Garage fights phone-mast plan

Aberdeen Press and Journal

By Stephen Christie

A bid by a pair of rival mobile phone companies to build a 65ft mast at Fraserburgh has come up against opposition from a local garage, ...


Mobile phone mast bid wins backing

Aberdeen Press and Journal

By Jamie Buchan

An attempt by mobile phone rivals to build a 65ft mast at Fraserburgh has won crucial backing from council planners, despite fears it could ...


Councillors to visit site for proposed Broch phone mast

Press and Journal

By Stephen Christie

COUNCILLORS have organised a visit to the site of a proposed mobile phone mast at Fraserburgh. The project, being spearheaded by ...


Mobile phone firms renew bid for mast

Aberdeen Press and Journal

TWO mobile phone companies fighting to overturn a decision to block plans for a new mast at Fraserburgh have launched an appeal over another of their failed ...



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