Electromagnetic Radiation and Fields

David Suzuki is a world renowned environmentalist. Several times over the past few years I have provided scientific evidence of serious harm to health and the environment, to the Suzuki Foundation, but have always been ignored. Finally Suzuki has now recognised that electromagnetic radiation is an issue, but in this article have chosen to downplay the significance and dangers.

If Suzuki and other environmental groups handled all environmental issues with such a soft touch, people would never be knowledgeable about environmental harm. It is obvious that EMF scientists who warn of the research showing harm, have not been consulted for this article.


Gary Carter, Hall of Fame catcher and Palm Beach Gardens resident, dies at 57

After he was diagnosed nine months ago with brain cancer, Mr. Carter told friends he planned to fight the disease with the same determination he showed in the World Series...



Ban Cell Phones for Children Under Eighteen


An interesting cell tower site from the US. Very well organized.



Reply to this innaccurate article


4:38 PM on February 20, 2012

I have not seen, in the recent past, an article as poorly written, and with as many flaws and distortions, as the piece above. I am confused as to whether the author is simply ignorant and failed to check the facts, or whether it is really a process when information is knowingly falsified to impress people and mock known scientific facts. In either case, the author should be ashamed, and should spend some time educating himself before writing.

''WiFi routers also emit RF waves, though they are fraction of the low-level radiation produced by cellphones'', radiation is not measured in 'fractions', please do yourself (and your readers) a favor and open a basic book. You have constructed a flawed sentence, scientifically speaking. ''Fractions'' do not measure neither radiation, nor the ratio between different types of radiations emitted by various sources.

''By one estimate, a year s worth of exposure to WiFi is the equivalent of talking 20 minutes on a cellphone.'' By which estimate? Come on, you are a journalist, you claim to write an article to inform your readership, then treat them with respect. This is sloppy journalism at its best. Do your homework and respect your readers' intelligence, some of them do not get impressed with phrases such as 'by one estimate'. This is not scientific, and when you make an argument, the number one requirement is to properly quote your sources.

''...FM radio, television, microwave ovens, the ground (in the form of radon) and the sun that shines down from the sky produce low-level radiation as well.'' They are all different types of radiation, some are pulsed, others are not, some are on certain frequencies, others use other frequencies, this is like comparing apples with oranges, and the entire argument is nonsensical and irrelevant.

''Radiation exposure from WiFi is about 100,000 times less than waves emitted from a microwave. Have the microwaves been removed from school cafeterias and teachers? lunchrooms?'' ''100,000 times less''...what do you mean? Waves emitted and measured outside, or inside the microwave? Are you comparing the environment inside the microwave with the environment around a WiFi? That, again, does not show much logic, neither does it reveal any basic knowledge about science or science methods.

''What about coffee? The IARC also considers that a level 2b carcinogen, meaning it s about as ?dangerous? as cellphones.'' Another nonsensical comparison. Coffee is consumed by choice, it is not pulverized in the environment so people drink or inhale it whether they want it or not. You can NOT compare an ingested chemical with an airborne exposure. That, again, is not scientific, and it defies all principles of science, logic, and common sense.

''But the evidence for these claims is the same as the ''evidence'' that vaccines cause autism''. No, it is not. Read the literature; obviously, you are ignorant about the topic you write.


Another reply to the same article:

Mr. Picard

I can not remember a worse quality article in a National newspaper, as the one linked above. Are you being blackmailed? Is someone paying you to write this rubbish?

Your facts are wrong and you make fun of an important initiative that may save hundreds of thousands of children from future health problems. Quite frankly, I would expect a more accurate and better written article in the National Inquirer.

As you have failed to conduct your own research, I have provided you with links and attachments, so you can correct this false information and can apologise to the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association and to the readers of the Globe and Mail.

Try these links:


Martin Weatherall

Who is Really Guilty?

This post about the asbestos and mobile phone industries recently appeared on the site of the Swiss EM advocacy group, ARA, following the verdict of the trial of two directors of the Swiss company Eternit in Turin, Italy. I translated it into English and placed it on my site ''Towards Better Health'' for the URL:


Original post in French on ARA's site:

Association Romande Alerte: ''Qui sont les vrais coupables?''


Martin Weatherall


Is Your Cell Phone Making You a Jerk?


From EMR-Updates

More about the theme:


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