They should learn about the health effects before subjecting children to dangerous microwave radiation

Cruelty to Animals?




Why would they not learn about the health effects before subjecting children to dangerous microwave radiation?


Wireless Head

In Bavaria (Germany), three government agencies (Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Health, Bavarian Ministry of Education, and the Bavarian Environment Agency) launched a program about cell phone radiation in schools through which interested teachers can loan a ''phantom head'' to do live measurements of cell phones right in class. It is a great visual tool to help students understand the inverse square law and how much it can matter how far the cell phone is away from your body while you are using it.

This is the phantom head being used: http://www.maschek.de/uk/frameset.php?p=produkte


10 Days to Remove Phone Towers

Within the same duration of next 10 days, the government would have to remove mobile phone towers installed on all school buildings and hospitals in the state. In addition to this, the government has to conduct a survey (also in 10 days) and tell the court about the number of cancer patients who are living within the vicinity of cellphone towers.


More School Wi Fi Stupidity

All staff, students and guest will have access to a very robust WiFi system. The WiFi system is now in place in both the elementary and secondary schools...


Cancer fear: were the workers of the broadcast authority exposed to dangerous radiation?

Summery of article: (which is most of the 5 pages)

The workers of the broadcast authority in Haifa are scared: several of them got cancer and part of them died, the common thing to all the sick people: they worked on the same floor where there are the antennas and transmitters. Now they demand from the broadcast authority to expose the results of the radiation checks that were done in the place. The broadcast authority: ''the magnetic fields levels are negligible''.

A worker who got cancer Basem Mansur, tells that he worked in the building for 15 years, and used to come as a child because his father worked there too. He started to think about it when Abu Sharif died of cancer, Omar died of cancer, Danny Unger of TV died of cancer a year ago and his two friends on the radio who are fighting cancer. ''I told myself that if Moshe, who never got close near a cigarette, got cancer, it is surely because there is radiation in the building.''

Mansur was found to have a tumor at the size of coconut, between the lung and the heart.

8 workers in the building died, part of them died relatively in short time. Now the workers feel insecurity to continue to arrive to work, and part of them are thinking of going to court.

''When you are healthy, you don't stop to think what's really going on here'' claims Mansur, ''although always when I arrived at the building I felt dizziness...I trembled of fear every time I had to enter into the building, but this is the place of my work and I knew I had no choice. It is expected of the broadcasting authority that they know to be honest with their workers. Now I believe that they will pay to every person who was damaged by the radiation''.

Today he deals with being underweight and difficulty breathing, his legs and arms are swollen.

''How none in the broadcast authority told us to be careful? If they had told us that there was a chance, even the minimal, that we are sitting inside radiation that endangers our lives, I would have left long time ago. There is no sum in the world that is worth our health''.

Another worker, told: ''The coin fell for us, when we heard of the sudden death of the studios manager, Danny Unger who died of lung cancer very quickly''.

Part of the workers report on headaches, on daily basis. Also the security guards of the building, whose position is close to the transmitters. Also the rest of the workers report on strange phenomenons from time to time.

Experts examination was done but no one saw it or received it. ''We know that there was an examination, at the end they told us that everything is OK and no more than that'' told one of the workers. ''They built, though, partitions between the security guards position and the transmitters, but they told us that this is just in case''.

The broadcasting studios, the dishes, the antennas, are located in the 6th floor of the building, where there are also the TV studios of channel 1. Beyond the wall sit the workers, all day while the transmitters emit radiation. Until lately none asked questions. ''Everything seemed so safe'' explains the same worker, ''that there was no place for questions''.

The technician who works the longest time there, Shmulik Trauber, who deals with lung cancer, did not think there was a place for worry. ''This was not a question that was even raised in me'', he said. He started coughing for 4 weeks non stop, lung cancer was found, with lymph metastases. He worked for 42 years in the broadcast authority.

Only after the newspaper arrived to him he started thinking of a connection, when he thought of the quantity of the people who died or are sick, ''I really start thinking that maybe there s a place for the thought that this is a result of the radiation in the building. Until now I did not think there s a reason.''

One of the workers told that after people who understand about the issue were there, then suddenly partitions were built. ''Bottom line, everyday when I come home my head is very painful''.

Why do you not demand to see the findings of the examination? ''They told us everything is fine. I am afraid to lose my working place which is very comfortable for me. If I do troubles, I will be fired''.

The broadcast authority s response: ''In an examination that was ordered by the broadcast authority, and was done by ''Tevet'' company, an authorized laborary, in January 2010, there was found that the levels of the magnetic fields are negligible, much lower than the WHO s standard and are accepted also by the Env. Ministry. More they added that they monitor and minimize exposure, and their standard is transparency of information for the public and workers...


Informant: Martin Weatherall

More about the theme:


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