What you should know about cellphone and brain tumors

The article "What you should know about cellphone and brain tumors" by Christiane Tourtet B.A. has been published in the American Chronicle and its 21 affiliates magazines.

Everyone using a cell phone should read it and take the necessary precautions, especially if they are children in the household.


It is better to be safe than sorry!


EMR radiation from Blackberry smart phone when receiving an Email

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Many people use a smart phone as a working tool, they carry it with them all day long and use it to send and receive lots of emails and SMS.

When you carry your smart phone and you use it to receive and send emails you are exposed to a lot of electromagnetic radiation during the day.

This video will show you the levels or radiation emitted from the smart phone when a single email is received.

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Blackberries are the worst. When the email sync function (push) is on the device sync the mailbox every 1 minute for 12 seconds. This means that if you hold/carry/ware the blackberry for 6 hours a day you are exposed to 1 hour of EMR without even talking on it. In addition the levels of EMR blackberries emit is relativly high (~1.4 SAR). No Rad

I bought the Blackberry Torch yesterday which comes with a small safety and product information guide. The font is actually larger than the iphone guide. Also, on page 4 when it gives the spiel about when wearing the device close to your body keep a distance of at least .98 in. or it may cause your device to exceed rf exposure standards, it also states: THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF EXCEEDING RF EXPOSURE STANDARDS MIGHT PRESENT A RISK OF SERIOUS HARM.

Page 23: Use in areas when there is a strong signal....... A reduced signal might indicate increased power output. ...Use hands- free if available and keep the Blackberry at least .98 in. from your body IINCLUDING THE ABDOMEN OF PREGNANT WOMEN AND THE LOWER ABDOMEN OF TEENAGERS!!! More to come as it has many pages on SAR but how interesting is this? And CTIA denies/ignores/spins all of this? Although Snowden repeated how many times "I am not telling you they are safe"? I think my son added that to top of http://www.cabta.org today. "Let me be very clear, the industry has not said once, not once, that cell phones are safe". Quote from CTIA on Sept. 20, 2010. In all fairness he was saying it is the governing agencies that claim they are safe. Let's not go there! The FCC actually changed the website the day of the Burlingame meeting. It had stated as a precaution one should buy a lower sar phone (seen on Sept. 19). On Sept. 20 that was gone! What a coincidence! Also, for those of you that watched the Burlingame hearing, the Maine legislator spoke to Senator Brannigan and Representative Stuckey yesterday and NO ONE from the CTIA (including Mr. Snowden) ever got back to them about the language in the user guides as Mr. Snowden claimed he did. Please share with others. People need to know.

Ellen Marks
Director of Government & Public Affairs Environmental Health Trust

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Blackberry Torch Product Information

Page 23-24 mentions pregnant women and lower abdomens of teenagers.


Ellie Marks

Informant: Martin Weatherall


BlackBerry: Keep Our Phones Away From Your Body


Informant: CGamba


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