Microwave Auditory effect - Krank machende Frequenzen "hörbar" gemacht

From: Toa Greening
Subject: RE: 98 Hill Rd Cell Phone Tower - RC 33752
To: Brett.O'Shaughnessy@manukau.govt.nz
Date: Thursday, 15 April, 2010, 11:36 AM

Good Morning Brett,

Have you been advised as to whether the Resource Consent is to be notified or non-notified?

With regards to whether this is a minor effect. You may not be aware but we developed tinnitus (continuous buzzing in the ears) 6 weeks after the Cell Phone Tower was installed in front of our home. In the end I purchased a EMF meter to determine that the Microwave radiation in our lounge was equivalent to standing 1-2 meters away from a Microwave oven on full. We no longer sit in our lounge because of this. I have since been to the Auckland University Audiology clinic and have been diagnosed with Tinnitus. I can send you the diagnosis from the Auckland University Audiology clinic.

After some research I found that what we were experiencing was a scientific principal called the Microwave Auditory effect. I contacted several government agencies and ended up in contact with one of the lead scientists (who is employed by Motorola) on the Microwave Auditory effect. The studies completed were of higher power but very short exposures (ie in the minutes) however there are no studies on the lower power levels in our lounge and continuous exposures (ie 4-6 hrs / day for 6 weeks). Tinnitus is unpleasant and has a major effect for those who have it.

The Resource Consent should be fully notified so that we can have an opportunity to be fully heard.

T Greening B.Tech (Information Engineering) CCNA, CCDA, MCSE, CNA, CCA, HPNSP

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Krank machende Frequenzen "hörbar" gemacht

HLV Info 030


Ich schicke heute eine Seite, auf der die uns krank machenden Frequenzen "hörbar" sind. Die Töne wirken für sich selbst und jeder Zweifelnde kann dadurch erkennen, das dies nichts Positives ist, was auf den Körper einwirkt. Bitte verbreiten Sie dies weiter.


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