Submission re Bill 235, Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010

Submission Re Bill 235, Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010

Smart Meter Danger in apartment buildings
Martin Weatherall

23 March 2010

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

This is my submission to members of the Standing Committee on General Government in consideration of Bill 235, Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010.

Dear Committee Members

Smart Meters that are being installed in Ontario, use strong microwave radiation signals to send information about energy use, to electricity providers. Microwave radiation has many adverse health effects at exposure levels which are a fraction of what the Federal Government says is safe. The Federal Government bases their safety levels, simply on heating effects and they completely ignore biological effects on the brain, nervous system, DNA, blood and various other areas of the body.

The smart meter systems (using microwave radiation) that are likely to be installed in apartments throughout Ontario are already obsolete and should not be considered for any future use. This is because of the health harm that may occur to persons who will be exposed to radiation from them. The danger posed by microwave radiation is well known and well researched. The adverse health effects have been known for many years. It would be irresponsible for the Ontario Government to force large numbers of the population to be exposed to microwave radiation. A comparison of the danger, may be spraying all apartments in Ontario with small amounts of dangerous poisons, irritants, harmful emissions and dangerous gasses. These poisons may not harm people in the short term, but over a long period of time they are likely to cause a large amount of significant harm to health.

It is important for the Members of the Ontario Legislature and the members of this committee, to learn about the adverse health effects of microwave radiation, before this bill is considered and before a vote on the subject. The Government must not cause further environmental and health harm to the citizens of Ontario. Many of the modern diseases which are plaguing the world today have been scientifically linked to microwave radiation and other forms of electro magnetic radiation. Signals from apartment smart meters will not simply travel from the meter to the reception point, they are likely to travel on the electrical systems that circulate around apartment buildings and may harm the tenants by re-radiating inside the apartments.

Yesterday I was visiting an apartment in Stratford where the electrical meters (previously installed when the building was new) were located in a room next to the apartment. If, all of these meters were changed to 'smart meters' emitting microwave radiation, this apartment, and others nearby, may become unliveable. All humans are sensitive to electro magnetic radiation. The tremendous increase of electro magnetic radiation, because of wireless devices, is causing many people to become more sensitive and others are becoming electro hyper-sensitive. If the Ontario Government contributes to the amount of electrical pollution, it may be very difficult for some people in Ontario to live normal lives. Electro sensitivities, made worse by the Government installing smart meters may lead to huge legal claims against the Province. If many people develop significant illnesses because of exposure to electro magnetic radiation, the Provincial health system is likely to break down. Please do not under estimate the dangers posed by this new wireless pollution.

The cost to implement smart meters to all apartment buildings around Ontario will be huge, with little likelihood of any major energy savings. In coming years, as more knowledge about the health effects of microwave radiation emerge, there is a real chance that all these new 'Smart Meters' will have to be replaced with 'safe ones' again, at a huge cost. The government should not be experimenting with the health and safety of its citizens. If you do implement a plan to put meters in apartment buildings, you must ensure there is true value to the investment and that they are safe and do not emit radio frequencies or microwave radiation.

An important place to learn about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation is the scientific information contained in the Bio Initiative Report, which can be accessed at http://www.bioinitiative.org . Another location to find out about the dangerous mixture or electricity and radiofrequency pollution is http://www.powerwatch.org.uk . Canadian Internet sites containing information about the health effect of EMR include - http://www.magdahavas.org and http://www.weepinitiative.org .

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
(The Canadian Initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution)


Smart Meters

On behalf of the EMF Safety Network I have filed an application for modification on two Decisions pertaining to Smart Meters with the California Public Utilities Commission. Today I received news from the CPUC docket office that they have accepted the filing and it is posted on the CPUC website for viewing. http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/EFILE/A/116285.htm

On the Network website you can find other new articles of interest about Smart Meters, including comments on privacy also filed with the CPUC. We now have Smart Meter opt out letters for utility customers in two California utility districts that can be sent to the CPUC.

Sandi Maurer
EMF Safety Network

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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