Electronic Media Toxicity in Children

Interview on the LA s KFWB News Radio about electronic media toxicity in children.


The interview covers the negative effects of electronic media on brain health and warns parents to avoid buying more electronic gadgets as gifts for the holidays.

Victoria Dunckley MD
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

26 years ago:

CNN Special Report 1985: Electromagnetic, Radio Frequency Technology

Dr. Robert Becker is interviewed.



Electromagnetic Radiation and Cell Phones

Natural Health Innovations is a natural medicine practice in Houston, Texas. Our natural ... Electromagnetic Frequencies, Electromagnetic Radiation and Cell Phone. December 13 ... He says that it is the natural law of physics that affects us all. ...


WiFi foes fight to rid schools of wireless Internet

And if this year was any indication, the chorus of opposition to the popular technology and its potential health effects is gaining momentum.


X-Ray and CT Scan dangers





In a few decades, as many as 2 percent of all cancers in the United States might be due to radiation from CT scans given now, according to the authors of the report.


Ten years ago:

2001 Legislative Session: 2nd Session, 37th Parliament


Robert Riedlinger: If you would come to the front. Thank you very much. It's 15 minutes. Ten minutes with five minutes for questions. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

R. Riedlinger: Thank you very much. I want to congratulate our new government for what you are doing. This is a breath of fresh air from what we had before. Nobody listened.

My name is Robert Riedlinger. I live in Mission. I have had a really dramatic experience. I have become very sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

It came about by living near one of these cell phone towers with TV antennas and radio broadcast antennas. I decided to investigate this rather than take the pills I was prescribed going from one doctor to the other and trying to find a remedy. I set out to investigate and I made a survey through running ads in local papers. I found there were a lot of people having the same problem as me. When I went to visit them, I saw they were living beside towers.

I went on the Internet, and I started to investigate around the world. I got hold of a Senator Lynn Allison in Australia, and she was also very concerned. She was finding there were problems.

I don t know if you are familiar with electromagnetic fields. Our whole nervous system runs on these fields, down in the very low hertz, seven to ten hertz. In the spectrum, there are hertz going up into, say, electrical power, which is 50 hertz to 60 hertz. >From there we go into kilohertz, where we have AM radio. We go up into megahertz, where we have cell phones, from 800 and up into the gigahertz. From there on we go into microwave ovens and up into infrared and ultraviolet and sunlight. Then you get into X-rays.

I have their reviewed studies from around the world, there is a vibration in this. Health Canada says if it doesn t heat you, according to their guidelines under code 6, it won t hurt you. Science has discovered now that the vibration can hurt you. We are sleeping in constant vibration. Our nerves are never at rest. I feel it; when I get near towers I become ill. I get headaches. I can tell where they are.

Now, when I go back with my little instrument, sure enough: where I feel it, it beeps. It picks up these waves from cell towers. If it s quiet and doesn t beep, I feel good. I had to move away from the phone, because it was bothering me so badly that my wife and I at the time were both ill. We were going from one doctor to the other. We were taking all kinds of pills. I went to four different specialists. I had three different hearing tests by three different specialists. They gave me four different drugs, and none of them helped.

Like I say, I discovered that in Sweden, soon after they started to put up these cell phone towers, people were moving out of Stockholm. They were getting sick. They discovered that it is a problem. There s a society called The Fin in Sweden now that supports people that are electric-sensitive. There s another society in Finland and another one in northern Ireland. I am in touch with these people, and I am finding horror stories from around the world, which you will find in the material I have sent you. This is only part of the stories I have been getting from around the world.

Like I say, Health Canada says that if it doesn t heat it doesn t hurt. But they have found out that there are health effects from lower densities below the heating portion of it. There's a Dr. Bruce Hocking who has discovered, through epidemiology, that children living near these towers have a higher rate of leukemia. They have discovered this in California and in Golden, Colorado. They are doing an epidemiology study now in California, at Nevahoo, and I would like to give you each a disk of the studies they are doing. I will mail them to your offices later. I am putting them on a CD disk. They are keeping tabs of the people that live there, the sicknesses they are getting and the densities that are coming from these towers where the people live. They are finding a higher cancer rate there than any place in the world, and they have got massive towers right up above them. the same in Golden, Colorado.

