Professor killed in home invasion

I felt obligated to share it with you. It is very sad and horrible. I also happened to have met this man in 2009 and interviewed him briefly for the documentary I've been working on. I'm sure at least some of you on this list know him personally. He was a senior scientist with Motorola for approx. 20 years, who according to this report, resigned last year and started working with cancer and electromagnetic radiation at a university in Florida. He was shot and killed in a home invasion, his wife bound and gagged and the house set on fire. The wife miraculously escaped with their son who had been sleeping. Police are calling it "not a random act".


From thepeoplesinitiative.org


Motorola?s Junkyard Dog

It was an ugly scene. Motorola?s Joe Morrissey came to the microphone after Dariusz Leszczynski?s talk at the BEMS meeting and asked if he had read the epidemiological and animal studies showing that mobile phone radiation has no health effects. If so, he wondered, why was Leszczynski speculating about microwave- induced cancer risks and leakage through the bloodbrain barrier (see p.10). ?Are you aware of these studies?? Morrissey demanded to know. There was a moment of stunned silence before Leszczynski responded that of course he was. ?I should have answered, ?Yes, I can read,?? he later told us. Motorola is the single most important force in bioelectromagnetics today. It is the largest sponsor of health research, both on its own and through the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, and it controls key positions on standard-setting committees and professional societies such as BEMS. Motorola has a big say about what papers are published, what standards are adopted and what meetings are held?it even decides what news is sent to BEMS members. But as the Morrissey episode illustrates, there is more than science on Motorola?s agenda. The company has never shied away from spinning research results. Remember how its PR people ?war-gamed? the Lai-Singh results? (See MWN, J/F97.) Too often, Motorola takes the position that experimental results from labs it sponsors are always right and that conflicting findings must be wrong. Henry Lai and N.P. Singh saw DNA breaks in rat brains following microwave exposure, but Joe Roti Roti did not. Motorola says you have to believe Roti Roti. Whether discouraging China from adopting a tough new SAR standard or pushing for looser microwave exposure limits in the U.S. or arguing that putative nonthermal effects must be due to heating, Mays Swicord, C.K. Chou and Joe Elder want us to believe that their opinions are based on science and only on science. It?s a tough sell. Morrissey is their attack dog and his nasty performance at the BEMS meeting tells us a lot about Motorola?s real agenda: to discredit any data that could hurt the market for mobile phones. By the way, we wonder whether Morrissey is aware of Ross Adey?s animal study showing that digital phone radiation can protect against cancer. He should be. Motorola sponsored it.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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