South Africa: 45 neighbours harmed by cell phone mast

Migraines, maladies and masts

Tracy-Lee Dorny: 'This was our dream home. We have taken nine years to build it. It has been a haven, and a secure haven for us to live in.'

Tracy-Lee Dorny built high walls to keep her family safe in a city full of threats. She now claims that state of the art security measures can't protect her from the uninvited hazard that landed on her doorstep. An iBurst cell mast was installed in August last year.

Tracy-Lee: 'To watch this big piece of tower go up 30 metres from your bedroom window and know that that is going to be radiating through your home 24/7...'

See the video - http://beta.mnet.co.za/carteblanche/Article.aspx?Id=3838&ShowId=3

If EMF radiation posed a health risk to everyone living near a cell tower, it is a no-brainer that all cell towers should be dismantled, not just those near schools and day cares and homes for the elderly.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

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Here is a video about a woman in Toronto. They put cell phone towers on top of her apartment building and she and her daughter are now quite ill and can't live in their apartment.


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Mobile phones save lives, it's proved


Valley advocates sound alarm on cell phone radiation

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But the scientific community is divided over health effects of the low levels of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the phones. The cell-phone industry ...



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