Neurological Disorder in US Kids on the Rise

As per a report, it has been revealed that there has been an enormous rise in the children who suffer from neurological disorders from 1997 to 2006 in US. The number has increased so much that now hospitals catering to such children have to call for more resources so that they could take better care of such children.

(More wireless radiation, more neurological problems.)


Could mobiles affect some more than others?

Mobile phones affect the brainwaves of some individuals more than others, say researchers, who are calling for a rethink about how we study the effects of the pervasive technology...



Reader s rebuttal: Are leading experts always leading experts?



Dr. Andrew Tresidder: Open Letter to Medical Colleagues

See the attached document.

If your doctor is having trouble believing that you suffer from electro-hypersensitivity, this letter may be of some help.



There is Evidence that Suggests these Meters May be Dangerous

As you may know, I introduced House Bill 878 which is the Public Utilities, Smart Meters Opt-Out Option this past Legislative Session in an effort to allow Marylanders the ability to Opt-Out out of having a Smart Meter installed...


BC Hydro Lie to Customers when Installing Smart Meters

Cusheon Lake Smart Meter install on Salt Spring Island.

You be the judge, watch the videos. Did BC Hydro rep say meter would not work as a smart meter? I thought he said it would not be sending out a signal. Sure looks like it is up and running. Video by various Salt Spring people. Part of this video was broadcast live on CFSI 109.9fm Salt Spring community Radio. Dave Gordon was at the control room and Scott Simmons was live on site reporting what was happening.



Smart Meter Fires

Here are some incidents in Texas which you might have seen already.

Damaged Appliances: Galveston, Texas, USA] Woman wants electric company to replace TV by T.J. Aulds, Galveston Daily News - August 23, 2012:



What caught my attention is that the very same words, the same approach is being used there as in British Columbia.

First Hydro says it s not the meter but the home s base or wiring, so it s not the meter s fault

Second, the fire chief says the fire in Houston was the first involving smeters. Yet the electrician in the comments section says something different. There is a major cover up going on here and we need to expose it.

I hope everyone is tracking smart meter related fires and incidents in your area. Find out if your fire departments or Fire Commissioner is tracking. Our fire commissioner has no code for smart meters so any related fire is just coded ''electrical''. Our head fire chief said there is no need to track because he knows the meters are safe!!

We need to have a central place where we can share our information, and, hopefully, we can get an electrical expert to explain all of the design flaws, etc. that might be contributing to these fires. Many, no doubt, are due to using cheap labour for installation, but not all!!

Sharon Noble

Woman blames smart meter for house fire

HOUSTON. A southwest Houston woman is blaming a smart meter for a fire that left her home in shambles in July. ''It s most devastating. It has taken a toll on me just telling you about it,'' said Jaclynn Harwood. ''This shouldn t happen to anybody...


Smart Meter Hearing in Texas Draws Crowds Seeking Opt-out

Hundreds of Texas activists attended a hearing about smart meters, seeking a way to opt out from rec...



Cell Tower Stomp, musical jamboree in Port Franks, Sept 2nd


Please come and support Lambton Shores residents towards a healthier environment. Bring your acoustic instruments, your voice and your family. People are getting together with musicians from all over to bring awareness to the effort to stop any more cell towers from being erected and to have Port Franks designated as the first Low Radiation zone in Canada. Attention as well needs to be given to the proposed cell towers going up within neighbourhoods against Municipal protocol in Grand Bend, Ipperwash and Port Franks. Come show your support and have a really fun day as well.

Sunday 2nd Sept 2012 12 noon, 7503 Dune Drive, Port Franks, Ontario, Canada

Thanks from your Lakeshore Coalition

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Wireless radiation may harm later in life: WEEP


Martin Weatherall, co-director of the Initiative to Stop Wireless Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP), said simple geography dictates exposure to potentially dangerous wireless transmissions. ''Yes, those close to the roof should be very concerned?this is...


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