Conservatives call on province to end 'ill-advised' smart meter program

VANCOUVER: BC Conservative leader John Cummins warns that the BC Liberals smart meter program will punish families after its intended time-of-use billing becomes a reality.


Vigilant residents keep smart meters at bay

All around British Columbia, wary BC Hydro customers keep an ever-watchful vigil around their old electricity meters, while scanning the horizon for any sign of 'the enemy' - the smart-meter guy.

Darlene Read, another cancer survivor who doesn't want a smart meter. Her husband, Syd, installed a Plexiglas box around their old meter and put up a sign asking the smart-meter guy to leave it alone.


Richmond passes resolution on smart meters

Kelly Masterson, who has multiple sclerosis, lives in a Richmond townhouse attached to an electrical room that now contains 15 smart meters.

By Matthew Hoekstra

Richmond Review

Before the vote, civic politicians heard complaints about the new...


Bribery charges filed in parking meter case

PORTLAND: A federal prosecutor has filed bribery charges in the wake of a West Coast corruption investigation that raised questions about a company chosen to supply new parking meters in Portland.


Note: Your body is an electrical device that runs on very low power electrical pulses.

If Smart Meters are interfering with your heart, brain or other parts of your body, you should consider filing a complaint.

Martin Weatherall

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