Funkmast-Debatte: Bürgerinitiative wendet sich mit offenem Brief an Politiker und Experten


Sie wehren sich: Die Bürgerinitiative gegen den geplanten Funkmast in der Aaseestadt fordert mehr Transparenz im Verfahren. ...



April 2010: Science Update

The following is a quick summary of another fifteen papers that have come out over the last few months related to effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Click here for the full news story


Streit um den Funkmast spitzt sich zu


Der umstrittene Mobilfunkmast beschäftigt die Politik. ...


Standort für Funkmast gesucht

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt

Allein in Bayern sollen 900 neue, 30 bis 40 Meter hohe Sendemasten aufgestellt werden. Schwierigkeiten gibt es in den Gemeinden ganz offenbar bei der Suche ...



Vodafone baut nun den Sender auf der Emmeringer Leite


Vodafone einen 37 Meter hohen Sendemast. Es liegt eine Gerichtsentscheidung vor, gegen die nur noch beim Bundesverfassungsgericht vorgegangen werden kann, ...


Wi-Fi in schools and health effects of microwave radiation

Meeting on Wireless Health Effects, Ottawa, Canada

Informant: gotemf


Another misguided Government Plan

$225 million gov't funds allocated to subsidize companies expanding high speed accessibility in Canada. In the beginning of the report it mentions concerns about health effects as being environmental effects, but later in the report mentions equipment disposal as the environmental effect.


Seizures and Cell Phones

The comments are more interesting than the article:


Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

See the video - http://repfredcamillo.com/?p=324

Report on School Safety: Cell Tower Proximity Concerns Expert

Fiorito: See that big microwave tower? Me, neither

This is a link to the microwave hearings that were held on Tuesday in Ottawa. The music at the intro has been removed, you can fast forward and rewind it - and you can download it to listen in an ipod.


Robert W

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Wi-Fi in schools and health effects of microwave radiation



From Microwave Radiation

This is an excellent video on the dangers and health risks of installing Wi-Fi in schools. Kids (YES KIDS) describing many of the same symptoms I and others who are sensitive experience when exposed to Wi-Fi, cell towers, cordless phones and other sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Let's not mince words - with the unmitigated roll-out of Wi-Fi in schools this is a monumental problem and we need to act swiftly and strongly to protect our children. We don't need peer reviewed/published studies to act on this.

We cannot wait until many our children start showing symptoms. I firmly believe that we need to raise awareness on a massive scale and do whatever it takes to have Wi-Fi removed from schools. If we need to start picketing or peacefully demonstrating on a regular basis, so be it. We the people elect our governments - unfortunately it looks like "we the people" have to do their job of protecting our children.

Link to the video:

Citizens for Safe Technology will be hosting several public meetings in Surrey and Vancouver over the coming months to discuss the dangers and risks of cell phone use by children and also Wi-Fi in schools. We will be showing a new, award winning documentary called "Full Signal".

Please distribute this message widely and help us continue raise awareness. Judging by the tone of the hearings on microwave radiation in Ottawa this past week, our government isn't doing anything to protect us and does not want to stop the gravy train of industry revenue from these technologies. Their longer they deny the problem the greater their liability grows.

I'll leave you with one more link. There you will find several short videos of retired scientist Barry Trower talking about Wi-Fi in schools. Barry worked for the British military intelligence in microwave and stealth warfare. Barry reported a week ago in a radio interview that France is spending 174 million euros pulling Wi-Fi out of all its schools. I have been in touch with Barry's assistant and she is sending me some info to confirm this.

Protecting Children From Radiation



Director, Citizens for Safe Technology

Letter to Member of Parliament
From: Carl Katz
Date: Sun, May 2, 2010
Subject: Email From Former Kerrisdale Constituent Carl Katz
To: MurraJ@parl.gc.ca

Dear Ms. Murray,

You may remember me from a meeting we had at your office in June 2008. My friend and colleague Milt Bowling also attended that meeting.

I brought to your attention the fact that I had become ill while living just a few blocks away from your office in Kerrisdale, specifically that I had become Electrohypersensitive living in close proximity to three buildings that have cell phone transmitters on them.

 At the time I was experiencing a myriad of neurological symptoms, including disturbed sleep, constant tinnitus, headaches, warmth and tingling in my extremities, problems with memory and fatigue just to name a few. I may have even related how my family doctor told me that he had another patient who was experiencing the same symptoms when in close proximity to cell towers and other wireless technologies. I would assert that there are many more people, estimated at between 5% and 20% of the population, experiencing these symptoms. They likely have no idea what is causing their distress.

Last November (2009) after a lengthy housing search, I moved to a home on acreage in South Surrey. Having distance from cell phone transmitters, Wi-Fi and cordless phones and also taking part in a health intervention program that treats Electrohypersensitivity has had a significant positive impact on my health.

I also may have mentioned that in January 2008, I was diagnosed with what appeared to be a benign brain tumor. Thankfully, subsequent MRI's have shown no growth or change.

Fast forward to May 2010: We now find that children in schools with Wi-Fi are experiencing and self reporting symptoms of Electrohypersensitivity as witnessed in this video:


I understand that you are part of a committee taking part in hearings this past week on the effects of microwave radiation. I remember you mentioning in June 2008 that from your perspective, my reporting of this information was anecdotal and that in your words it would take large numbers of people - 40,000 - as many as those in a typical riding such as Vancouver Quadra, to have enough weight to have the government sit up and take this issue seriously.

