iPhones and Health

iPhones and Health



Chinese workers: Chemicals used on iPhones led to paralysis

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Something is ...strange in Apple land

The new iPhone 4 - (notice that 4G is not there) is released. It's making waves all over the internet but not good ones. Steve jobs is telling the world not to hold the phone!

If you don't hold the phone in your hand you will have better reception. If you hold the phone in a certain way that shorts out the new aerial - you will loose your connection!


The people at apple could not be that DUMB. Perhaps Apple is coming out to show the world that you can't hold the phone because the radiation will go right into your body. A perfect demonstration. Make them addicted to the devise and then tell them NOT to touch the aerial. Show it too them. Don't hide it inside the phone any longer.

And they dropped the WIMAX part of the phone. There is no G4 and that's WIMAX.

Could it be that Steve is going to set new health standards by showing that you can't hold the phone. That you have to use a headset to get it to work properly?

And no G4? Rogers said that it is not going to invest into G4 networks.

Submitted by Robert W

Steve Jobs solves iPhone 4 reception problems: 'don't hold it that way'

Antenna design on new iPhone is acknowledged as source of poor connectivity - but Apple says problem is inevitable and advises different grip. Or you could try duct tape...


It turns out the new 4G iPhone has an antenna that surrounds the phone and if you hold it in your hand it interferes with reception. Is this a huge technical flaw or a clever way to ensure that you don't hold your cell phone?

Apple recommends that you keep the phone at least 5/8th of an inch away from your body and that includes your hand. Could it be that Apple and cell phone activists are converging on the proper use of cell phones? Place the phone on a table and use it in speaker mode or with an airtube headset. Could it be that Steve Jobs is trying to get people to use the iPhone safely? Now isn't this an interesting way of viewing things?

Read more at http://www.magdahavas.com/2010/06/25/new-iphone-4-problems-are-actually-good-news/

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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