Finland: increase in brain tumors?

'a steady increase in brain and nervous system cancer cases among Finnish women and, to a lesser extent, among Finnish men"

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From: Prof' Dariusz Leszczynski
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 10:57 PM
Subject: new column 19-12-2011

The million dollar question: What is the risk of brain cancer from cell phone radiation?


I am afraid I was misled and this may have misled others, I should inform you about it.

I sent in the past an email with the subject line: ''Finland: increase in brain tumors''.

I based it on prof' Dariusz Leszczynskis' text in his column, I trusted him. I am sure I was not the only one. He wrote: ''The graph presented above, which has been generated by the Finnish Cancer Registry, shows a steady increase in brain and nervous system cancer cases among Finnish women and, to a lesser extent, among Finnish men. Therefore, the 'urban legend' that there has been no increase in brain cancer cases in recent years should be put to rest.'' http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/between-rock-and-hard-place/2011/dec/19/question-risk-brain-cancer-cell-phone-radiation/

But I have just learnt from Mona Nilsson, that the rates have not gone up in Finland in the last 15 years, according to the Finnish cancer registry: http://www.cancer.fi/syoparekisteri/en/statistics/cancer-statistics/koko-maa/

Cindy Sage sent an email that I forwarded to you, presenting the same graph, which is a report issued by the Association of the Nordic Cancer Societies. Mona Nilsson points, that the increase shown in the graph, reflects other nordic countries that have increased rates according to their registries: Denmark and Norway.

I am sorry if anyone was misled like me.

Personally, I am troubled by more things, for example: ''The requirement of prof' Leszczynski in one of his responses in the last column: ''Lets discuss science not the conspiracy. If science is of good quality it will speak for itself. ''

For most people, it is clear that there is no conspiracy. But some people refuse to see the consequences of living in a capitalist world, where profits talk. It is often claimed by industry representatives towards activists, that they imagine a conspiracy, in order to deny the situation on which activists point. It is OK to discuss science, but its' not OK to use abused science in order to claim that epidemiology or any other branch of science is worthless. Its' wrong and it misleads others, who have an interest in science.

Another example:

One person asked: Why are cell phones worse than regular cordless phones? Or are they? Dariusz Leszczynski: ''As far as I know the cell phone emits more energy because it needs to communicate with tower that is far away. Cordless phone emits less energy because the tower (phone craddle) is close by, in the same room or apartment.''

Anyone who measured DECT knows its' not the case, it has fixed very high levels. DECT does not have the chip which regulates the radiation, according to the distance of the user from the antenna, like the cellular technology has. DECTs' base station emits maximum radiation 24 hours aday, also when the phone is not in use. This is the difference between cellular tech' and DECT. So what he answered, is not accurate.

Not every one who feels he or she is an EHS, needs to hear that its' only a matter of his opinion, when the same person is suffering and wants to share it with prof' Leszczynski.

Prof' Leszczynski educates the public on the pages of the Washington Times. I wish he was more careful.


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From: Mona Nilsson
To: Iris Atzmon
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 3:55 PM
Subject: New brain tumours statistics from Finland 2010

Increasing number of tumours in brain and central nervous system among Finnish men and women in the 2010 data from Finnish cancer society:


Informant: Iris Atzmon


How was the passing OLD YEAR 2011?


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