år 2000. Praktiskt taget samtliga andra forskare, inklusive jag själv, har redan flyttat inom byggnaden minst en gång under denna tid. Självfallet skall vi i samband med Olle Johanssons flytt se till att minimera eventuella olägenheter som kan uppstå.

Med vänlig hälsning,

Staffan Cullheim
Professor, prefekt
Institutionen för neurovetenskap
Karolinska Institutet

----- Original Message -----
From: Solveig Silverin <solveigsilverin@hotmail.com>
Date: Friday, July 9, 2010 2:50 pm
Subject: Pressmedelande gällande docent Olle Johansson KI
To: Staffan Cullheim KI <Staffan.Cullheim@ki.se>


Enligt ett pressmeddelande är det beslutat att docent Olle Johansson KI inte får ha kvar sina lokaler, se pressmeddelandet och man hänvisar till dig. Vi undrar om detta stämmer och vad är bakgrunden till detta?

Med vänlig hälsning

Solveig Silverin


RE: Prof. Olle Johansson
Von: Sibylle Gabriel
Datum: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 23:58:39 +0200

Read this message from Olle. We are living in a very very wicked world.


-------- Original-Nachricht --------

Datum: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 12:51:34 -0700
Von: Olle Johansson
An: Sibylle Gabriel
Betreff: Re: Fwd: RE: Prof. Olle Johansson

Dear Sibylle and Mimsy,

This is not true. It is just smoke and spin. See my own reply to Staffan Cullheim, to which he has not responded yet*; the original in Swedish and my translation of it into English. (*His only response so far came today, August 3, in which he asks me: "If you could arrest the intense e-mail activity from people out in the world that I (my comment: Staffan Cullheim) now have to deal with together with the President (my comment: Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson) it would be easier for me and the President to concentrate on solving our common problem!")

In summary, as you will see, he is blaming a whole variety of different persons who has "demanded this action against me". I am now myself demanding Staffan Cullheim to send me all these persons' names. In addition, I challenge all of his arguments, which I find to be just empty balloons.

Any further assistance, support, suggestions, ideas, from you will all be very helpful - I am afraid that people in general will rest their cases, not realizing that they will have to send reminders, send reminders, send reminders, and then send reminders again.

I wish you a very good evening!

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm Sweden


Professor The Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm Sweden

----- Original Message -----

From: Sibylle Gabriel
Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 12:48 pm
Subject: Fwd: RE: Prof. Olle Johansson
To: Olle.Johansson@ki.se

Hi Olle,

it seems that the situation is changing now for you. I am very happy that you will be able to continue your precious work.

Here the mail that Mimsy got just now from Staffan Cullheim.

From: Staffan.Cullheim@ki.se
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 13:09:12 +0200
Subject: Re: Prof. Olle Johansson

Thank you for your letter expressing concerns about Dr Olle Johansson's research activities at the Karolinska Institutet.

The basic facts regarding his situation seems to have been misunderstood, however. From your letter and others, the impression is that we have decided to acutely withdraw Dr Johansson's premises or at least change them in a way that brings large obstacles to his work. In reality, there is a plan to move his laboratory within our department, and he will be offered premises and conditions that will suit his activities well.

In all companies and organisations it is accepted that the location of various activities may change with time in order to optimize the effectivity of the organisation. The rooms that Olle Johansson uses at the moment are planned for an extension of a special facility for microscopic imaging. But, as already stated, he will be offered alternative premises.

Thus, our aim is to offer Olle Johansson premises of the same standard as those he is currently using, but at another location in the building where our department is located. The size of the premises will be adjusted somewhat to harmonize with the use of space of the other 35 research groups at the department. The costs for premises are shared between the research groups and the department.

This is the first time Olle Johansson needs to move since the department assembled in the Retzius building in 2000. Almost all other researchers, including myself, have already moved within the house at least once during this time. We will of course see to that we minimize the troubles linked with the moving process so that Olle Johansson's work can be continued in an efficient way. I will discuss with him in August a plan that will give the least inconvenience for him.

Sincerely yours,

Staffan Cullheim
Professor, chair
Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institutet

Olle has given me permission to send this out to all of us who have written in protest as Steffan Culheim is trying to pour oil on troubled waters, trouble is he's lying through his teeth.

So anyone who has received a similar email please write back and protest shaming him into elling the truth and acting with some integrity.


Informant: CGamba


Mobbing of Prof. Olle Johansson


Mobilfunkanbieter sponsert Studie zur Krebsrate durch Sendemasten

Kontroverse britische Studie

Die Frage, ob Strahlungen, die von Mobilfunksendemasten ausgehen, zu einem erhöhten Krebsrisiko führen, ist seit Jahren heftig umstritten. ...



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