At this point in time, I am almost two years farther along in my work and research on this issue. From my perspective, it is clear that there is no mass hysteria or collective psychosomatic phenomenon going on here - there are simply too many of us who have, independently of each other, reported the same constellation of health problems and symptoms. People are getting sick - from cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and still we have no demonstration of action from government showing that they are truly taking this monumental problem seriously.

If government was taking this issue seriously:

- We would see independent health studies in neighborhoods such as Kerrisdale or the West End of downtown comparatively measuring the health of residents living close to towers with those not living around the technology.

- We would see independent health studies on the effects of wireless technologies on brainwaves (EEG), heart rate and other biological processes rather than technical studies that confirm what we already know - that radiation levels from cell towers and Wi-Fi don't exceed Safety Code Six guidelines.

- We would see family doctors engaging in learning how to diagnose and treat Electrohypersensitivity and speaking up about this issue rather than remaining silent.

My ability to earn a living has been severely impacted since being diagnosed as Electrohypersensitive and I am only now starting to figure out how get my income levels back up to where they were a few years ago. I work as an I.T. Support Consultant to medium and small business - not the ideal profession if you are sensitive to wireless technologies.

My ability to parent my two children (who are now 8 and 10 years old) has also been severely impacted by exposure to wireless technologies. In September 2007, at a time when I had 50% time with Zach and Nicole, I had to give up all my time with them for a six week period ? I simply could not manage the day to day stress.

 It has taken almost 2. 5 years to get back to the point where I can care for them and have close to the 50% time I had. I am truly blessed to have an empathetic co-parent (their mother). The pain my children and I experienced while we had limited time with each other was very hard on all of us. I must also mention how challenging this has been for their mother, a single parent who is also running her own business who stepped up and singlehandedly took on additional time with Zach and Nicole to allow me time to get my health in order.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my health, moving, and other interventions to reduce my exposure. Like others who are Electrohypersensitive, I have had no choice but to "run for cover" to get as far as I can from the city and the dense array of microwave transmitters found there. After 18 months on an Electromagnetic Intervention Program I can now ?tolerate? time spent in the city, but often have to spend a day recovering in South Surrey after spending a day the downtown core.

Make no mistake - those of us whose health has been impacted by wireless technologies are the ?canaries in the coal mine?. There are individuals I know of across the country who simply can no longer have a career or function in society.

This knowledge and awareness has had me working tirelessly with other parents to have Wi-Fi removed from schools and I will not stop until this has been accomplished. I have serious concerns for the health of my children who are currently attending a Wi-Fi'd school in White Rock ? the stress and concern are unavoidable considering what I feel like when I am around strong Wi-Fi signals and what I know as a senior  I.T. support technician who has installed at least 100 Wi-Fi networks.

I regularly hear reports on the news of "conflicting evidence" regarding the studies around wireless technologies. When one takes a discerning look at these studies, we find that those that are truly independent and not funded by industry are 80% more likely to find a correlation between ill health and exposure (Dr. Henry Lai). The only way to truly evaluate the value and quality of a study is to take a critical look at the study design.  Looking at the quality and design of industry funded studies versus independently funded studies will confirm that the current independent science is conclusive and that this has been the case for several years.

The Bioinitiative report ( http://www.bioinitiative.org/ ), which has unfortunately been marginalized by the wireless industry, is a "review" of over 2000 peer reviewed, published scientific papers on the health effects and biological effects of microwave radiation from wireless technologies. The authors of the report reached their conclusions based on a review of all these papers. I would assert that the Bioinitiative report is one of the most important documents currently available on this crucial subject. The authors of the report who are public health doctors, Phd's and other scientists, volunteered their time and worked tirelessly in service to humanity.

We in dire need of leaders who will stand up and start taking action to protect us, which is one of the most important roles government plays. I respectfully realize how challenging this is - no one MP or MLA can do this alone. Dr. Keith Martin, MP for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca has been representing the citizens of Collingwood BC on this issue for a few years. Perhaps his experience as a medical doctor has afforded him a ?birds eye? perspective on this huge problem.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this further  with you.

Please help us protect our children and ourselves.


Carl Katz
Director, Citizens for Safe Technology

The Wi-Fi database that shamed Google?

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Does wi-fi technology pose potential risk?

Irish Medical Times

Electromagnetic radiation can pass through the blood-brain barrier in the skull, she added. ?Very little passes through this area and there's not much ...



World renowned international scientist Barrie Trower talks about electromagnetic radiation


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Klares Nein-Signal zum Funkmast

Badische Zeitung

Die Sorge um die Natur und das Landschaftsbild ist eines der Argumente, weshalb die Vertreter des Dinkelbergdorfs den Bau eines Mastes für den Behördenfunk ...



"Die Situation ist unhaltbar"

Badische Zeitung

"Der Elektrosmog aber ist von Menschen gemacht." Das Problem seien die absichtlich nur zum Zweck der Strahlung gebauten Geräte, die Palette reicht vom ...



Bürgerwelle News



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