Elektrosmog nur Panikmache?

Elektrosmog nur Panikmache



Police officers sue force over 'radio injuries'

Police officers are preparing to sue their own force over a series of illnesses they claim were caused by the radio system they use while out on patrol.


Informant: Margaret E White

British Police Officers Are Suing the Authorities



There is currently a blocking campaign in Maine being conducted by Telecom industry

Pretend it's a big joke and it will just go away?

We are currently seeking funds for taking our initiative to Maine, Pennsylvania, possibly New Mexico and Iowa, definitely Washington, DC, but ultimately, we would like to see this bill enacted WORLDWIDE.

In case you hadn't seen it, below is the CNBC interview with both the legislator from Maine, Andrea Boland, who is introducing our initiative, The Children's Wireless Protection Act, and Lloyd Morgan, primary author of a paper we co-authored along with a group of international advocates on this issue entitled, "Cell Phones and Brain Tumors, 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone".


The CNBC host and and reporter treat this issue very cavalierly, almost making fun it. Their attitude smacks of industry influence on how to handle a situation like this...pretend it's a big joke and it will just go away. But it won't. This initiative is going to vote and we are confident we will prevail.

To download our paper from the CNBC report that Ms. Boland is holding, click here...


Our efforts in Maine are currently costing us flights for expert witnesses, hotels, meals and car rental. We also have attorney fees for the start of our non profit this year. To donate to our our efforts on this issue in Maine, the rest of the US and ultimately worldwide, click here and scroll to the bottom left hand side of the homepage to the DONATE button...


To get this bill going in your own state or country, please send us an email and we will be in touch with you.

We are very happy to announce our latest endorsement of The Children's Wireless protection Act from last week,

Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, MD.
Chief Medical Officer, Intrexon Corporation
Formerly, Founding Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Liz @ The Peoples Initiative Foundation


Maine heavily lobbied by industry right now

Surprise, surpise...there is currently a blocking campaign in Maine being conducted by Telecom industry. They are lobbying heavily against The Children's Wireless Protection Act, the bill calling for a brain cancer warning label on all cell phones in the state of Maine. Hearings are scheduled for next week, March 2nd. If you would like to write an email in support of the bill or give the voting members of the committee a call in support, or both, we think it would be helpful at this point. If you email, it can be a brief personal story or even just a sentence or two about why you support the bill. Some of you are on this list are victims, some are scientists who's careers have been adversely affected because your findings were contrary to industry profits, some of you have kids, some of you use your cell phone occupationally, some of you live in a different state or country, but all of us are affected by our own cell phone use, and all of us have the potential to be affected by the passage (or not) of this bill. We believe given fair warning about this product, many of us would have changed our cell phone behavior in the past or those who don't yet know, would in the future use it more cautiously, like with a headset, or for emergencies only, as the manuals state (not the advertisements).

Here are the email addresses of the committee members who will be hearing the bill on March 2nd. Just your personal sincerity on this issue is all that is necessary. And as a reminder, kindness and gratitude are always a winning combination...you get more bees with honey!

And speaking of which, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS!!! We really need it!!!

Sincerely, Liz and the whole entire team who is working tirelessly to to get this bill passed!

PS. For those who don't know, D is Democrat, R is Republican

You can either send them each an email individually or to make things easier, you can just highlight the below info and delete there's and just send them all at once, or another alternative is you can address your email to the members of the HHS committee and this person...


who will distribute them in their boxes for you, but I always feel more comfortable going direct just to reduce the possiblity of error.


Joseph Brannigan ? D Chair SenJoe.Brannigan@Legislature.Maine.Gov Business ? 207-874-1080 H ? 207-772-6047

Lisa Marrache ? D DrLisa@ElmCityMed.com

Peter Mills ? R PMills@MaineLegal.net Courtney ? assistant law firm


Anne Perry ? D Chair APerry@MaineLine.net
(207) 454-7338 cell, (207) 214-7000 7338, home

Patricia Jones ? D PJone000@RoadRunner.com RepPat.Jones@legislature.maine.gov
207-512-5102 h

Mark Eves ? D MarkWEves@yahoo.com RepMark.Eves@legislature.maine.gov
207-676-1001 h, 850-0516 o

Mathew Peterson ? D PetersonHouse08@gmail.com
207-776-8051 cell

Linda Sanborn ? D LindaSanborn@Maine.RR.com RepLinda.Sanborn@legislature.maine.gov
207-839-4664 h, 939-2879 c

Peter Stuckey ? D PStuckey114@yahoo.com RepPeter.Stuckey@legislature.maine.gov

Sarah Lewin ? R SallyMeHse@comcast.net

James Campbell ? R JSCampbell@PSouth.net

Henry Joy ? R RepHenry.Joy@Legislature.Maine.gov
207-463-2507 h,

Meredith Strang Burgess - R Meredith@BurgessADV.com RepMeredith.StrangBurgess@legislature.maine.gov
207-829-6264, h, 831-5227 c

Donald Soctomah ? Passamaquoddy Tribe soctomah@ainop.com
(207) 214-4051 Business Telephone: (207) 796-2301 or 853-2600


Cellphone Encryption Code Hacked

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 12:05am.

A German computer engineer said Monday that he had deciphered and published the secret code used to encrypt most of the world?s digital mobile phone calls, saying it was his attempt to expose weaknesses in the security of global wireless systems.


Informant: Dorothee Krien

New Power Line on BI Too Risky

Kitsap Sun

Over the past several years, a large number of studies have been released that demonstrate the clear risks posed by persistent EMF exposure. ...



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