My recommendation is that Health Canada has to look at this seriously, because there are many people that are more sensitive. It s like if you were to be in a room where a boombox was playing at a loud pitch, you would possibly get a headache, whereas somebody else would enjoy it. If they keep it up there long enough and loud enough they are probably going to get ear damage in the long run. Some people are sensitive to this in a low density for a longer period. Dr. Henry Lai from Seattle has studied this for over two decades, and he says that people can be affected at low density for a long period the same way as you can be affected by high density for a short period. It s like taking a bottle of vodka and gulping it down. You are going to get drunk right now. If you dilute it, you ll get drunk later, but you still get drunk. That s the way this works.

The frequency spectrum of cell phones and pagers, in the megahertz up into gigahertz, is the most vibrant area. If you were to take a wheel on your car and it was off balance, for instance, and you drive that car at 30 miles an hour, you would just feel maybe a swig. If you went to 50 miles an hour, you d get a vibration. Once you get up to 70, it straightens out again. That s the same with the spectrum of electromagnetic fields. Same idea. We are right in the spectrum where the most vibration is. Sunlight has such a high-pitched vibration that it s warm; it goes to heat. If you go past the microwave oven into gigahertz, you run into infrared. It smoothens out. It still can damage you in a different way. I discovered this, like I say, by living near a tower.

I worked for 50 years in construction in every kind of working condition you could imagine. I was never sick until I moved into that house. I discovered that when I left that place, I was fine. I d go to my acreage in Mission. There were no towers around. I was fine. I d work all day, go back to my home and sleep there. My wife and I would wake up in the morning and we could hardly move our shoulders. My wife got so she couldn t do her hair. She couldn t raise her arms. When she came home, her hair was standing straight out within an hour. There is an effect to this.

They keep on looking at the cancers and leukemia, things that will take a longer period of time. Believe me, from my experience, there s a lot of neurological damage done by this at the lower frequencies. I have scientific erudite studies to prove this, but they are not looking at it. The science is being funded by the industry. They come out with whatever they want as a result of their studies. Henry Lai has his funding cut off down in Seattle when he discovered that it breaks DNA. Gerry Phillips in California had the same experience. There are others. Ross Eadie had the same experience. As soon as they discover there's a problem, they cut their funding.

Not too long ago in the province, you saw a front page where it stated: cell phone companies secretly developing cancer shields. Secretly. What does this tell you? They are not telling us the facts. I know that it is doing neurological damage and, like I say, I have scientific evidence to prove it. There are many, many people who are suffering from this. They are being misdiagnosed. They are going from one doctor to the other. I would say that this is the main cause of our crisis today. I predicted it five years ago when I had to move. I said: 'If this carries on, we will not have a health plan in five years.' It s almost there. If it carries on and they keep building these towers, believe me, we won t have any health. We won t have anybody to support the health plan because we ll all be sick. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]
I know of a lady by the name of Dalana MCaren who lives in an apartment here in Surrey. They have about 30 cell phone masts on the top of their roof. She can t even live in her apartment. She falls down, gets dizzy, has headaches. I was at her place and, believe me, I couldn t stay there. She was getting short of breath and so was I. I had the same feelings that she had. Another lady by the name of Joan Griffiths?. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

V. Roddick (Chair): I am sorry to interrupt, but your ten minutes is up.

R. Riedlinger: May I just make one more statement? A Joan Griffiths in Summerland. They built a tower close to her home. She got ill. She sold her house and got out of there.

V. Roddick (Chair): Sorry to interrupt, but your ten minutes is up.

R. Riedlinger: Okay, can I just make one more statement?

V. Roddick (Chair): Certainly.

R. Riedlinger: ?in Summerland. They built a tower close to her home. She got ill. She sold her house and got out of there. She can t find a place to live now. She s sleeping in a refrigerator carton that she s lined with aluminum foil, in order to get sleep. I can give you her phone number. I think we have to look into this very seriously.

Footnote: The lady mentioned above, Joan G. was found dead behind her house on Jan.23 /2002 leaving behind a suicide note. As one can see I wanted the Standing Committee on Health to look into Joan s dilemma. They took no interest!!


Informant: Martin Weatherall

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